Premium members Telegram from a reliable SMM panel

Premium members Telegram from a reliable SMM panel

How to get premium members Telegram and ensure a channel’s growth

Premium membership on Telegram is a hot topic on forums these days, and it’s discussed not only by ordinary users how want to get several cool perks from their favorite messaging app. Channel owners are also worried about this new updates, since the question of how to get premium members Telegram have become vital – as it was stated by the creators of the messenger, the further promotion will be quite unlikely without the help from premium users.
The Telegram big boss Pavel Durov announced earlier that the new rules of promotion will improve the ranking system. While some channel owners believe that this novelty only created a huge problem, there’s already an answer. For everyone who cannot attract real accounts with premium subscription organically, there’s a solution: recently, it’s become possible to buy premium members Telegram and additional services (post views, boosts, and reactions) necessary to elevate your channel to a new height.

The role of premium members Telegram for a channel success

Telegram is actively promoting its new subscription feature, and that’s why premium accounts are basically gods with so much power. The ranging system of the messenger takes into the consideration the participation of such premium users in the life of a channel, so the issue of how to get more Premium Telegram members becomes quite common in the recent weeks.
In general, it was stated that such users will make changes on two levels:
·       they can boost the channel in search;
·       they can help channels to post Stories.

How Premium accounts help channel search optimization

Telegram search is a nightmare for every blogger. It has absolutely no sense, and now, with the new rules, it’s getting even more complicated for ordinary channels to get a fair evaluation from the Telegram ranging algorithm. No matter how popular your blog is, you may order thousands subscribers and buy Telegram post views, but it won’t work in the new reality. The current focus of Telegram is give more power to Premium members, and only they can now influence the search optimization.
The rules are simple: the more premium users are reading your channel, the higher your ranking in search will be. However, there are also several tricky exceptions here. For example, if a premium account follows too many blogs, his impact will be minimal. So, how do you succeed in this situation? Buy premium members Telegram from GlobalSMM – we have the top-notch and quality accounts to elevate your ranking in search. With non-drop subscribers, random views and reactions will be added to the latest posts from premium accounts. All our premium services are non-drop for the chosen period of time (from 7 days to 6 months).

Activate Stories on your Telegram channel

In order for the channel to publish Stories, the owner needs to collect the votes from users with premium subscription. Here is how it works: Telegram Premium subscription provides one vote per day, which a user can give to any channel he wants to support. The more votes a channel has, the higher its level. Each new level allows a channel to publish 1 additional story daily.
Right now, these votes or “boosts” are exclusively available to all users with a Premium subscription. A channel owner can see how many votes his channel has already collected and how much is left to unlock Stories or move to the next level. Luckily, this service has become available to everyone on GlobalSMM, a reliable provider of SMM services for all social media. Also, when boosting a channel, it’s important to add more activity from Premium accounts – but you already know that you can buy it online. Such services like post views from Premium members Telegram or reactions that these privileged accounts leave will play a crucial role in the blog’s development.

How many premium members to buy to activate Stories

Access to Stories for channel is initially blocked. But a channel has to get votes from 0.1% of the total number of its subscribers. So, let’s say you have 10,000 readers in your blog. After a simple math, it become clear that you have to get only 10 votes from premium users! Sounds like an easy task to do!
But here when the problems come: not every channel with a 10k-audience has 10 users ready to give their coveted vote. This is when you can use the services that GlobalSMM offers. Our service is ideal for channels with 5-50k audience, and you can order this feature for a necessary period of time – from 7 days to 6 months. The price depends on the amount of boosts you need and the chosen duration.

SMM services for Telegram: premium accounts

GlobalSMM gives you a chance to make your blog better with its quality services. You can get more Premium Telegram members within a few clicks and order additional options. We have tested all our offers and can say that they are working flawlessly and correctly. In addition, all Premium accounts that you order on our website come with profile pics and a guarantee:
1.     a selection of positive or negative reactions from premium users;
2.     post views from Premium members Telegram (randomly allocated between the last 10 publications);
3.     more members for a channel (all Premium subscribers that you order will come with extra services: random views and reactions for recent posts);
4.     Telegram boost feature that allows you to post Stories on your channel.

Conclusion: give your channel a real boost with a cheap SMM provider

Telegram channels have become a necessity. Users tend to abandon the outdated ways of getting information and switch from websites and social networks for messengers. Telegram allows people to subscribe and read only blogs that are interesting, and the absence of a news feed with recommendations protects people from never-ending digital noise.
At the same time, the competition is growing and channel creators must fight for the place in the sun. Although new rules that involve the role of premium users, may seem create a lot of problems, there’s already a solution. With reliable SMM services, there should be no issues with how to get premium members Telegram and grow a channel even during these tumultuous times.