How to increase followers on Instagram with interactive games

How to increase followers on Instagram with interactive games

7 games for Stories that will help increase followers on Instagram

Interactive Stories can revive your boring blog and attract more people. It’s also another interesting and unusual way to give people valuable information, and boost your statistics. Curiosity works wonders, and you’ll be surprised to see how many people interact with the Stories that features games. If you nail this technique, you’ll be able to increase followers on Instagram.
In this article, we will share 7 simple but working ideas for games. All you need to do is adapt them to your niche, and implement ideas little by little. We don’t recommend making games in Stories every day because this activity may become boring. However, there’s also something you can do to motivate users to participate.

How to motivate people to participate in your games?

Just launching a game in Stories may not be enough, and many users will simply ignore all your attempts to get more reach and engagement if you don’t give them proper motivation. Here are some things you can promise your followers before the start of your games:
1.     A reward – prize, discount, promocode, bonus, etc. One of the most simple things to award a winner with is likes and comments from your account on his own posts. You’ll be surprised to see how many people would fight for such a prize.
2.     Competition – some people will do anything to be the first and maybe receive a prize for their quickness.
3.     Recognition – mentioning the winner (winners) in your Stories.
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#1. Write the best caption for the photo

One of the most simple things to do is to offer your users to create a caption for a funny or unusual moment you have captured on camera. Remember that the moment on the photo should be extraordinary and emotion-provoking – no one will bother writing anything under the photo of breakfast. And of course, think of the relation of these photos to your niche. Most often, any funny photo will work because people love competing in their sense of humor.
You can later share the results on Instagram and even hold another competition, asking your followers to vote for the best variant. Thus, you will get way more activity – first, when people will be sending you comments with their ideas, and then, when people will be choosing the winner.

#2. Find the difference

This is basically the same trick that bloggers use when dump 10 alike photos and ask their followers to choose the best. As a result, users slide back and forth and smart blogger enjoy his elevated activity. The same works for Stories, however, this time, the two pictures are actually going to be different, and it will be people’s aim to spot it.
You can offer people a reward in several categories: the first person who finds 5 differences, the first who finds all differences, etc. When several prizes are offered, people will evaluate their chances to win higher, that’s why they will be actively changing between the Stories in order to win.
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#3. Find / guess an object on photo

Another simple game that exists in two variations:
·       You close an object on the photo with an emoji or paint and ask people to name it.
·       You ask users to find something not visible from the first glance. The best thing to do is to add a question to a next Story, thus, making people come back and check it again. For example, “By the way, did you notice a cat on the previous photo?”
Although these games may sound silly, people actually adore them. They don’t need a complicated quiz to get engaged in your storytelling, and if you keep it nice and simple (and niche related!), you’ll see how your activity begins to grow.
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#4. Truth or false game is the best to increase followers on Instagram

This is a great way to test your audience’s intuition and also teach them something. Find several interesting facts related to your niche and make a quiz in Stories with “Truth or False” questions. As usual, winner gets it all – fame, likes, reward, or whatever you decide to offer.
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#5. Decipher the emoji

Encode any short phrase with the help of emojis and offer your followers to decipher it. Usually, this game is used to encode movie titles or song lyrics, but you can hide your own phrase behind emojis. Again, it will make people pause on your Story, which is great for algorithms. Try not to make things too complicated, otherwise, people won’t guess the phrase and simply lose interest in such games.

#6. Math puzzles

This is a complicated game for Stories but you can also give it a try. People will be holding your Story with a puzzle, trying to guess the answer, and this is exactly what you need. There’s no need to invent any math puzzles yourself, there are many examples on the Internet.
Don’t worry if this game fails – just try something else. Blogging is one big trial-and-error method, and there are always cheap SMM services to have your back when real users are passive and uninterested.

#7. Guess the color

Upload black and white and ask your audience to guess the color of a certain object. You can also use a sticker with quiz questions – maybe it will be even better to begin with this trick and let your audience choose from several options.
If you start implementing games and adding more interactivity in your blog, you’ll notice significant improvement. And don’t forget to buy activity from the cheapest SMM panel for Instagram followers – sometimes, it’s hard to motivate people but the SMM services never fail.