Three types of followers on Instagram

Three types of followers on Instagram

3 types of users’ behavior: how to get more followers on Instagram

One of the least effective ways to promote your blog is blindly posting different content without analyzing the needs of your audience. When you can differentiate all people into categories, you can prepare better content for each of them. And as a result, you can satisfy their needs and get more followers on Instagram.
In this article, we will talk about 3 main types of users behavior and share a few secrets of engaging and interesting content for each of them. If you just begin working on the promotion of your blog, don’t hesitate to boost your account with a panel for Instagram followers – it’s always a quick and easy start that doesn’t require much effort and investing. When you get a least your first 1,000 followers and improve the count of likes under your posts, go to analyzing your audience.

Three types of followers on Instagram

Every user on Instagram, no matter whether he follows you or just occasionally checks your Stories, can fall into one of the following categories:
·       Interested – this is the biggest part of all users. They don’t know you and your blog well but check what you’re posting from time to time.
·       Engaged – people who aren’t afraid to participate in your polls and click on stickers but they do it only if the topic is interesting for them.
·       Trustful – people who support you and contribute to your engagement by writing comments, sharing your posts in their Stories, and recommending your blog to their friends.
Let’s see what posts and Stories you can share for each of these people.

Content that will gain the interested audience’s trust

In general, interested users is basically everyone who opens your account, watches your Reels and Stories. Sometimes, they don’t even subscribe because they are waiting for your page to be valuable and useful for them. It may be hard to gain their interest but with proper content, you can show them that your account is worth their permanent attention.
You can start increasing the value of your account with a panel for Instagram followers: buy cheap SMM followers and boost the number of likes under your publications and Reels. People will gladly subscribe to the account, which already has activity and certain community. Apart from that, share a lot of educational information – at this stage, your task is to show the real value of your blog for complete strangers. Below, there are several ideas you can use.

Try these ideas for the interested users

Building trust with the cold audience may be tricky, with with certain tricks, you can always achieve good result. If you want people to take people to a new level of relationships with your blog, share inspiring, motivational, useful, funny, and positive content.
Here are a few examples:
·       how-to videos, guides, checklists;
·       tips and recommendations – anything that will help people to deal with their challenges and problems;
·       interactive Stories with polls;
·       memes and funny pictures.
If you want to warm up your cold audience and gather a loyal community, the majority of your content should be made for them, As you navigate through different topics and formats, make sure to get Instagram likes for sale for least popular publications and Reels.

Content ideas to turn the engaged users into loyal followers

Engaged audience includes your subscribers who are interested in the content you share and active from time to time. It’s also the followers of your competitors, and as you improve your blog, you can get more followers on Instagram, including the ones that choose you over another blogger with the same topic.
Study the techniques and mechanics your successful competitors do, analyze their posts, and don’t even be afraid to become their subscriber! You need to understand why he or she is more popular than you and what makes people choose this very blog among the others. And of course, publish better posts than your rivals so you can gather all engaged people on your page instead.

Try these ideas to get more followers on Instagram

Engaged audience is already familiar with the concept of the blog and comes on Instagram for certain useful material or information. Foe example, if you have a blog about fashion, check how the same bloggers in your niche catch the attention of their followers. It’s probably daily Stories with look of the day or update on fashion trends, etc. It doesn’t even matter if you offer the same information. What matter on Instagram is an engaging narrative and the ability to keep users interested.
You won’t be able to “steal” followers from your competitors if your account isn’t representative. Use cheap SMM provider for improving the visible statistics. With GlobalSMM, you can order everything for your social media – from followers to likes and even Stories views. Check our offers and choose what you need for promotion.

How to create new content for the trustful users

These people are gold! They watch your Stories and like posts a few moments after you upload them, they shower you with comments and participate in every poll and interaction you have. It seems like you have them hooked, and there’s nothing else you need to do to improve their loyality. However, there’s still something you can do to reward them.

Try these ideas to keep the trustful audience’s interest

Personalization and special attention will make your loyal audience even more trustful. For example, you can mention them in your Stories and posts or even post content for the chosen group of people. Add the most active followers to close friends and let them enjoy extra Stories. Believe us when we say it would spike the usual activity because other followers would be happy to get special treatment as well.
As you navigate thorough the ups and downs of Instagram promotion, always keep a website of a cheap SMM provider at hand. It will help you to manage the statistics and get more comments, views, and Instagram likes for sale when your engagement is sinking. With GlobalSMM, you will have a real shot at attracting real users because your account will be always full of activity thanks to our cheap offers.