Most common mistakes on Instagram

Most common mistakes on Instagram

What 7 mistakes won’t help you get more followers on Instagram in 2022

We all know how it feels: you post a photo or a Story on Instagram but it doesn’t get many reactions. So you wonder: what exactly went wrong here? People make a lot of mistakes when it comes to social media promotion and they don’t realize it until it’s too late. Today, we are going to discuss what actions prevent you from getting more followers on Instagram.
Avoiding all the pitfalls is impossible but when they turn into a bad habit or pattern, it’s time to wave a warning flag. Instagram is the fastest-changing app and it may be hard to stay current with a newly introduced feature and trend. However, learning from your mistakes is a great step toward growing and becoming a better brand/blogger!
Let’s see how many mistakes you make in your promotion!

Boring captions of no captions at all

Your account is the most powerful tool to communicate with the audience and broadcast your value and thoughts. Although, some users still consider it an app for dropping cute pics from time to time.
What captions to avoid:
·     emojis only – no one wants to decipher your encrypted messages;
·     giant text block with no paragraphs;
·     dry or emotionless narrative;
·     weak hook;
·     no value for the audience;
·     no caption at all.
Why is it necessary to write captions under every post? First of all, it may trigger your followers to leave a comment or save your publication. These actions will improve the overall reach and give your post a chance to be recommended.
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Using native presets and filters of the app

The Instagram native filters can be found when you upload a new photo or Story. You may know them: Clarendon, Juno, Sierra, etc. To be short, they are very very bad for promotion. Still, around 10% of all users keep adding them to every publication. Are you one of them? It’s time to stop it altogether!
First of all, they don’t really improve the quality of your photos. Yes, they may change the colors or shades – for example, when you need a lighter background or make the object on your picture “pop up”. But the problem is that these filters were introduced ages ago! With the quality of modern smartphones, these presets just make your photos too grotesque.
Another reason why native filters won’t increase followers on Instagram: they totally destroy your unique vision and make all photos look like bad clones. The first rule of any social media promotion is to be outstanding. Luckily, with the number of great apps like Snapseed, Lightroom, and Photoshop, you won’t have problems finding your style.

Deleting images with low engagement

There are dozens of aspects that affect how much of your content users will see. Sometimes, it’s just not your fault that the photo or a Story is not visible. Maybe, the timing sucks. Maybe, your account is shadowbanned. Or maybe, the algorithms went rogue. You never know!
Some users tend to delete their publications and Stories if they don’t receive enough likes or engagement in the first hours. This tactic is dangerous and can lead to ruining your stats. If you want to boost the activity under unpopular posts, just use a cheap SMM provider.
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Not using hashtags to get more followers on Instagram

Or using them wrongly. In any case, neglecting such a useful and free tool to increase the number of followers on Instagram is a crime. Hashtags have always been a large part of a promotion. And here are a few recommendations on how to benefit from this instrument:
1.   Use about 28-30 tags for each post. You can hide them in the comments – they will still work.
2.   Don’t use the same stack of tags for each post. Replace them, delete the irrelevant tags, and add new tags to create a different hashtags cloud under every post.
3.   Split them into groups: unique (personal hashtags), low-frequency (under 10k photos per tag), and normal frequency (up to 300k images per tag).
4.   Forget about generic hashtags (#motivation, #summer, #success). Your post will simply get lost and you’ll have one working hashtag less.
Despite being a great promotion tool, the hashtag cloud will never replace the possibilities of an SMM panel for Instagram. Order quality services at the GlobalSMM website and stop worrying about dropping engagement.

Not adding a call to action to your posts and Stories

When you share a post or a Story, you should always include a call to action. Such a trick will increase the participation of your audience and help you increase followers on Instagram (because the more activity your content gets the more Instagram promotes your posts).
What your call to action can be?
For Stories:
·     quick reactions;
·     polls;
·     questions;
·     quizzes;
·     tag a friend of another brand.
For posts:
·     questions;
·     invitation to check your website (link in bio);
·     ask users to leave a comment or like your publication if they agree;
·     remind them to save and like your post.
If you keep interacting with existing followers and answer all DMs and comments quickly (preferably, within the first hour after receiving them), you will get more followers on Instagram without problems.

Disappearing from Instagram

Getting serious about a blog means stopping thinking of it as a hobby. You need to dedicate hours to creating content, and texts, learning about your competitors, and checking analytics. So if you decide to take a 2-week vacation from your blog, people may forget who you are and why they joined your page.
You don’t need to post 5 publications or share 30 Stories per day. However, if you notice that your reach dropped because of a long absence (more than 30%), use a cheap SMM provider to add more likes and views to the least popular publications.

Not providing any value

Let’s face it: no one opens Instagram to watch infinite ads and promotions. Even if your account is about selling only (for example, if you run an online shop), you can increase followers on Instagram by simply adding useful information from time to time. Put yourself in the position of a stranger and answer the question: what value do I get from this publication/Story?
Of course, these 7 mistakes are just the peak of the iceberg. But they already show you that organic growth will be slow. Use an SMM panel for Instagram to boost unpopular posts and create activity under your shadowbanned publications. This is the best strategy to put into action to get more followers on Instagram.