Ideas to increase followers on Instagram

Ideas to increase followers on Instagram

What to post to increase followers on Instagram: 9 great content ideas

Creating content-plan for Instagram is a pain for every blogger. Sometimes, it just feels like there’s nothing to write about. However, you need to constantly publish new information if you want to increase followers on Instagram and promote your blog.
The easiest way to begin growing is to use cheap SMM services. When you buy fake followers and likes, you make your account more attractive for real users. And as soon as your profile is ready to be shown to thousands of people, make sure to connect with them via your publications and Stories. Below, we share 9 amazing ideas to keep people interested.

Q&A publications

You may not have 100k subscribers yet but we are sure that some of your followers ask you questions – in DM or under your publications. So why don’t you make the whole post dedicated to the frequently asked questions about your niche and give thorough answers. You’ll be surprised that more people that you expect need this information.
Plus, making such a such a publication doesn’t take much time. You can make these Q&A posts your tradition and followers will be waiting for it.

Education posts

Posts where you show your knowledge or expertise, share trick or tips, and give unique recommendations are always valued by people. According to statistics, users tend to save and share educational posts more than others. This is the best way to boost your reach and engagement and gather a loyal audience. So ask yourself “how can I help my followers today?” or “what their pain points can I solve?”.
If your educational posts gets viral, it will be sent to numerous people. And make no mistake – they will open your account and start checking your blog out. Get ready for their attention with an SMM panel for Instagram – buy likes for your least popular posts and order fake followers.

Ask for advice

This trick is the opposite of an educational post. Here, you make your subscribers feel like they are experts and can help you with something. It’s funny to see how people want to show their knowledge sometimes, and you can give them the chance to be useful and helpful. Plus, it will increase the number of comments under your publication. Also, you can use this technique for your Stories. In this case, you’ll get more interaction in your DM, which is also good for algorithms.
In general, try to make your content as interactive as possible. People always should have a button to press, a question to answer, or a poll to vote. Interaction with your posts and Stories will organically boost your account.

Share personal information

Let your audience get to know you better. This is the shortest way to earn their trust. For example, every blog should have several types of personal publications:
·       about you / introduction post
·       5-10 facts about you
·       personal stories that show your values and beliefs
·       share your wins
·       or share your failures
·       interactive game “5 truthful facts + 1 false”
Again, such publications won’t take much of your time and will be total fun. And most importantly, users love them as well – no matter what your blog is about, people are always eager to learn more about its creator.

User-generated content will increase followers on Instagram

You may think that this type of posts is good only for shop owners and those who sell something via Instagram, but it’s not true. In general, when people (apart from you) share their positive reviews about what you do, you become more credible and reliable in the eyes of other users. User-generated content motivate other to trust you. So, next time, when people thank you in DM, don’t hesitate to make a screenshot and repost it.
Encourage users to mention you in their Stories – it’s the best free ad you can get. If you have quite a modest profile at the moment, use cheap SMM services to boost the activity so new people will stay at your page longer than a couple of seconds. For example, GlobalSMM offers you not only followers but also Instagram likes for sale, comments, and even views for your Reels.

Quotes (relatable to your niche)

Sharing quotes is the easiest and fastest way to increase followers on Instagram – you don’t need to spend hours looking for information and making attractive content. Plus, people like quotes and save the most relevant phrases. If anything could go viral on social media, it’d be a motivational post. And the best part is that you can find quotations for every niche and topic.
Apart from filling gaps in your content-plan, quotations can inspire, educate, motivate, give hope, or even cheer up your followers. Don’t underestimate this type of publications. In order your posts gather more viewers, don’t forget to add hashtags every time you share a quote. Here are a few examples: #MotivationMonday, #InspirationDaily, #Quotestagram.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes is a powerful type of publication. People are naturally curious and they want to learn more about service, product, or even the process of creating a Reel. Why is it so good? Because people are tired of seeing the perfect life on Instagram where everything is edited and improved. They want raw and sometimes even ugly truth – how much effort it takes to be a blogger, what your daily life is like, what struggles you have, bloopers, and so on.
Normally, users positively react to behind-the-scenes publications and give more likes and comments than for usual posts. However, if something goes wrong and your publication goes unnoticed, you know where to get Instagram likes for sale to improve the situation.

Your personal favorites

This is a great idea for the post because it combines two aspects: it tells your audience more about your personality (what products or services you use, what movies you watch, what books you read, etc) and at the same time, it educates them. Imagine that you can boost your activity by simply using the same perfume or wearing the same sneakers with another person!
Sometimes, people look at you through the prism of your professional expertise and are not ready to see you as a person. If your post with personal favorites need more boosting, order likes and comments on the website of a reliable SMM panel for Instagram.

Check-lists and guides

Funny fact about Instagram: even a short check-list with 5 positions can get more engagement than any other type of publication. So don’t neglect such a powerful tool. Check-lists and guides are viral, whether it’s a to-do-list for the city, a list of restaurants to dine at or basic outfits for the summer. The choice is huge and people will be saving and sharing check-list more than anything else.
As you see, there’s nothing complicated in creating interesting and viral content. In most cases, it won’t even take you long. And in combination with cheap SMM services, you will quickly notice how your blog keeps growing.