Main trends of this fall to grow on Instagram

Main trends of this fall to grow on Instagram

6 main trends to grow on Instagram: cheap SMM panel + free methods

Focus on video content

The whole 2023 is associated with a growth of video content on Instagram, and the following months are not an exception. This format has taken an important position on the platform, and in the next few years, we will see an even bigger increase in the number of video content in various formats:
·       short and long videos in Stories;
·       reels;
·       Live on Instagram;
·       maybe a new format is coming.
So, if you want to become a pioneer of such trends, start implementing them now. To give your video content a little boost, you may order views from our SMM panel for social media services. In the future, it’s expected that even serious brands and marketers will actively use video for advertising campaigns, so ordinary bloggers should start creating more interesting and attractive video content for their audience right now before giants steal the spotlight.

Focus on getting closer to the audience

One of the key factors to gain the audience trust is to become their virtual friend. When users open your page to find answers for their questions, get valuable information, feel inspiration, or just laugh a little, it makes them think about you outside your blog and Instagram.
Share your experiences and sincere thoughts, so you will gain people’s trust and establish contact. Answer their questions and engage in DM as they are your friends. Keep in mind that your content should be emotional and bright – people smell fake behavior from miles away. If you have problems with getting feedback (likes or comments), use the cheapest SMM panel to get these activity for your publications.

Focus on authentic content about everyday life

Every year people become more and more tired of refined and artificial content – unnecessary drama, problems out of nowhere, or fake emotions. In 2023, social media users are looking forward to more authentic content that reflects real life and raw emotions. As you may notice, bloggers already try to show realistic and true-to-life situations in their Reels, so they can evoke emotions in their audience.
What can be done to implement this trend? For example, share live photos – no face tune, no right angle, no artificial smile. Show that there is a real person behind a beautiful picture. Share your issues and challenges, and how you’re dealing with them. To add more credibility and popularity to your blog, make sure to use SMM panel for social media services – it’ll give your account a much needed boost within a few moments.

Focus on growing with a cheap SMM panel

Growing organically with the use of Reels, hashtags, and other tricks is great but it rarely brings thousands and millions active followers. With the increase of competition on social media, it seems wise to buy services from an SMM supplier panel – likes, comments, views, and subscribers. First of all, this activity will improve the overall impression from your account.
Imagine that your can get +5k new subscribers in a few clicks! What a change it will be for your little blog! And the best part of all – it’s all possible with our cheapest SMM panel for Instagram! Go to GlobalSMM and choose the services you need at the moment: get more views for your Reels, boost the comments, and simply grow without any effort.

Reels are taking the spotlight

Reels will continue to gain popularity, both among users and algorithms. Using this feature to promote your blog is a key to success. Instagram is aimed to develop this feature because of the application battle with TikTok, and we may even witness how good old posts with photos will disappear with time.
At the same time, as more users will upload more Reels . Don’t be afraid to borrow trendy ideas, scenarios, and sounds and adapt them to your niche. Making trendy and viral Reels will increase your engagement, as there are more chances to get noticed by millions of users. It’s always good for a blogger when his Reel goes viral but sometimes, their accounts are not ready to attract more people because of low number of likes and followers. You can change the situation with the cheapest SMM panel for Instagram.

Focus on anchors

You take a lot of steps every day to attract new users and make them follow your Instagram account, but how do you make them distinguish your blog among hundreds of others? As you know, social media users have their “favorites” among bloggers – and to become one of them, you should create certain things that will be strongly associated with your blog, i.e. anchors.

Here are a few examples:

·       clothes of certain color;
·       unusual accessories;
·       certain phrase you use daily in your blog;
·       a cute pet with a funny name;
·       location;
·       fact from your life / career;
·       peculiar hobby, etc.
You don’t have to change your lifestyle to find one or two anchors for your blog – they should be a part of your nature. So, here you have them – 6 new trends to implement right now and grow on Instagram. In combination with the cheapest SMM panel and its services, you will achieve outstanding results!