How to improve Stories on Instagram

How to improve Stories on Instagram

How to improve Stories and get more followers on Instagram: 7 ways

Since the AI started to interfere the ranging of publications on social media, it became more and more complicated to get more followers on Instagram. And even worse! Sometimes, even your own audience doesn’t see your posts and Stories. But this is all because of poor interaction and engagement.
In this article, we are going to focus on Instagram Stories and share a few recommendations on how you can improve their quality and make your Stories more visible – not only to your subscribers but to complete strangers as well. We think it’s better to begin with this aspect because there’s better chance to catch people’s attention and share information through Stories than posts.
Here are 7 rules to improve your Stories on Instagram.

Daily activity

We’ve been talking about this a lot but still, some people don’t think to post regularly on their accounts. When you miss a day or two, that’s not a problem, but disappearing for a week or so and then expect the same stats is a bit naive.
Another extreme that blogger somehow consider useful is posting multiple meaningless Stories throughout the day – greeting followers, showing what they ate, what’s the weather like, etc. Our advice: when you post anything, ask yourself before “how does this correlate with my niche or my personality?”. This will help you to get rid of unnecessary information and stop losing activity because of non-interesting publications.
If you already made one of these mistakes (posting too much or too little), you may need a help of a cheap SMM provider to get back to your habitual activity. Try GlobalSMM – we have many options to keep your stats high.

Upload only quality content

Instagram users don’t like mediocre content and low-quality photos and videos. No matter how popular you are, only quality content will be appreciated and gather more likes and reactions. And this is especially important if you only begin your way as a blogger. In our blog, we constantly tell about the ways to improve your account – check our recent and old articles and you’ll quickly notice the change in your audience’s behavior.
Sometimes, even the brightest and the most detailed photos and videos don’t get enough recognition. Well, when it comes to Stories, it all depends on the reactions that people give you. The more likes, messages, and reactions you get, the more are the chances for your next Stories to be seen by more people. So, if you don’t see enough activity, get Instagram likes for sale from a reliable panel and you’ll notice the difference.

Begin your storytelling with a hook

Your Stories should never be a combination of separate meaningless publications. When you share something with your audience, this series of Stories should be united by one idea. However, only truly devoted (or bored) followers will reach until the end if you don’t grip their attention since the start. Whenever you begin telling about something through your Instagram Stories, you should always begin with something intriguing or powerful. The first sentence or phrase defines whether your viewer is going to watch your Stories or quit them.
Good storytelling technique is a great way to make your subscribers watch all Stories until the end and, as a result, get more followers on Instagram. Algorithms pay attention to how much your audience is engaged into your storytelling, and if you actually have a story (told via 4-5 consecutive publications), there’s a chance that algorithms won’t be hiding them for later.

Interact with the audience

One of the best ways to get more engagement is to communicate with your audience. It’s not easy to make them react to your Stories if there’s nothing intriguing in that. Here’s what you can add to your Stories to make them more interactive:
  • polls;
  • guess games, quizzes;
  • yes or no questions;
  • sliding stickers;
  • emoji stickers;
  • “ask me a question” stickers;
  • links to external websites;
  • mention other people or accounts.
As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make people click on something when they watch your Stories. Normally, it will improve the overall stats but if the audience doesn’t bathe you in reactions and attention, use a panel for Instagram followers to get extra activity.

Collaborate with other bloggers to get more followers on Instagram

Never underestimate the power of collaborations. Even if you partner up with person who doesn’t have millions of followers, there’s a still a chance that some of his people will be interested in your blog. Collaboration doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pay for being advertised through the blog. You can find a blogger in the same or similar niche and make a series of posts, Stories together. When you mention each other in Stories and posts, people will click on the sticker with the username and may even subscribe.
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Add stickers with location to your Stories

We’ve already mentioned the power of stickers in out previous recommendation. But these stickers can be used only for catching the attention of your followers. If you want to get more views from complete strangers, add location sticker to your Stories. You will notice that it will increase the number of views – as a result, your account will be visible for new people.
Of course, if you want strangers to turn into loyal audience, don’t forget to improve the overal view of your account. Get more followers with GlobalSMM, order more comments and find Instagram likes for sale on our website. Users prefer to join a popular community, not a newbie with 10 posts.

Focus on video content rather than photo

You might have noticed that Instagram tries to become more popular than TikTok, that’s why video content is becoming more popular among users and algorithms. So, posts with photos are replaced with Reels, and on Stories, people tend to post more video content as well.
If you follow our tips for at least one week, you will notice a tremendous improvement. And in combination with a panel for Instagram followers, you make your blog better and more attracting to real users.