Unlock channel Stories with premium members Telegram

Unlock channel Stories with premium members Telegram

How to activate Stories with the help of premium members Telegram

Ever since Telegram introduced the channels – public blogs similar to accounts on Instagram or channels on YouTube – life has changed. These channels have become the main source of information for millions of users, but with the popularity of blogging in this messenger, there came another problem: how to stand out in this sea of competitors? In 2023, there’s only one way – to get premium members Telegram.
With the appearance of paid subscription, the creators of Telegram now try to squeeze as much as possible from this new feature, that’s why they are getting more power and influence on the ecosystem of the messenger. It turns out that even unlocking new features, like Telegram channel Stories, is now not possible without these users and their help.
In this article, we are going to break down all the secrets of how you can unlock Stories feature and get the most from these subscribers.

How to start posting Stories on a Telegram channel

Channel Stories are similar to Instagram Stories. They contain brief and temporary announcements, updates, or content snippets to capture the attention of readers. This feature has been proven to be very useful as it allows admins to receive feedback, increase channel engagement, and even post advertising in Stories.
Initially, channels were not able to post Stories. This feature was activated on September 22, 2023. However, it remains inactive until the moment the channel earns a certain level. In order to get there, an admin needs to get boosts for Telegram channel. But here’s the thing: one premium members Telegram have the right to give these “boosts”.
Simply speaking, a boost is a vote that a premium user may give to any channel he likes and enjoys. After the admin gets 0.1% of votes from the total number of his readers, he may post one Story per day. Sounds a tough path? GlobalSMM has a special offer for you. You may now buy Telegram boosts on our website and activate as many Stories for your blog as you want.

Get boosts for Telegram channel from a cheap SMM provider

Here’s why you should not worry about attracting real users with a paid subscription and go directly to buy cheap SMM services for Telegram channel. Boosts can only be given by people with a Telegram Premium subscription – and looking for real users and asking them to vote for your blog will take your precious time and may result in absolutely nothing.
Premium subscription is not a magic wand. It allows a user to give one vote per day. So now think about how many real people you need to contact to get the necessary amount of votes – 50? 150? The journey to posting one Story may take weeks! Or you can simply visit GlobalSMM and get all quality services from premium accounts – buy premium members, post views, and positive/negative reactions to make your channel better not only for Telegram algorithms but for real users who will be visiting it.

Everything you need to know about Telegram Stories activation

Stories (temporary publications) were initially launched on Instagram, and because this function became quite popular, many other social media platform implemented the same feature. However, unlike other apps, not only did Telegram froze this feature by default, it also created its own set of rules for their Stories. Here’s how they are different:
·      Only channel followers will be able to see Stories.
·      The number of Stories per day is limited by channel’s level, while there’s no limit on other social media.
·      To increase the channel’s level, it’s necessary to get boosts from Telegram channel (0.1% of boosts from the total number of channel subscribers to reach a new level).
·      Telegram Stories include reaction stickers, which allow subscribers to tap and express their emotions right on the Story.
·      These Stories can contain custom audio, such as music or voice recordings.
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The role of premium members Telegram in channel ranking

If you think that boost for a channel is the only new addition that now makes blogs on Telegram more creative and interesting, here’s another thing you should know about promotion. While the ranking system in the messenger was based on the number of subscribers in the past, it has totally changed with the appearance of premium members Telegram.
Now, to get on top of search in the messenger, it’s crucial to have as many accounts with a paid subscription as possible. They positively influence the ranking of the channel and allow blogs to reach the first lines of search even without thousands of readers. There’s just one important exception: if a certain premium account has joined too many blogs on Telegram, his role on their ranking will significantly decrease.
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Conclusion: premium members Telegram and why you need them

As it can be seen from the recent announcements of Telegram creators, the role of users with a paid subscription will only increase in the future. So, if you want to be ahead of your competitors and other blogs that are looking for a place under the sun and the attention of the audience, it you need to buy premium members Telegram and get boosts for a Telegram channel.
The promotion in the messenger is still simple and GlobalSMM can help you with bringing your channel to a new level. Whether you want to activate Stories or get to the top position of search, you can always buy Telegram boosts and get more channel members on our website.