Top ideas for a telegram channel

Top ideas for a telegram channel

Top 8 ideas for a Telegram channel for any niche

Building a thriving community on Telegram is a tough task. Blogging on Telegram became popular quite recently, so naturally, many people still feel lost and make lots of mistakes. No matter what kind of success you already achieved with your Telegram channel, there’s one universal advice: before you begin promoting it, get cheap Telegram members and reactions from GlobalSMM – real users will most likely join your channel if they see activity there.
We’ve already posted a lot of information about Telegram promotion in our blog, and there’s nothing new to add. Due to the absence of suggestions and sponsored posts, there’s only one way to attract more members. Yes, we are going to say it again: by sharing relevant, interesting, engaging, and useful content.
Below, we give you 8 ideas of what to post, which will work for any channel despite its theme and niche.

Selections and compilations

This type of content has always been relevant and it works for every niche! Create a list of top books to read, YouTube channels to watch, useful apps or websites, music albums of the year, the most expected movies, or even gifts for any occasion. Such posts are valued by users because you save their time by searching for these positions and making a list with a short description.
One advantage of such publications is the chance to get multiple reposts. However, get ready that users will be visiting your channel. Prepare the blog in advance: buy Telegram group members, boost the activity under old posts by ordering reactions, views and fake comments. Otherwise, visitors may not linger for long.


Writing reviews is a great way to express your opinion on the news, event, book, movie, or anything else. People love reading different opinions on the relevant topics. As a blogger, you may find the way to make posts with reviews a part of your blog. Plus, the same event can be reviewed from numerous points of views. Here are a few examples:
·       channel about fashion – make the rating of the best outfits at the Oscars;
·       channel about movies – be among the first to write a review for a new release;
·       channel about crypto – make a review on the new coins.
As you can see, the abundance of ideas for reviews is truly enormous. The more unusual your point of view is (for example, “Here’s why I didn’t like Avatar 2”), the better arguments your provide to support your opinion, the more views you’ll get. People will be gladly sharing unique view on things with their friends. And if your review doesn’t reach the coveted number of reactions, buy Telegram post views from a reliable panel.

Memes and GIFs

Even the most serious readers have a minute for a good laugh. Give people the opportunity to relax from never-ending parade of useful information and publish a relevant meme in your blog. You can turn this into a tradition – for example, finishing a week with a portion of ironic and funny GIFs.
Of course, it’s impossible to attract new members by sharing memes only (in case if your channel is not specifically dedicated to this topic). Use GlobalSMM to receive cheap Telegram members so the real users will see value in your blog and subscribe.


This type of content is always in demand. Nowadays, people turn to Google to check recommendations for anything and trust the information they receive on websites and blogs. Tell your audience how they can overcome obstacles (download a book or movie for free, stream Netflix online, or use VPN). A channel full of valuable hacks for all situations is a guarantee of success.
Make sure that your recommendations are truly useful and working, otherwise people won’t be joining your blog for more. You don’t need to invent hacks, great skills at googling are enough to find everything you need.

Guides and instructions

Simple and clear how-to instruction is better than long-reads. Guides and instructions save a lot of time: people don’t need to search information and have everything they need in one place. Again, this type of content is suitable for every niche:
·       travel blog – write about 10 must-visits or 10 steps to get a visa to a certain country;
·       channel about DIY – show a step-by-step gift wrapping;
·       cryptocurrency blog – make an instruction on how to register on Binance with screenshots.
Add more visual details to your guides: screenshots, pics, maps. People will be grateful for this.  To make sure that your instructions are popular, buy Telegram post views on the GlobalSMM website.


You probably know this section from visiting numerous websites. And the audience of your blog may surely have tons of questions. You can create FAQ for newcomers and pin the post so it can be easily found among the others. To learn what your readers are interested in, ask them an open question.
Another tool for learning people’s preferences is a poll. Sometimes, followers are shy or lazy to click on the answer among the first. But you buy Telegram votes for a specific poll to encourage them to answer.

Digestsshort reviews of most relevant information

Weekly and monthly digests are great ways to remind your audience about your old posts. As new users are visiting your blog, they will be checking these old publications and increasing the number of views (possible reactions and comments). On Telegram, it’s way more complicated to get people to check your previous post. But with digests, you can direct people’s attention to them.
Another advantage of digests: little effort for making them. Just scroll through your feed and select the most relevant posts.

Photo dump

With the recent and frequent glitches on Instagram, bloggers migrate to other social media platforms. But the love for aesthetic photos is still big: for content creators, there’s nothing easier than to upload 10 quality pics, and users equally like scrolling them. The best part: it’s actually suitable for many niches.
Creation of truly quality and useful publication on Telegram is rather complicated. The competition is growing and users become more picky. Experiment with all types of content and see what your audience finds more relevant. Don’t forget to buy Telegram votes, order reactions and post views, and buy Telegram group members to reach the desired heights faster.