The Telegram followers behavior: what to expect in 2023?

Telegram has earned its badge of the social media of the year. With gradual decline of Instagram, more and more people discover new ways to connect with their audience and get loyal subscribers. On one hand, Telegram has a lot of useful tools to manage a big blog. On the other hand, the methods of attracting Telegram followers differ from all other AI-based platforms.
There are no algorithms, no search, no suggestions, no sponsored posts. Basically, when a user joins a channel he sees posts as personal messages from a group. And that’s why a lot is expected from channel owners. First and foremost, they have to satisfy the needs of Telegram followers.
But what do they want? We’ll give you an answer (backed by some research) in this article.

Statistics you need to know to help your Telegram channel grow

If you think that learning about the change in behavior or interest of users is not necessary and you just need to get a couple of hacks to get more Telegram members, you’re mistaken. Users’ behavior is the primary trend setter for all social media. Knowing what the audience expects and what triggers people most, you can build the right strategy and become popular.
At the same time, you must remember that Telegram doesn’t have many ways of promotion. The main thing you need to do is to make as many random visitors of your channel turn into loyal and active followers. You can’t achieve the task of attracting audience overnight – that’s why you should regularly analyze the main statistics (number of people who joined and left the channel, number of post views, and how many reposts you get).
And here are 4 important conclusions we’ve made while studying Telegram followers behavior. They may be useful for creating a plan for growth.

85% join the channel because it was recommended

Word-of-mouth is the best promotion tool on Telegram, period. Most users don’t spend time googling “best channels on Telegram”, they listen to their friends and colleagues. That’s why establishing trust with the audience should become your priority.
When people hear about your blog from a trusted source (for example, a friend), they are more likely to check it. This is the best way to get recognition and grow your channel organically.
We recommend: ask real people you know to recommend your channel to their relatives, friends, or colleagues – online or offline. Such an advertising may work better than sponsored posts in other channels. Somewhere out there is your audience – don’t miss any chance to find it.

4 out of 5 check at least five latest publications before joining

Well, it actually works for any social media but the scale is even bigger on Telegram. Users don’t want to follow too many channels, that’s why they are insanely picky. You may actually notice that you have more post views than Telegram followers. This is because people may check your channel but decide that it’s not worth subscribing.
However, let this fact not ruin your motivation. You can’t please everyone on this planet. But you have to make your channel ready for occasional visitors: publish your best material, buy Telegram post views, add comments, and reactions. Your channel should give an impression of a popular blog.
We recommend: You can’t get many followers organically in the beginning. That’s why use Telegram panel for boosting activity a little. Buy first 1,000 members, improve the visible stats (views, reactions, comments). You can get it for cheap on GlobalSMM.

Vast majority of Telegram followers mute the channel after joining it

Only 3.5% of Telegram users prefer receive notifications from the channels they follow. There’s one fact related to this: you won’t see real spike in statistics for a few hours (sometimes, even days). Since people like to read information in the unhurried manner and in the most convenient time for them, there’s no need to renew the channel every minute in hope to see the improvement in engagement.
We recommend: as soon as you publish a new material, use a Telegram panel to get views, reactions, and comments. When real followers open the channel they will see an avalanche of activity and might join “the party”. GlobalSMM has plenty of useful and cheap services allowing you to increase the activity before the real users see the post.

A bit less than 50% leave the channel impulsively

You can already tell that the behavior of Telegram users is quite unpredictable. Here’s one more fact: 45% of users can leave the channel if they don’t like the latest post. Basically, it takes ages to build trust with the audience and seconds – to lose it.
No matter how big is your desire to get more Telegram members, some of them will be leaving you. When the information you give stops being interesting, engaging, or relevant, a person doesn’t hesitate a single moment and hits the “leave the channel” button without regrets.
Apart from quality content (and we have dozens of articles on how to create interesting publications in our blog), you need to constantly monitor the number of following/leaving users, and buy Telegram post views and other activities. Statistically, people don’t leave the channels with huge activity – because of the fear of missing out.
We recommend: Don’t let your channel members leave you! How do you know if something is wrong? Check our article about 7 mistakes that will never add Telegram members. You might find valuable recommendations there.

How to grow on Telegram with such changes?

We won’t be lying that Telegram promotion in 2023 is going to be a walk in the park. Not at all! It’s quite the opposite: the competition grows, the Telegram followers behavior changes, and people become more picky. However, if you pay close attention to the needs of your audience and anticipate the trends, you’ll stay ahead of all other blogs and get more Telegram members even in these hard times.