Organic growth vs SMM services

Organic growth vs SMM services

SMM services and organic growth as the means to grow on Instagram

The need of having an Instagram account touches every sphere: if you are not present in the virtual world of social media that simply means that you don’t exist. It relates to both business and ordinary people. And if for some people, the number of Instagram likes under their posts means nothing, the majority of users still strive for building a successful brand.
We won’t be dilating on the role of social media platforms in your business or personal brand and go directly to the main point: how exactly to grow on Instagram and what methods are considered to be natural and working.
In this article, we will compare the use of SMM provider and the organic ways to grow on Instagram. The following aspects will be covered:
·     growing from zero followers (for new accounts)
·     ads from influential bloggers vs SMM services
·     speed of gaining the audience
·     quality of Instagram likes and followers

Organic growth vs SMM provider for gaining a reputation

The task of increasing your Insta audience from the scratch is challenging. Of course, hundreds of guides and recommendations are written about how to get your first 1k followers.
Some people insist on free methods and hard work. They include creating interesting and quality content, a daily presence in stories and many other steps to attract new people to your blog. Others don’t want to waste their time proving their credibility. So they improve the numbers with the help of a cheap SMM panel.
Which way is better at the beginning of your Insta-career?
As proved by pure common sense and basic knowledge of psychology, users tend to trust the accounts with a big audience. So no matter how quality your goods are, no matter how interesting or valuable the information in your posts is, unless you have an impressive number of followers, people just won’t pay attention to your profile. So why not give it a little boost since the start?
Choose a cheap SMM panel, like GlobalSMM, to check how things are going to work out for you. Start with posting quality content on your page – make at least 20-30 posts. Then buy Instagram likes to make the impression that your content is worth seeing. Add several hundred followers – there’s no need to go immediately to 100k. In this case, ordinary users coming to your profile will see some activity there.
This method is useful for both business accounts (coaches, shops, experts, services) and personal blogs. First, you create the basis, then you begin promotion.
Ads from bloggers vs cheap SMM panel: what is more effective
When it comes to further promotion of your Instagram account, there are several working techniques. Unfortunately, all of them require you to pay.
Here are 3 main ways to grow your number of followers:
1.   targeting
2.   buying advertisement
3.   SMM provider

Let’s look at each of these options closer.

Targeting is official Instagram Ads. It requires a deep work of a target expert: the creation of objectives, defining the audience, working on ads and publishing them. It’s a long and slow process, which is also quite costly.
Buying ads from influencers and bloggers is another way to be noted by a huge amount of people at once. For example, if a blogger with a 150k audience agrees to mention you in his stories, you’ll most likely get a few hundred new subscribers. However, there’s no guarantee of that. It mostly depends on whether the topic of your blog or your products aligns with the interests of that blogger’s audience. Plus, there will a huge drop in the number of subscribers later (which, we know, is a bad sign for Instagram).
SMM provider offers the immediate attraction of any amount of followers you want. For example, when using GlobalSMM, you can set the desired number yourself – from 10 to 200k. Moreover, you can choose the quality of the offer – by selecting non-drop followers, for example.
If you feel like attracting a new audience by organic means only, increase the number of likes or views. These services are also available on the GlobalSMM website.

Get your followers fast with SMM provider

Let’s analyze the speed of growth now. It is not a secret that you need to devote all your free time to working on your blog – leave relevant comments under the posts of popular bloggers, do collaborations with other accounts, create content (and a good one!) every day, follow the trends and tendencies. However, there’s never a 100% guarantee that all this hard work pays off and your product or blog will be noted by people.
SMM services for Instagram provide this guarantee. GlobalSMM panel has the full description next to each service, including the real percentage of drops and the speed.
Non-drop audience and likes: your options with SMM services
The next aspect of our discussion is the quality of the audience. It’s natural that some people won’t be loyal to you all the time and eventually hit the “Unfollow” button. Interests can change, people may no longer require your product – you know, insurance or remedy against human will is not invented yet.
When it comes to SMM provider, you can always select the desired option. The cheapest options include plenty of bot accounts (so don’t expect any activity from them) and a certain drop rate. It’s true for both Instagram likes and followers.
If you are ready to pay more, be sure that the requested amount of subscribers (and every single one you pay for) will stay with you. The better you want your followers to be, the more you need to pay. For example, top-quality followers will be featuring a profile pic and even have several posts in their accounts.
Pros and cons of organic growth
·     only real users that are interested in you and your product/service
·     no need to pay
·     may take plenty of time to establish a reputation
·     requires daily work
·     slow
·     loss of potential audience (users who don’t want to follow an account with a low number of subscribers)
·     a constant need to remind your followers to leave a reaction
Pros and cons of using SMM provider
·     fast
·     affordable for anyone
·     a great boost for beginners
·     different options – likes, followers, views (including non-drop)
·     they are not the real audience who you interact with
Final thoughts on the strategy
Despite the tendency to scorn SMM services in every third article, they are still working and being useful to millions of people. They are a faster way to establish a certain reputation and motivate occasional visitors to follow you. With time, the services have only improved, so now, you can select between never vanishing Instagram likes or even choose where your new followers are from. Try growing on Instagram with GlobalSMM, and you’ll notice that being successful isn’t that hard as they picture.