What to post on Telegram to get followers

What to post on Telegram to get followers

What you should post to get subscribers for Telegram channel: main types of content

There aren’t too many strategies allowing you to get subscribers for Telegram channel. Basically, the right niche and a good narrative are two pillars that make users hit the “join” button. However, easier said than done! In this article, we’ll share what type of content people expect to see when they open your blog.
Since the very creation of your channel, you should show your competence. In other words: work on every publication, check if the information is truthful, and upload only quality images and videos. For a channel owner, it’s important to broadcast his profound knowledge on the topic.
Haven’t chosen the main theme of your channel? Check our article What niche can help get subscribers on Telegram in 2022 to get some ideas. Remember that you should like this niche and show expertise in it (or at least know how to Google).

Telegram vs other social media: differences

Do you already have a blog on Instagram or YouTube? Forget about everything you were doing there – it doesn’t work with Telegram.
Here are some distinctive features that will help you understand the work of Telegram better:
·     You don’t need to post every day;
·     You choose the type of content you want to share – no one is forcing you to make Reels or 10 Stories daily to get more followers on Telegram;
·     You can attach any file of any size to your publication (even the whole movie).
Sometimes, to make your channel more attractive to newcomers, you need to use Telegram promotion services: buy reactions and comments, add more subscribers or order votes for your polls. Creating the activity in the blog is the best way to charm people.

What type of content attracts users

When choosing this social media, you should focus on the quality of your posts. Since Telegram promotion is mainly possible via word-of-mouth, make sure that every publication is engaging, informative, interesting, and may be useful for your audience: life hacks, DIY projects, lists of movies/TV series, educational content, etc.
The topics should be relevant for the majority of people. Your task is to make users feel related to your post and react: leave a comment or share it with a friend. Here are some examples of a viral publication:
·     Tattoo in the office – to cover or not?
·     Dog-friendly cafes: yes or no?
·     Top books for (time-management / investment / vacation, etc).
·     Fun communication games for parties.
·     Top X movies to watch with your partner.
·     Must-visit sites in the city X.
If one of your posts becomes viral, use a cheap Telegram panel to boost the activity for other publications. It will create an impression of a popular blog and make people join your community.

Creating engaging posts that will get subscribers for Telegram channel

Engagement is crucial for development – it helps to start a dialogue with an audience and increase reach and activity. Not every publication should be a narrative or an opinion expressed by the channel owner. Asking the audience about its preferences is also important for establishing good relationships.
Try different kinds of engagement: polls, questions, “share your breakfast / pet / working space in comments”, quizzes, etc. See how your subscribers react and track the percentage of participation. Use Telegram promotion services for boosting engagement if necessary. It will encourage real users to react. Buy Telegram post views if you notice that channel members show little interest.
Since you don’t need to entertain your audience with a new publication every hour, you can focus on creating truly valuable content. Let’s see how you can work on the quality of your posts.

The skeleton of a good publication

Good news for every channel owner – you don’t have to post daily on Telegram! Users will get tired of too much information, plus it may lose its value. The best promotion strategy is to devote a lot of time and effort to each new publication so that your subscribers would want to share it. Luckily, Telegram has multiple tools for creating a top-notch post.
Here’s a step-by-step plan for making it:
1.   Write a text (or hire a copywriter to do it). It should be informative, short, and useful.
2.   Prepare media files. As you know, Telegram allows you to publish all kinds of media files: photos, images, videos, YouTube videos, audio, etc. Choose files of high quality.
3.   Think about good formatting. Diving text into several paragraphs is a must. One paragraph = one thought. Use different fonts and styles, highlight some parts of the text, and use emojis.
4.   Embed links inside words or phrases – it will look better than just pasting an endless URL.
Experiment with different types of publications and see what your audience responds to. Don’t be afraid of failures. When noticing low engagement, just buy Telegram post views and think of how you can improve next time.

Remember about the diversity of content

Telegram is a great platform for showing your creativity. Similar publications (text + photo every time) will make your audience bored. To get subscribers for Telegram channel, you need to combine all types of publications: expert text, videos, photos, audio and video messages, votes, etc.
It’s crucial to do more than posting. Track how people react to every publication. It will give you some feedback and room for improvement. The mood and needs of your subscribers may change quickly so you have to always be one step ahead. Don’t forget about a Telegram panel: the cheap services can improve the statistics of unpopular posts.

What content to avoid

Diversity is the main reason why we have so many social media platforms. Every single of them has its own features – YouTube is a huge video library, Instagram is a great photo album, and Telegram is for getting information on the chosen topic. When you choose a platform to start your blog you must learn what kind of content is unacceptable there.
Here are the top 5 big NOs for Telegram:
·     movies / books spoilers
·     over-complicated facts
·     radical personal opinions
·     non-proven information
·     lifestyle content
Check our blog to find more useful tips on growing on social media. Creativity, expertise, and timely use of Telegram promotion services can elevate your blog to a new level.