Reasons why you don’t get Telegram members

Reasons why you don’t get Telegram members

Don’t get more Telegram members? Check your channel for these mistakes

Attracting loyal audience is the pain every blogger understands. It’s a roller coaster with unexpected turns. However, there’s one social media where promotion feels like a never-ending vertical loop. If you’re also struggling to get more Telegram members, we are here to help you!
Creating a Telegram channel is a great idea – it’s quite practical: people daily open the app to communicate with their friends and colleagues, so they will check your channel as well. The only downside of having a blog in Telegram is its promotion.
But this is exactly what we want to discuss today.

Why people don’t subscribe: most common mistakes

No matter how much experience in blogging you have, it’s natural to be wrong sometimes. But learning from your mistakes is way to improvement.
In the attempt to become popular as fast as possible, most beginners use a cheap Telegram panel for buying thousands of followers. However, this step is no longer enough to attract real users. People also evaluate the quality of information and overall engagement before clicking “Join”. Post views, comments, and reaction also matter. GlobalSMM offers all necessary tools for making your channel interesting.
Even with a reliable provider, people still make a ton of promotion mistakes… However, they won’t help you get subscribers for Telegram channel. Are you ready for the truth? Open your channel and check how many of them you already make!

#1. You don’t know who your target audience is

There’s a common belief that outstanding content will attract zillions of people to your blog. Every channel owner is confident that people were waiting for his exceptional information their entire lives. Well, the truth is that you need to know WHO exactly you create your posts for.
To connect better with your channel members, you need to know a bit more about them. Take a piece a paper and write down the main characteristics of your average follower:
·       his age and gender;
·       where he lives;
·       his job and income;
·       his hobbies;
·       his pains and expectations;
·       what he can get/learn from you.
This task requires a couple of free hours. Clear your schedule and focus on the portrait of your average reader. It will give you a better understanding of what type of information to post. After that, you can start filling your channel with content and order Telegram promotion services.

#2. You give no value to your followers

Before hitting the “join” button, users will ask themselves a question “What do I get if I follow this channel?”. Exceed their expectations and explain what useful/valuable/important they get if they read your blog.
There’s no better way to get more Telegram members than to understand your strengths and give people what they look for. In our epoch of virtualization, we seek recommendations online (some people even Google their symptoms instead of going to a doctor). The best advice we can give is to prioritize the needs of other people. A successful blog is focused on giving and sharing.
As you may understand, the channel with posts “pics of ma life”, “just me and my days” has literally zero value to people. Think of how you can turn your daily life into giving people emotions and useful information.

#3. You don’t focus on engagement

The epoch when only the number of followers mattered is over. We are currently dealing with a completely different approach where engagement is the king. Users want to feel related to you – show their own expertise in comments, see your reactions and responses, or simply communicate with the like-minded people. How can you give it to them?
First of all, open the comments under your publications and enable reactions. Give users the opportunity to express their opinions freely – it will only increase your stats. Telegram has plenty of tool for a successful communication: create polls and quizzes to learn more about your followers’ preferences.
Sometimes, followers are that chatty and active as we want them to be. Luckily, Telegram promotion services can help you with that. Use a cheap Telegram panel to buy reactions, comments, and votes – and real users will leave their shyness behind.

#4. Catchy name will help you get more Telegram members

What all channel owners agree with is that Telegram search is awfully inconvenient. To find the right channel you need to type its full name in a search bar. So make sure that your name will be easy to remember.
Can’t think of a pretty channel name? We’ve got a few recommendations for you. Follow them if you want to get subscribers for Telegram channel.
1.     Channel name should include a key word from your niche (for example, Wisdom of Investor or Learn English with TV series).
2.     Be creative, don’t be prompt. Cool names like “Buddha Once Said” (good for quotes) or “Territory of Sarcasm” (ideal for memes) are catchy and not boring.
3.     Be short.
4.     Don’t use special symbols, only letters and digits.
5.     Use the same language you write content in.
Devote as much time as necessary for this step because it’s highly recommended to stick to the chosen name and never change it.

#5. You think you can grow organically

Free methods of growing a blog is the first thing everyone is interested in. Sadly, like everything that comes for free, it has low quality. We’ve already described all possible ways of growing on Telegram (spoiler: there aren’t many of them) in our review of the most popular methods of promotion.
If you sincerely believe that you can grow without a cheap Telegram panel, think again. By simply posting good stuff, you won’t get far. Or maybe, in 1,000 years. Unfortunately, you don’t have that much time. Take the most of your time now and use Telegram promotion services like GlobalSMM. Our budget-friendly options are affordable for beginners and useful for those who already have huge audience.
Coming to Telegram with your wisdom and knowledge, you sure have thousands of questions about how the things are getting done here. It’s almost impossible to describe all the methods of how to get more Telegram members in one article. Be sure to check our blog for more tips. And if you need quality SMM services for your social media, GlobalSMM is always here to help you grow.