How to grow on Telegram with SMM service provider

How to grow on Telegram with SMM service provider

5 ways to boost comments on Telegram + from an SMM service provider

A Telegram channel with comments is way better than a channel where readers are silenced and have no chance to leave their opinion. Typically, a blog with enabled comments get more followers, it’s more active and lively, and users tend to spend more time reading not only the material for a blogger but comments as well. The easiest way to get numerous comments for your posts is to buy them from a cheap SMM service provider, however, there are ways to get them for free.
If you stuck with your promotion and new users are not subscribing to your channel, we recommend you to boost the activity by buying post views, reactions, and SMM followers. Only after that, you can attract real users who would be glad to join a channel with good activity. In this article, we will give you 5 tricks to engage people into writing a comment under every post.

Why enable comments on Telegram?

1.     The channel with comments looks more attractive. When a random user opens your blog, he thinks “Wow, there are comments under the posts here, it means that the channel is interesting to many people”. Random visitors will more likely to subscribe to such a channel.
2.     Your channel gain trust among the audience. It becomes not only a source of information, but also a place for communication, and users can exchange useful info on the topic.
3.     Comments allow you to become closer to your audience because getting a reply from a blogger (even not the super famous one) is the ultimate dream of every person.
At the beginning, it may be hard to make people leave comments voluntarily. You can ask your friends to help you with that and also use the cheapest SMM Panel to get more activity for your blog.

Ask questions at the end of your publications

It has become some sort of a rule: a post without a question in the end won’t gather many comments because people simply don’t know what to write. Give them a nudge and ask simple questions. While your channel is not very popular yet, engaging questions should be short and simple. It increases the chances of more people to read and comment. For example, yes or no questions are perfect.
You can boost comments with a reliable SMM provider panel. GlobalSMM offers random comments in 7 languages, so you can trick your audience by ordering this service and make them believe that other users actively participate in all your discussions. Another way to quickly boost activity to make a poll with yes or no questions, and here again, you can use an SMM service provider for buying votes.

Buy comments from a cheap SMM service provider

You won’t go far with your blogging if you expect people to miraculously find your channel and join it. If you want to grow, you constantly need to attract new people. However, it may be hard if your statistics are sad and low. No matter what people say about the cheapest SMM Panel, it’s still the best way to quickly promote your account and get the necessary activity.
Visit GlobalSMM and get everything you need for promotion: post views and reactions, non-drop SMM followers, comments, and even votes. Everyone should start somewhere, and if you begin with quite nice numbers (more than 1,000 followers and seemingly active blog), newcomers will be more interested in your blog. And don’t forget about quality information – this is always the basis of a good blog.

Create interactive post / game to get more comments

Games and riddles work like a magnet for comments. Depending on the niche of your blog, you can create a post with a game and allow people to show their knowledge and expertise. For example, ask your subscribers to find an error in code / make a caption for funny screenshot from a movie / guess what ingredient is missing for a recipe, etc. People will be more engaged in your content and way even start a heated discussion.
Interactive content is key to success on social media, and the majority of your publications on Telegram should contain an interactive element (questions, polls, games, quizzes, etc). The bigger your community gets, the more real comments you will receive from real people. And while you’re not there, benefit from the possibilities of an SMM service provider.

Be provocative sometimes

We don’t recommend to use this trick way too often but it’s still one of the best ways to make people talk about your blog. Unpopular opinion on a trendy topic or a provocative comment will get huge response from the audience and may even bring numerous new subscribers.
Provocation may be general (relationships, trendy events, movies, or TV series, ) or more specific (why DiCaprio doesn’t deserve an Oscar, why recycling plastic won’t save the planet, etc) – anything within the range of your niche. When you go against the flow, it creates huge confrontation in the minds of your audience, and will come to your comment section to prove you’re wrong.
According to the observations, a provocative post arouses people’s interest to your blog and they will most likely to join your channel or come back and read 3-5 following publications. The only downside of this trick, you cannot use it very often (if your channel is not about provocations in general). But you can always boost the statistics with a reliable SMM service provider.

Ask the audience to express their opinion

When you finish your publication, don’t forget to invite your audience to offer their opinion. Describing any situation or event, ask people to share their thoughts on it. Especially if you write about something relatable to many – traffic jam, fear when changing a job, challenges when raising kids, etc. The more relatable your publication or question is, the more real comments you get from users.
It may take a little time to tun your passive subscribers into loyal and active audience but if you follow our recommendations and buy cheap services from a reliable SMM provider panel to increase your promotion speed, you won’t face any problems with steady growth on social media.