REFUND PROCEDURE offers a refund of funds at 7 days from the date of payment by which the request will be provided. Each request is considered individually. Consideration of the request takes 5 working days from the date of submission to the return of funds.
The return process may occupy up to several weeks depending on the selected payment method, your bank and other reasons.

Refund made in the same way that you have purchased. Example: If the payment has been received using the Visa or MasterCard we use "refund procedure", as a result, the money will be returned to your Visa or MasterCard.

To submit a request for a refund, create a ticket. Tickets page address:

The request must contain:
1) Payment number for which a refund is required.
2) Reason for refund.
3) Account number for returning funds.

We can refuse refund for the following reasons:
1) The current balance on the user account is less than the amount of payment on which the return is requested.
2) The account number is specified for returning different from which the balance has occurred.
3) The request was created more than 7 days after the payment.
4) In case of violation of Terms. Terms page address: