Main features of an engaging Telegram post

Main features of an engaging Telegram post

7 main features of an engaging post to attract more Telegram channel members

Telegram is a popular application for exchanging messages, but it is also one of the popular marketing tools for business owners and bloggers. Telegram is used by many people around the world as a replacement for Instagram and Facebook. If you’re are on the way to get more Telegram channel members for your channel, make sure that you are ready to work hard on your content.
Some people begin promotion with getting followers and post views on the website of a social media panel. But this is only a start. Publications are the most important component for Telegram’s growth, a great post can work wonders! In this article, we share the 7 main features of an excellent post for this social media that can greatly affect your growth.

One post = one thought or idea

This is as clear as a day but people tend to forget about this. In the recent years, there’s a trend for simplification, and the audience cannot focus their attention on one piece of information for way too long. So, if you make your publications short and to the point, describing only one topic and developing only one thought or idea, your content get more chances to be remembered by readers.
When writing a publication, ask yourself a question “What this post is about?” and try to give a short one-sentence answer. If you have a cool thought or idea to add, it’s better to write them down and save for the future publications. Also, when you publish a new post, we recommend boosting it immediately with the help of our top SMM panel.

Post should be solve pains of your audience

The second most important feature of a good Telegram post is that the content should be based on the needs and desires of your target audience. Unlike personal blogs on other social media, you cannot just drop the photos of your breakfast or share the pics of your cute cat on Telegram. If you fill your channel with too much personal information, users won’t see any value in it and quickly leave your blog. In this case, even an SMM provider panel won’t save you from failure.
So, remember this golden rule: when creating a content plan for your channel, list the needs, pain points, and desires of your users and use them as a basis for your future topics. In every niche, it’s something unique:
·       how to dress during summer (blog about fashion);
·       most anticipated releases of this week (blog about movies, TV series, or games);
·       how to prepare your child for traveling by plane (blog about maternity);
·       which e-coin to buy in the nearest future to get revenue (blog about crypto).
Valuable posts gather more activity: shares and reactions. However, if you notice low engagement, use our SMM panel low price to get as much activity as you need.

Get more Telegram channel members with catchy titles

The title is one of the main tools for the successful growth of your Telegram channel. With titles, a blogger draws attention to his posts and create a desire to click on the channel and read what’s hiding behind. The more catchy the title is, the more chances you have to increase the channel’s audience, and get more Telegram post views.
The title plays a big role in promoting a Telegram channel because it attracts users’ attention to the posts and helps them to make a decision: read the publication or not, share it with friends or not. It’s important to make your title attention-getting and even promising a great story or offering valuable information. If your posts don’t get enough activity even with such attractive titles, use a social media panel to boost the engagement. On the website of GlobalSMM provider, you will find everything necessary for your blog development.

Use short phrases and paragraphs

Think about your users and readers. They don’t want to decipher long and complicated phrases. If you write shortly and to the point, there is higher chance that your text will be easy to understand, and surprise – your audience may even have enough time to leave a comment!
If you want to create truly great Telegram posts, use short sentences and paragraphs, write in simple and easy-to-read style, and add lists to your publication. When Telegram channel members visually scan your post before reading, their brains send him a message “it’s not that long and complicated, we can quickly finish it”.

Add a few hashtags for better navigation

There’s no blog without navigation, and on Telegram – where all your posts are gathered in one place – hashtags are the best way to navigate your audience. Create several personalized tags and tell more about them in your pinned post – when a user wants to find similar publications, he needs to just click on a hashtag to get what he wants.
When you add hashtags to every publication, you make search in your blog easier for readers. And as a result, they will be grateful for this. Unlike Instagram hashtags, tags on Telegram won’t help you get new audience and more likes, but you can order as much services as you need from our SMM provider panel.

Add emojis to your publication, if possible

Since Telegram was initially created as a messenger for friends and colleagues, it’s better to style your posts like you are texting your friend. It means that you may alter boring and long passages with colorful emojis – to add expressiveness to your narrative. However, don’t use too many emojis because people may find it a bit childish.
If you don’t use emojis in your posts these days, we recommend you to gradually add them and see how people react. If there’s lower engagement that usual, you can add more views, reactions, and comments with our top SMM panel.

Give Telegram channel members the possibility to express their opinion

Again, when writing a post, you should keep in mind that Telegram was created for communication. And communicating with your audience is also a part of the job of a blogger. Here’s how you can make people more engaged in your channel, hence, increase their trust and loyalty:
1.     open comments but make sure to moderate them, especially if you are writing about sensitive topics;
2.     ask questions at the end of your posts;
3.     invite Telegram channel members to express their opinion;
4.     ask followers to share their experience.
Now, you know a bit more about making your publications attractive and easy-to-read. Follow our rules and buy cheap services from our SMM panel low price, and you will notice your channel grows organically.