Most profitable niches on Instagram

Most profitable niches on Instagram

What niche can help you get non-drop Instagram followers in 2022?

What makes an Instagram account popular? You’ll be surprised to know that a properly chosen niche (or theme of the blog) is half of the success. In this article, we’ll share the top 5 niches to stand out from the crowd and get non-drop Instagram followers.
The main thing about choosing the right theme for the blog is to like it. You won’t go far by doing the things you don’t like. Second, you need to picture the final result in your head. Why are you creating a business account? Who is your target audience? Can you highlight the main idea of your blog?
Throughout the history of Instagram, there have been many trending themes – traveling, fitness, lifestyle, cooking, etc. Let’s see what’s popular in 2022!


From funny jokes to sharing with a friend to a modern way of communication, memes have gone a long way. Instagram audience gladly subscribes to accounts with memes because nothing is better than a good laugh.
For an account owner, memes are an easy way to increase Instagram followers. Here are some benefits of choosing this niche:
·       the content is already available (no need to take photos or jokes yourself);
·       captions are not necessary;
·       posting takes a few seconds;
·       people will spend lots of their time binge-scrolling your posts.
However, there’s one feature that you need for your blog with memes. Sense of humor. The jokes you post should outstanding and trendy. Try and you’ll find a perfect balance.

Cute pets

Who doesn’t want a portion of cuteness in his feed, right? People love all creatures – big and small. Accounts with horses, puppies, ducklings, and foxes gather gazillions of likes and thousands of followers. Why not benefit from this obsession?
The pet niche is always relevant as millions of people have animals at home (and most likely, post the photos of their cuties on Instagram as well). It doesn’t really matter what pet you have – a clumsy pug, gorgeous Scottish Fold, or even a mini pig.
Actually, you don’t even need to adopt an animal: your account may be dedicated to all fluffy creatures. Photos for your publications can be found on Instagram – just don’t forget to ask for permission to share them.
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Travelling always helps get non-drop Instagram followers

The travel industry has been the most popular theme in the 21st century. Yes, Instagram is full of travel blogs, guides, and tour agencies. But the demand keeps growing even after Covid-19.
According to statistics, about 90% of travelers look for inspiration for their future trips on Instagram and 40% will choose their destination because it’s “Instagrammable”.
You don’t really need to hit the road and start traveling all year round. What are your options in this sphere?
1.     Travel hacks (e.g. where and when to buy cheaper tickets);
2.     Visa support;
3.     City/region guides;
4.     Selling travel-related products (passport covers, plane pillows, folding toothbrushes, wallets, portable chargers, sleep masks, etc);
Don’t forget about proper promotion – the more users will see your posts the faster you gain success. Check our article 5 Useful Tips to Get More Instagram Likes and Followers and you’ll know what to do.


We all want to make smarter decisions and be more educated and motivated. However, we don’t choose to read long and complicated books on self-development but prefer looking for inspirational quotations. You can easily get non-drop Instagram followers by sharing this wisdom with others.
If you love reading (or are just good at finding quotes that appeal to people’s emotions), make motivation your main theme on Instagram. By seeing how people react to your posts (number of likes, saves, and shares), you can decide what type of content to keep publishing.
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Making money online

God blessed us with the Internet and infinite opportunities to earn money. The growing trend for entrepreneurship makes people look for knowledge. And where do they go to get them? That’s right, good old Instagram. Be sure that thousands of people are in desperate need of business tips, recommendations, methods, hacks, and even motivation.
This niche has a huge potential and the number of themes is truly endless. Know some great startup ideas? Tell everyone about them! Do you have an experience in online marketing? People are waiting for your wisdom!

How to maintain an Instagram theme

Once you identify your passion and the strong sides of your blog, you might the motivation to keep going. It’s so easy to become a prisoner of one theme and quickly run out of ideas.
Here’s what you can do to always stand out:
1.     Ask your followers what they want to see in your blog. Feedback is a great way to understand people’s expectations.
2.     When your account is still unknown, buy the cheapest Instagram followers to create the activity. An empty profile can never be trusted.
3.     Work on improving the quality of your content (please, forget about photos and videos with poor quality).
4.     Get in touch with other bloggers from your niche – partner up and double your efforts.
5.     Plan your feed in advance.

Final thoughts on choosing a niche for an Instagram blog

The beginning is the most complicated part of everything. Don’t worry if something doesn’t work the way it was planned – practice makes perfect. Write down the list of profitable ideas for your blog, make sure you really like them, and narrow them down to one.
Work hard on your content, try different options, and don’t forget to increase Instagram followers with GlobalSMM. We are always ready to provide you with quality services at a cheap price.