New growth strategy for Instagram

New growth strategy for Instagram

The Best Growth Strategy for Instagram: SMM Panel and 6 more secrets

You’ve probably read dozens of articles and watched hundreds of videos about Instagram growth, but in fact, you haven’t reached the heights you had dreamed about. What can be the reason of this? Does it mean that organic growth is dead, and it’s only possible to buy followers from an Instagram SMM panel?
There’s no one method explaining how to certainly make it big. First of all, growing on social media is a tough and time-consuming task. But once you learn several secrets on how to attract more people and make your content outstanding, you will get that “golden formula” that will allow you to see real growth daily. Follow our secrets and you will see the difference.

Regularly upload Reels

Post 2 reels per day. Yep, it may be quite complicated to keep such a pace but with proper planning and content strategy, you may prepare the list of topics and ideas to implement. Making a short is not that difficult as you think: no one expects high quality director skills from you. Here are a few thing you can record and use these videos for your reels:
·       morning beauty routine;
·       exercise time lapse;
·       making or drinking coffee;
·       reading a book in a park;
·       walking a dog.
When you have enough material creating reels, use our other tips for growth – in the following parts of this article, we share how to make every publication viral. And of course, if you boost your account with a cheap SMM reseller panel, new users will more likely to subscribe to your profile.

Add triple hooks

If you’ve been adding hooks only at the beginning of your caption or publication, now it’s time to change the strategy entirely. There is way more competition on social media these days, and it may be harder to stand out if you only use one attention captivating technique.
Here are three steps of making users stop scrolling:
·       Visual hook: clips should make viewers curious since the start, and if you manage to grab their attention for 3-5 seconds, they will most likely to watch your video until the end;
·       Text hook: use captions to tell people what the video is about; but don’t be plain – tease, stir emotions, or ask a relatable question;
·       Sound hook: use trendy or catchy music.
Hooks are good for attracting users, but you still need them to open your account and follow you. In order to convince new people to join your blog, use a cheap SMM panel and get SMM panel services for your page.

Choose the right sound for your posts and Reels

As you know, every reel consists of several components, and the sound you use is one of the most important aspects. When using the right music extract or sound, you get the chances to boost your video. Small trending sounds (under 10k reels or even under 5k) are your best chance to get viral.
Trending audios change quickly and you jump on it early before it become cliché, you get more chances to get millions of views. Plus, when choosing a sound, consider those audio that create a never-ending loop with your video, so people can watch your Reel over and over. Once people get interested in clicking on your profile, surprise them with massive number of followers and huge activity under your publications. If you don’t have organic likes and comments yet, Instagram SMM panel can help you get the necessary activity.

Focus on getting comments

While the rest of the world is obsessed with getting more like and views, the best thing you can do for your Reel promotion is to make the video, caption, or content a bit controversial to unleash hell in the comment section. The more users argue with each and try to prove their point of view, the more activity you get!
Now, you have to be careful here because you don’t want to turn your blog into one big search for hype. However, here are a few innocent ways to get many comments (apart from buying them on the website of an SMM service panel):
1.     make a spelling or grammar mistakes;
2.     “forget” to add information in your post (you can later edit it);
3.     express an unpopular, or maybe even controversial, opinion.

Get a great start with an Instagram SMM panel

One of the easiest way to grow is buy the activity and followers for your blog. It’s a great start for beginners who don’t want to waste months on organic growth. When you use a cheap SMM panel, you can skip this painstaking phase and proceed right to creating viral content.
Of course, if you think that fake likes and Instagram followers can help you grow without quality publications and Reels, maybe you should reconsider your idea to become a blogger. SMM panel services have always been great help for people trying to reach a new level on social media, but they won’t write publications and film videos for you. Only hard work and content strategy may attract real people to your account.

Value bombs

Every piece of content you upload should provide certain value to your target audience. It doesn’t mean that all your posts, Stories, and Reels should be loaded with useful tips and life hacks. You can equally give value by cheering up your subscribers (funny posts, memes, jokes) or when sharing useful information.
When creating a content plan, mark every piece of content with a value it gives. Constantly ask yourself “what will the user get when he sees my post?”. Statistically, posts with value are shared and saved more often than any other publications, and this is great! Because to boost this post or Reel even further, you can order more likes and comments from our cheap SMM reseller panel. In result, your publication will be balanced and have enough activity to get viral.

Value-rich captions

Some bloggers focus on making a good reel so much that they forget about or neglect writing a gripping or valuable caption. This is another crucial mistake that doesn’t allow your account to grow. When users read caption, at the same time, your reel loops in the background, and the number of views keeps growing. The same trick works for comments – if you get a lot of comments, people will be reading them while the video loops in the background.
Now, you know a bit more about successful promotion of your Instagram account. Use our tips to improve your content and don’t forget to use SMM service panel – quality non-drop services will attract more users to your blog.