Make real money with Hamster Kombat Telegram bot

Make real money with Hamster Kombat Telegram bot

Hamster Kombat Telegram bot – a new game to make real money online

Telegram games are currently the hottest trend in the crypto industry. For players, it’s a rather simple way to make real money without much effort: they click on the screen, complete tasks, invite friends – and by doing this, get monetary rewards. The newest project that has captivated the minds of millions of users in just a few weeks is Hamster Kombat Telegram bot game.
The game already has over 150 million active participants, and the official channel has over 37.6 million subscribers (which made it top 1 channel in the messenger). While users spend all their free time tapping on their hamster’s belly and looking for the best Hamster Kombat strategy to increase their earnings, developers are getting ready for the token launch, which will allow top players become rich. As for others – they may also benefit from this clicker game, but without soaring high, it’s better to lower your expectations about the prize sum.

How the clicker game became viral?

The concept of Hamster bot is based on a simple but fascinating game play. Each player has to upgrade their hamsters, turning them into leaders of virtual cryptocurrency exchanges. When reaching success, most active and smart players will get access to Hamster Kombat token and make a lot of money.
If you haven’t started yet boosting your hamster, it’s better to learn a few basic things about this viral game:
1.      At the start, a player must choose the exchange they want to represent. Each exchange has its own unique characteristics and advantages.
2.      The primary aspect of the game to to level up a hamster. This can be done through active actions and passive earnings.
3.      Coins can be earned in various ways, including daily tasks, inviting friends, and participating in special promotions.
The Hamster Kombat game quickly gained popularity due to its innovative concept and earning opportunities. The founders of the project are working on the launch of Hamster Kombat coin, which will allow to turn the in-game winnings into actual money.

How to use Hamster Kombat Telegram bot and get big winnings

The abundance of options, buttons, and functions in the game can confuse any inexperienced or new player. But here’s the thing: there’s no much time to find out how Hamster Kombat mining works. The token can be launched any day soon, and it’s no use to idly wait for this moment. Just like a hamster runs in its wheel, you need to daily hustle to increase your earnings per hour.
Some naive players believe that Hamster Kombat Telegram bot is just a tap-to-earn game that offers users to earn cryptocurrency by simply tapping on the screen. However, there are more than just mechanical tapping. One of the key aspects of this game is the referral system, which allows players to receive additional bonuses (passive income) for attracting new users. If you don’t know many people who can click on your link and join the game via your invitation, leave the process of getting more referrals to experts in Telegram promotion services, like Global-SMM.

Progress in the game faster with Global-SMM

Every day, 150+ million people pick up their smartphones and launch the game to earn more coins in hope to upgrade their hamster before the big token release. Such a huge number of users means high level of competition, and while players aren’t competing with each other, getting the right and effective Hamster Kombat strategy is vital. As the creators of the project announced, the rewards won’t depend on the sum you have on the balance. It’s activity that matters.
If you want to quickly increase your activity in the game in the game, you should consider buying Hamster Kombat referrals. This is an effective way to attract new participants and increase the number of friends engaged in Hamster Kombat mining. Our service provides a rapid increase in active users, which will give you 25k additional bonuses to be used for further expansion of your empire.

Latest news on the Hamster Kombat coin and the listing day

While the game seems to be engaging, the mind of all participants is focused on the potential revenue. The developers haven’t announced the date of the Hamster Kombat token listing, but there’s something we already know about the reward system.
First of all, the real earning will not depend on your balance. So there is no point in saving in-game coins – it’s better to put them into good use and constantly upgrade the account. Second, according to rumors, the Hamster Kombat coin will not be given to players immediately. It may take about 2 years before the hamster owners can receive their money. This is quite logical: this way the price of the token will not collapse after a listing as it happens with other similar projects.