Ultimate guide to get more Telegram members

Ultimate guide to get more Telegram members

Ultimate guide on how to get more Telegram members

The main task of every blog (whether it’s an Instagram account, YouTube, or Telegram channel) is to attract new followers and keep the old members from leaving you. And it’s not as easy as it seems! It’s not enough to just create a channel and fill it with a few publications to get more Telegram members.
Loyal audiences in social media can be split into 3 groups. They are with you because: (a) you provide value; (b) you entertain them; (c) they like you as a person. So your primary task as the channel owner is to keep people interested, amused, and generally pleased with what you do.
This article has detailed instructions on how can you increase your channel audience with the help of Telegram promotion services and several free methods. Our tips will be helpful for those who don’t have a budget for buying paid recommendations from other channel owners.

Preparatory steps: choose a channel name and photo, add first publications

You can’t get subscribers for Telegram channel if it’s empty. No one wants to follow a noname with a vague idea and no description. Make sure to devote some time to analyze the current trends and choosing the niche that you like. If have some problems with selecting a theme for your blog, read our article What niche can help get subscribers on Telegram in 2022.
What are other things to be done before attracting an audience?
1.   Create a catchy name for your channel. It should reflect the main idea of your blog, and be short and memorable.
2.   Select the main photo for the channel. Spend as much time as you need by doing it because a sudden change of the main pic will repel some subscribers.
3.   Add a short but bright description. Focus on the value you give to people.
4.   Fill your channel with several posts (10-15 for the start) so newcomers can form their opinion about your channel.
When these 4 things are done, it’s time to increase the “population” in your channel. Make sure not to skip any of the following steps and you’ll see the result of your work.

Step 1. Add your friends as the first members

The messenger offers a wonderful possibility to add the first channel members from contacts manually. The initial members of your freshly created channel will be your friends, colleagues, and other people you know. It’s possible to add up to 200 people. When you reach that number, the feature will be deactivated.
However, it’s not the end. You can still get more Telegram members by sending other contacts the link to your channel in private messages. Most of them will gladly support your initiative and join your community.

Step 2. Encourage word-of-mouth

Imagine how big your channel can get if every follower will recommend your blog to his friend or colleague! It can double the number of your channel members. And this option is free! Don’t hesitate to use this opportunity and ask people to share your posts with their contacts.
Basically, these steps were the easiest. From now on, you need to use Telegram promotion services for boosting activity and increasing engagement in your channel.

Step 3. Get more Telegram members from a cheap SMM panel

You won’t go far with your blog if you don’t buy Telegram members at the beginning. Users don’t feel like joining new channels and trusting someone without a reputation. Increasing the number of members to look attractive to potential followers is a crucial moment for every channel owner.
GlobalSMM offers you affordable services: buy non-drop or low-drop (5-10%) channel members from a reputable provider. You don’t need to aim for 30k users at once – it will look unrealistic. On our website, a client can decide what amount of units he wants to order (the minimum order is 10). Try our promotion services today to get real subscribers for Telegram channel in the future.

Step 4. Improve the stats by buying reactions and comments

Of course, it will look suspicious if you have around 3k followers but 50 views and 5 comments. You need to show people that your channel is active. Luckily, it can also be done with the help of Telegram promotion services.
On the GlobalSMM website, you can order post views, reactions to your publications, random comments in 7 languages, and votes for your polls. The variety of our services is truly impressive – no one will suspect that you used a cheap SMM provider to boost the activity.

Step 5. Leave the link to your channel on the forums (if allowed)

When you got the maximum from your inner circle, it’s time to get big. Probably, you already added a link to your channel to your Facebook or Instagram profile. But sometimes, it may not be enough. Especially, if you don’t have a big audience there.
You can get subscribers for Telegram channel by posting a link on the thematic forums related to the niche you chose. Only 2 rules here: first, make sure that it’s not prohibited by the rules of the communities. And second, don’t make your messages look like spam. Don’t forget to hint about the value of joining your channel.

Step 6. Try all methods of promotion to see what works for you

Growing on social media is not a goal but a journey. A never-ending journey. As you develop your channel, people will come and go, and you will have to look for new ways to attract fresh blood to your community.
Telegram promotion services ensure stable growth because you decide the exact amount of new members, reactions, and comments you receive. There are, however, other methods to advertise your channel. If you have enough budget, try all of them to find out which option has the best efficacy.

Final thoughts

By following these instructions step-by-step, you’ll be able to get more Telegram members. Keep in mind that the quality of your content should always come first. Daily publications with low value will only irritate users. Buy Telegram members and other engagement when you see that your statistics decrease – it will help you stay afloat until the audience will be genuinely interested in what you do.