Why you should buy premium members for Telegram

Why you should buy premium members for Telegram

Buy Premium members Telegram to make your channel more popular

Telegram has shocked its users with the new rules a few months ago. With freshly added features and improvements, came a huge headache for many bloggers. The updates created a lot of complications for channel owners and put them in a position when they need to shift their attention not to a quality content they create but find more Premium members Telegram.
While you may have thousands of subscribers on your channel, only a few of them may be with the coveted premium account. The developers of the messenger made it clear that promotion and success will now depends directly on the actions of these users and their support. So, as a logical solution to the arising challenges, you can buy premium members on our website and forget about these issues.
In this article, we explain how new features on Telegram work and why it’s better not to delay your purchase.

New algorithms for Telegram channels ranking

The topic of ranking on the messenger was creating a lot of discussions and met huge misunderstanding both among users and channel owners. Now, it all became clear but still a bit confusing (mainly because not many people are got used to the changes).
Here is the main thing you need to remember about new search ranking on Telegram:
·         there are still no algorithms and recommendations – to find you channel a user needs to start typing its name or keywords;
·         the number of readers you currently have still plays a huge role in ranking first – with a tiny exception: as from September 2023, only premium members Telegram matter for search optimization;
·         if a certain premium user follows too many channels, his impact on the promotion will be minimal;
·         even if a channel has a relatively modest numbers of followers, accounts with premium subscription can boost him to the top of search.
This news means that every channel, despite its size and popularity, now has good chances for promotion. On one hand, it creates a great competitive advantage for small and medium-size blogs. But still, there’s a problem with finding these premium members Telegram. In the next parts of this article, we’ll share how to deal with this problem.

How premium members Telegram influence search optimization

As we’ve mentioned earlier, premium accounts are given way more power and influence on the promotion of groups and channels. However, if you checked the list of your readers and found quite a small number of accounts with paid subscription from the messenger, there’s no reason to eye other social media. You can get the necessary services from our SMM panel low price.
Quality SMM services is the best way to become visible and attract more real followers. GlobalSMM offers you different options – buy Telegram subscribers and add post views and reactions from premium accounts. This will show the algorithms that your blog is popular among precious premium users, and you will be ranked higher in search. All our premium services are non-drop, so you don;t have to worry about the performance.

Buy Telegram boosts to activate channel Stories

Another function that such users can help with is Stories. This feature has initially been activated only for personal accounts. But recently, developers of Telegram made a huge step towards improving the connection between the bloggers and the readers by enabling Stories for all channels.
However, don’t rush to check it right now! In fact, this feature is muted by default, and guess what do you need to activate Stories on Telegram? Yes, the help of premium accounts.
But here’s a small thing: it’s not enough to just buy premium members Telegram to unlock the coveted Stories feature. You need to gather “boosts” (or votes) from these accounts for your channel. When you have 0.1% votes from the total number of your followers, you will reach Level 1 and can post one Story. With each new step (0.1% of votes), you can one additional Story to post. It’s important to remember that only votes from premium users count.

Is it possible to grow a channel without premium SMM services?

As you can see, the connection between the users and channel growth is increasing. In the past, it was just enough to have thousands of followers to become popular on Telegram. Now, these big blogs can be forgotten, and new players may join the game. You may keep denying the inevitable but the truth is that premium members Telegram are a modern must for every blog that wants to stay afloat.
Luckily, with new challenges come new possibilities. Cheap SMM services are already available for everyone, and you just need to find a place to buy them for a small proce.

Where to buy premium members Telegram

The question of where to get accounts with a paid subscription is another quest for channel owners. Not many SMM services offer this option, and frankly speaking, if when you have a choice of several provider, the quality of the services they offer doesn’t correspond the price they ask.
GlobalSMM has solved this problem and created several top-notch services featuring premium accounts: now, you can buy Telegram subscribers with Premium accounts that will not disappear (non-drop followers) and other services to promote your channel on Telegram:
·         Premium non-drop channel members + views (accounts are with profile pictures). The service can be purchased for a different period of time – test our options with a 7-days duration or go full with 6-month subscription.
·         Reactions from Premium accounts. You can choose what suits your channel more – a mix of positive reactions or a random set of negative reactions.
·         Story activation service. We will make 0.1% of your Premium subscribers vote for your channel so you can unlock this function.

Conclusion: how premium accounts help grow Telegram in 2023

New rules of promotion on Telegram are both confusing and complicated. Also, there are not enough premium users to make everyone grow equally and at the same speed. Our reliable SMM panel with low price services can help you get a competitive advantage in this race for fame and growth – visit our website and choose how we can help you become popular on Telegram.
When you buy premium members Telegram from our quality provider, you can reach new heights and grow your brand faster than others. Don’t miss an opportunity to get non-drop quality premium accounts for your blog because in the future, as demand will be increasing, the prices may soar as well.