Top ideas for a Telegram channel

Top ideas for a Telegram channel

What niche can help get subscribers on Telegram in 2022?

Social networks are dynamic. Trends come and go, and those accounts that have been on top a few weeks ago, may find themselves unwanted and irrelevant. In this ever-changeable environment, we always need to be flexible. What topics can help channel owners get subscribers on Telegram in 2022? Let’s find out!
The successful niche is the one that keeps people interested and makes them join your channel. Of course, there’s no universal theme that you can use for ages – the preferences of people change and your task here is to adapt to the demands of the audience.

Successful Telegram channel: what users expect to see

You may say: huh, that’s easy, I can check the analytics of Telegram channels and choose my niche among the most popular accounts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. People are tired of overhyped topics (crypto, online marketing, traveling, lifehacks, etc) and look for something new.
In general, every Telegram channel should be created with one main purpose: to solve the problems of the subscribers. For example, a person wants to lose weight or learn how to improve his public speaking skills. So, in this case, you need to offer them (1) a healthy and balanced diet for a week or (2) some tips for good oral representation.
Increasing the number of Telegram channel members is possible if you:
·       understand users’ needs;
·       share useful content;
·       post original and quality content.
Are you a beginner with a freshly created channel? Check these 8 tips on how to get more subscribers in our recent article. Still have no ideas what to write about? Here are our 5 picks!

#1. Startups and building businesses online

Making money has always been a relevant topic. Especially now, when the global economy rapidly declining and people across the globe keep losing their jobs and income.
When you create a channel, the first thing to do is to buy Telegram members. These fake subscribers will be your foundation and proof for other people that your content is worth their attention. Remember that the bigger audience you have the more likely user will show interest in what you do.
Some ideas for a Telegram channel about finance and making money:
1.     economy news (yes, people need them all in one place);
2.     videos with famous economists – predictions, analysis, etc;
3.     memes – we couldn’t forget about them;
4.     ideas that will help make money online;
5.     successful or failure stories of startups;
6.     books to improve financial literacy.

#2. IT and programming

It’s impossible to deny that IT is the future. Programmers are getting paid a lot, they can live everywhere on the planet, and feel confident about their future. Seems like a great topic to attract Telegram channel members!
Do you know what’s the main advantage of writing about IT? Numerous IT schools will be queuing to be advertised on your channel! And ads mean money. So if you have a few ideas about programming (or are actually quite good at it yourself), don’t hesitate to share your wisdom with the others.
Since channels about IT are a growing trend, don’t forget to use a cheap Telegram panel to improve your statistics. With GlobalSMM, you can get more than buy Telegram members for your channel – we also offer post views, reactions, random comments (the service is available in 8 languages), and votes for your polls. Creating the visibility of a successful channel is the primary step to actual success.

#3. Humor will help get subscribers on Telegram

Despite the common belief that Telegram is a social network for serious and busy people who look for useful content, there’s also some place for a good laugh as well. Yes, there are already hundreds of channels with memes and jokes but you can do something entirely new and Telegram channel members will be growing.
Humor is a great choice when you don’t have specific knowledge about complicated topics like investing or IT. Moreover, this niche is diverse because the amount of themes is close to infinite: memes about marketing (any field applies here), sarcasm, dark humor, GIFs, funny videos from comedies, politically incorrect jokes, memes with celebs, or screenshots from Twitter. Shall we really go on here?

#4. Education and self-development

Online education is a new normal. Looking at Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs, people don’t dream of having a college degree from a prestigious university but acquire the billionaire-like thinking. If you can help people craving practical knowledge via your channel, you can get subscribers on Telegram without any problems.
Again, you don’t have to be a professor to create your channel and make people more educated. Here are a few simple ideas:
·       share free lectures, courses, tutorials, or marathons;
·       driving test questions (can be in the form of quizzes or polls);
·       curious facts every day;
·       learning English or any other language;
·       upload medical/science/marketing books;
·       a DIY channel.
As you can see, the number of topics is impressively huge. Only a lazy mind is still thinking about the idea for his channel. Courageous people use every opportunity they can and are not afraid to try.

#5. Investment

Investing is one of the most relevant topics in recent years. Everyone wants to be confident about their future but how to do it with prices and taxes going up? The answer is to invest money! Sadly, not many people have financial literacy and an idea of what’s going on in the markets. You can become their guiding light!
Of course, it means that you need to understand how the market works. Otherwise, your channel will be growing only with the help of a cheap Telegram panel. Keep in mind that some of the users  do have an initial knowledge about investing, so you have to be on top. Thus, this is one of the hardest niches for a channel – however, it pays off.

Final thoughts on growing a Telegram channel from the scratch in 2022

The choice of a successful niche is not enough to get subscribers on Telegram. Every profitable project requires quality content, investment in an advertisement, and some help from SMM panels. Don’t forget to buy Telegram members to improve your statistics: it may be necessary at different stages. Visit GlobalSMM and order affordable SMM services to see impressive and quick growth of your channel.