Learn top Hamster Kombat strategy to increase your earnings

Learn top Hamster Kombat strategy to increase your earnings

Top Hamster Kombat strategy: how to boost your earnings

The new Telegram game with a hamster turned into a real hit and obsession. At the moment, more than 150 million players joined the bot, hoping to become the Grandmaster and the leader of the game. The secret behind the game’s success is simple: it offers users the opportunity to earn money without investments. The goal of Hamster Kombat is to reach the top level of their crypto exchange CEO hamster and make the biggest income per hour. It can be easily done with the proper Hamster Kombat strategy.
The reason why so many people worldwide are spending their time and effort is because the game developers promise a quick enrichment (or rather a possibility of it) once Hamster Kombat coin is listed on the exchange. So far, there are no updates of what will be taken into account when rewarding players, that’s why determining a vision and the right path is a must for every player.

How to earn more profit in Hamster Telegram game?

It all starts the same for every user: you get a hamster with level 1 and you need to turn him into the biggest crypto CEO in the project. Since the start, you have to constantly click on the screen to make virtual coins. With each new acquired level, the game dynamics become more complicated. However, it seems to add to players’ passion and determination. Multiple Internet forums are talking about converting game coins into real money and the Hamster Kombat price once it’s listed.
Since the listing date is coming somewhere in June 2024, it’s crucial to upgrade your account quickly. Here are some secrets how to do it:
1.      View the Specials section. Special cards are tied to real global events and are available for purchase for a limited period of time. A real stock exchange always reacts to the latest news, so as a true exchange owner, you also must be watching what is happening in order not to miss the benefits.
2.      Cheap and very profitable cards can appear in the game, but they all are sold out quickly.
3.      Log in to the bot every day. You will receive 5 million in-game currency on day 10.
4.      Collect combo sets. A set is a collection of 3 cards that earn its player 5 million in-game coins.
5.      Since the start, it is better to enter the game using a referral link and later – share your own referral, as this will give you an advantage of 5,000 coins.
Coins are very necessary for the gameplay since you can use them to buy special cards and othe boosters. The number of your friends in the game and their activity also affects your ability to buy special promotions. If you want to boost your chances in the game, buy Hamster Kombat referrals from our SMM service provider.

Main ways to speed up earnings in the game

Since there are millions who click on a hamster to mine coins, everyone uses their own Hamster Kombat strategy and tactics. The main thing to know is that you don’t have to be an active participant of earning, you must develop a strategy to generate passive income. There is a whole scheme and system to improve your performance and upgrade faster.
Here are 3 main ways to accumulate capital in the game:
·         click on the hamster until the energy runs out;
·         invite friends and get rewarded;
·         perform tasks from the Earn section.
In the end, you’ll be able to reach a certain level with your hamster, and once Hamster Kombat listing date is announced, the game creators will also share the rules of coins exchange and additional reward for the most active users or top players.

Increase your chances for big income with this Hamster Kombat strategy

The essence of the game is to make a hamster bring as many coins as possible, i.e boost the revenue per hour. Money you have on the balance must be used to climb the ranking, not to be accumulated. And in order to do this, players use various tricks, for example, they buy Hamster Kombat referrals that earn them significant bonuses.
Special Hamster Kombat cards are very expensive, and it is not always profitable to purchase them. Some of them bring in less profit than their cost. It’s better to purchase them in 2 cases: to open access to another profitable card and to collect combo sets. Anyway, before the Hamster Kombat listing date comes, it’s important to be among the top with your fluffy CEO.

The listing date of the coin and Hamster Kombat price

Of course, the mass obsession with the game has a simple explanation – it’s not the gameplay or idea that attract people. It’s the real reward. Many are looking to earn big sums of money with their Hamster Kombat coin account, and it will all depend on the listing of the token.
As it’s said on several sources, the token will be called $HMSTR, and its release will take place in June or early July 2024. It was planned at the end of May, but the creators saw that the number of players exceeded 60 million people and kept growing. But here’s the explanation of the listing delay. More and more people are coming into the game, many of whom believe that they will be able to end up with riches.

Final thoughts on Hamster Telegram game

If you have spent a huge amount of time playing a hamster game these months and are listed in the top hundred, then in theory you can earn a fairly significant amount of real money once the listing is happening. Hamster Kombat price has not been announced yet, but as with another similar clicker-game, it can you a chance to earn some money.
It’s highly expected that no every single player will be happy with his payouts and rewards but the holders of the first position in the game ranking can really claim a good bonus. The lucky ones in the TOP 5 will become the heroes on the Internet, and they will become fairly rich