Promote a Telegram channel with premium members

Promote a Telegram channel with premium members

How premium members and boosts can help you promote a Telegram channel

For 10 years of its existence, Telegram has earned the badge of full-scale social media in which people stay in touch with each other, discuss work, read news or information on other topics they are interested in, and follow their favorite bloggers. If you are among those who created a channel there, you certainly want to grow and gain more followers than you have now. Telegram blogs have significant differences compared to other social media platforms, and real growth is possible when you get Telegram premium members.
Not everyone who launched their Telegram channel knows how to promote it correctly, without wasting their time and money, and following the steps that bring only effective results. There are many ways to promote a blog – free and paid, and it’s better to combine them both for the best outcome. In this article, we’ll share how you can benefit from buying SMM services from a  Telegram premium cheap panel and also share some of the secrets of channel ranking.

How Telegram algorithm works in 2024

With YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, we are used to have a smart feed where every publication has a chance to go viral and gather millions of views and likes. Telegram doesn’t work in the same way, and its creator say that the visibility of the content is shaped by completely other factors than just a random chance. Yes, such an approach saves millions of users from the information overload that other social media platforms are so criticized for. Telegram stands out from other popular platforms with its unique approach to ranking channels.
Here’s what you need to know about the platform’s search. First of all, you need to use keywords if you want algorithms to rank your blog higher in search results. These words directly related to the topic of your blog must be present in the channel’s name and its description.
Another significant step is make sure that your channel has many followers with a paid membership. Currently, they have bigger influence on the ranking system. Even a modest blog with a bigger percentage of premium users will be ranked higher than popular channel with millions of ordinary followers. Want to benefit from this rule? Buy premium Telegram members from our cheap SMM provider and see your blog soaring high in search results in a week!

Improve your blog’s position in search results with premium members

Ever since Telegram changed the ranking for public channels and groups, it gets easier for different types of blogs rank higher. Previously, public channels with a larger number of subscribers were shown higher in the search, but now, everyone gets a possibility to shine – even a channel with only 2k followers. The messenger takes into account only subscribers with premium subscription when ranking blogs. If you don’t know where to get the necessary number of such users and make them join your channel, use Telegram premium cheap panel to buy these channel members.
Channels with a large number of Telegram premium members will usually be higher in the search. But if a premium user subscribes to too many channels, they will not significantly increase the blog’s search ranking. Global-SMM offers you only unique users that are not subscribed to any other blogs, which will improve your ranking.

Get more boosts to post Stories and revamp your channel

The opportunity to publish Stories appeared on Telegram last year. But this feature is blocked for all channel until they are getting enough boosts from premium users. The channel owner (admin) must collect a certain number of boosts from Telegram users with a premium subscription. Since it may be a tough task, we recommend not to waste your time and order the desired number of boosts from a cheap premium Telegram panel.
The more boosts you get, the higher is the level of your channel. By default, each channel starts at level zero. Being here, you cannot publish Stories or add any cool and unusual features to your blog. In order for this opportunity to appear, you need to climb the ranks – level after level. Getting votes from premium members, you unlock 1 Story at Level 1, 2 Stories when you reach Level 2, etc. There are 10 Levels on Telegram, and with every new step, your possibilities are expanding, making your channel more visually appealing for users.

When the results of promotion with premium members will be visible

Growing a Telegram channel is not a quick deal. You will have to be patient before you surround yourself with a loyal audience and motivate them to interact with your content. To see the results of your work faster, you may use the services of a cheap premium Telegram panel – get more premium users, buy Telegram post views, get more reactions and comments for your publications.
We recommend devoting 7-14 days for SMM promotion because it’s the average period when channel’s statistics are updated. When buying premium members, choose the option of 7 or 14 days – during this period, the necessary number of users will be subscribed to you, boosting your channel in search results.

Conclusion – why choose Telegram premium members to promote a channel

Successful promotion of a Telegram channel requires a strategy and a clear understanding of your goals, resources, and budget. Even putting all the efforts in the world, you will not be able to succeed with free promotion methods only. If you want to develop your blog quickly and efficiently  buy premium Telegram members. Also use other modern tools and methods of promotion (such as keywords and hashtags) and you’ll be able to find the most suitable ones for your niche and reach your promotion goals faster.