Top mistakes in Stories

Top mistakes in Stories

3 Stories mistakes that won’t help you get more followers on Instagram

Does it feel like people just ignore your posts and Stories no matter how hard you work? Well, that might not be your fault. Engagement is a crucial part of account growth. Let’s see how you can get more followers on Instagram by making users love your Stories.
On Instagram, everything is now based on interaction. More DMs, comments, or reactions mean the promotion of your content. If your content doesn’t get enough likes and reactions that means you’re doing something wrong.
Here are the 3 main mistakes everyone makes in their Stories!

Wrong design of Stories

Did you know that design of your Stories matters no less than the information you share? Yes, people easily hit the “quit” button when they don’t find them appealing or relevant enough. As you understand, a low number of views won’t help you increase followers on Instagram.
So what can be wrong with your design?
·     Too much text (2 phrases are enough per Story).
·     The same “view” when it’s only your head or only text. Users constantly need diversity not to get bored. Yes, even if your blog is about serious things, you still have to entertain your audience.
·     Visual mistakes (bad light or too many distracting details).
·     No subtitles. The majority of users watch Instagram in “silent mode” so a text is always a must!
·     Repetitive images.

Wrong scenario

Since you found your vocation in blogging, you should always keep in mind that creating content is the same job as anything else. Sharing pointless Stories will not help you engage your followers! Hopefully, you have some scenarios. But what you don’t know is that even a written scenario can be very very poor.
The 4 scenario mistakes most people make:
1.   long and excessive explanation (your content should make followers ask questions);
2.   content is not relevant to your target audience;
3.   you sound like an old university professor with no emotions and life;
4.   Stories are not connected (users need the whole story, not a combination of images/videos).

Wrong approach to the aim of Stories

Before you hit the “post” button, ask yourself a question “I’m sharing this to do what exactly?”. There’s nothing worse than posting content aimlessly or out of boredom. Behind every Story or publication, there should be an idea!
Sometimes, when you only look for your style on Instagram and experiment with different Stories, your audience’s reaction may be mixed. This always results in fewer views and reactions. Make sure your statistics don’t drop by using an SMM panel for Instagram.

How to get more followers on Instagram with engaging Stories: 3 steps

Now that you know what you were doing wrong, it’s time to improve your content and see the real growth. We’ve already shared 7 secrets of engaging Stories in our blog. Check them to learn how you can diversify your content and gather more reactions organically.
The 3 rules we share below are related not to specific techniques but mostly to general knowledge. However, even knowing all this may not be enough to get the desired activity under your posts and Stories. You can boost the activity by ordering services from a cheap SMM provider. GlobalSMM has almost 500 services for all social media.

Gather content before sharing it

Although Instagram was created to share photos in the moment, this approach doesn’t work for bloggers. In order to tell your audience an engaging story, you need to gather material for that.
As we’ve already mentioned, diversity is the key to successful Stories. Make sure you have everything necessary: photos, videos, questions for followers, and interesting information to share. The audience will want to learn more and keep waiting for every Story you share. If you keep it this way, you’ll 100% get more followers on Instagram.
Sometimes, your followers may not find the information you offer useful or valuable. In this case, switch to another topic and use an SMM panel for Instagram to boost the activity under unpopular posts. Think of yourself as of researcher who is always looking for something new in his field.

Link all events to emotions

There’s nothing more boring than a dispassionate and neutral blogger. Users l want to see a person, not a robot. Even if your content is not evolving around your persona, add emotions and feelings to everything you share. However, don’t attempt to improve your stats by hype – unless, such people are your target audience.
Emotions can be both positive and negative. It works both ways. For example, as a book reviewer, you may share 5 books that made you cry (and start your storyline with your crying face). Or as a travel blogger, you may begin your Stories with a wow face expression and share the amazing place you discovered. There are so many ideas that will work for any niche.
Why do emotions help to increase followers on Instagram? It’s simple, people express their genuine reaction to anything they find relevant or relatable – whether it’s an inspiring quotation or just the exact description of their thoughts. Forget about neutral content if you want to become popular.

Every storyline should have an ending

Leaving your audience to hang when you promised them something is the most disrespectful thing on social media. That is why every storyline should have its logical conclusion. Every series of Stories should have a meaning, an idea.
Always ask yourself: what message are you trying to convey by posting Stories? Is it useful information? Or inspiration? How exactly do you help your audience by sharing these? Yes, being a blogger means thinking about the needs of followers first. However, remember that the blog is still about you, your expertise, or your product.
Growing the blog with numerous changes might be challenging. Think of them as another task to deal with. Check our blog to find more useful articles about social media promotion and use the cheap SMM provider services to maintain the habitual amount of likes and comments.