Outdated and working ways to get more Telegram members

Outdated and working ways to get more Telegram members

5 outdated and 5 working ways to get more Telegram members in 2023

Like any other social media, Telegram has its trends. And they change every year. If you want to stay ahead of competition and get more Telegram members, you have to adapt to constant changes. Just creating unique and content is not enough for a stable growth. So, we’ve prepared several recommendation that you may follow in 2023. And 5 outdated methods of promotion that you should waste your precious time for.
As usual, we will tell mostly about free methods of promotion. However, none of them will bring you as many followers as an SMM panel low price. Take the best from both: work hard on making your posts interesting and buy necessary activity to lure real users to your channel.
Let’s check what works and doesn’t work on Telegram in 2023!

Doesn’t work anymore: catalogs

In the beginning, catalogs were quite handy. It’s a special group on Telegram where everyone can add the link to his channel, and people can scroll through the list to find something they are interested in. With the growth of competition (hence, the number of channels), such an activity became absolutely pointless.
So, don’t waste your time, trying to add your channel to as many catalogs as possible. People are not using them anymore and look for the blogs to follow in other places. Where exactly? Read on! This is what our next part is about.

Try instead: getting into the list of suggested channels

The list of suggested channels is personal recommendation that big channel owners usually do. They publish a promotion post with several blogs they advise their subscribers to check. These lists look more natural than devoting the whole post to one blog. If you can get a spot in such a list (especially if published in big channel), consider yourself lucky – followers will start filling your blog.
It goes without saying that your channel should be prepared for the eyes of newcomers. Add at least 20-30 quality publications and buy Telegram post views and followers to make a good first impression. Because no one will be joining lame channel with no activity.

Doesn’t work anymore: hoping for the word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is the most ancient advertisement known. And it worked for Telegram just right. Until it stopped. Why? Because with the abundance of blogs, it’s hard to create a truly outstanding content and grow into something that special that other people will recommend you to everyone.
It doesn’t mean that you should forget about this method. Just don’t set your hopes too high and expect to get thousands of new members thanks to it. Work on your representation instead – once you’re focused on giving people valuable info and stop worrying about promotion, new users will be coming themselves.

Try instead: ask your friends to help

You can send a heartfelt message to your close friends and explain how hard you worked on your channel. We are 100% sure that will be happy to say a word or two about your blog on their social media. Or they may just mention your channel to their friends and colleagues, who may be interested.
Why is this one of the best Telegram promotion services? Because your friends won’t likely turn down your request. In turn, you can them a favor as well and advertise them blogs in your channel.

Doesn’t work anymore: crowd marketing

This is one of the most time-consuming methods of promotion. With crowd marketing, you have to spend a lot of time on different websites and forums and leave comments with the link to your channel. All this is in hope that someone will be interested enough to click on the link.
Why this method should be forgotten forever?
·       It really consumes a lot of your time, which you can spend on other things (including a more useful promotion method).
·       People rarely click on the links.
·       People may not be using Telegram.
·       Most website visitors are irritated by never-ending spam.
Plus, do you really want to spend several hours a day by composing meaningful comments and waiting to be noticed? Isn’t it faster just to use an SMM panel low price? You can get enough activity from cheap services and keep focusing on other means of promotion.

Try instead: migration of your audience from other social media

If you already have a big blog on other social media platforms, you can ask your loyal audience to follow you on Telegram as well. This is a sure way to get more Telegram members without actually doing anything.
Of course, copypasting content from one platform to another is a big no. There’s no need to have two absolutely similar blogs. You can lure your followers to Telegram by offering them extra information or insides that they won’t get anywhere else. For example, when you post 7 best TV shows to watch in 2023 and invite people to check your Telegram channel to learn about 3 more titles.

Doesn’t work anymore: comments in other channels

This method is similar to crowd marketing with one exception: you need to spam in other blogs. The technique is simple: you find a popular channel with the same topic or niche and write comments with the link to your blog. Well, this doesn’t work anymore, because channel owners quickly block people who seek easy fame. Plus, this is one the examples of bad netiquette.

Try instead: mutual PR

If you desperately want to invite the members of another channel to your blog, just contact its owner and offer him to do mutual PR. Of course, your channel should be of approximately the same weight (in terms of audience) as his. But you already know that you can use Telegram promotion services to reach the coveted number of subscribers and post views.

Doesn’t work anymore: adding contacts from your phone

This method is recommended everywhere as the best way to get 100 loyal followers. Telegram allows blog owners manually add people from their contact list to their groups. However, it’s another rude breach of netiquette. Imagine that you open Telegram and see a new group that you never joined… How would you feel? If you really want your friends to evaluate your creation, send them the link in messages and ask for their honest opinion.

Try instead: Telegram panel

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