How to get premium members Telegram for your channel

How to get premium members Telegram for your channel

How to get premium members Telegram and rank first in search results

The last few months brought a lot of changes into the lives of Telegram users. And it was an especially significant transformation for channel owners. How the mind of all content creators is occupied with one question – how to get premium members Telegram? As it turns out, their presence in a list of channel’s subscribers can become a driving force of its growth.
While promotion in messenger was tricky since the start, the new rules make it even more complicated. In the past, it was just enough to buy Telegram subscribers and other activity (post views and reactions), but now, there’s a demand for the quality services. GlobalSMM already provides premium SMM services for its users, and the first feedback proves their utility for a channel’s growth.

How the ranking on Telegram search works

The search system on Telegram has been the topic of endless discussion, and no one was happy about the way it worked. Unlike many other social media, the messenger doesn’t have any recommendations. The channels with the biggest number of readers were usually displayed first in search result as the user was typing the channel’s name or keywords. But considering the amount of public groups, it was almost impossible to promote a blog with such a ranking. Here’s the catch: if you think the situation has changed with the introduction of new rules, in fact, the promotion now comes to solving one simple issue – to get Telegram premium members.
It has become the biggest problem of many bloggers. Despite the messenger’s developers boasting a huge number of premium users, many public groups had none among their readers. But don’t think that you can succeed without these accounts. Even Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov stated that accounts with a paid subscription will now influence the messenger’s search results and ranking system. So, if you care about the promotion of your blog, you will have to buy premium members Telegram.

Premium search subscriptions and their impact on a channel’s ranking

It may look like there’s nothing easier: you know how to get premium members Telegram in one click from a cheap SMM provider. But here are some details that you need to know before placing an order. The quality of these premium accounts also plays a huge role. For example, if a certain premium user follows too many blogs (the exact number was not mentioned), his impact on the channel’s promotion will be minimal or even close to zero.
That’s why when choosing a reliable service to get your premium subscribers, don’t hesitate to order from GlobalSMM. We have non-drop premium search subscriptions to fill your channel for the chosen period of time (from 7 days to 6 months). In addition, you can get supplementary options, like post views and reactions from premium accounts. All this will show Telegram algorithms that your blog is actually full of users with a paid subscription, and they will rank you higher in search results.

How else premium members Telegram can impact the channel

While appearing on top of search and becoming visible for millions of the messenger’s users can great, it’s not the only benefit you can get. The search optimization is just one advantage of having premium members Telegram in your blog. These accounts can also help a blogger activate the Stories feature.
As you may have noticed, the application is following global trends, and Stories – the newest addition that may transform the entire idea of Telegram – are already available to all ordinary users. The public groups also may get the possibility of posting Stories, but it’s not that simple. Votes can activate this feature, but only followers with premium accounts can cast their vote.
And again, the need to buy Telegram subscribers with subscription becomes the most vital moment for promotion. Apart from just getting these loyal non-drop readers, you have to obtain the necessary number of Boosts (votes for your channel). When you reach 0.1% of votes from premium accounts, your channel will unlock the new level and you can post one Story per day. Second level (0.1% more votes) = 2 Stories, and so on.

How to get premium members for Telegram channel quickly

Even for a small channel, the task of attracting a certain amount of premium users (let alone make them vote for the blog) is quite time- and labor-consuming. However, you don’t have to reach out to every person with a subscription you know or look for them in similar public groups. GlobalSMM offers you quality SMM boost – and you can already benefit from our services featuring premium accounts:
·       new channel members (non-drop subscribers only);
·       post views;
·       a mix of positive or negative reactions for recent publications;
·       votes (Stories activation).
With our pool of quality premium members Telegram, you will improve the position of your channel and hack the algorithms. All the accounts added to your blog will have user pics, so there’s no chance to detect any foul play.

Affordable SMM services for promoting a channel

We understand the pain of social media promotion, and that’s why offer only high-quality services to our users. Hundreds of bloggers already tried our services and noticed a great improvement after adding premium search subscriptions and getting votes (Boosts) to unlock the Stories.
On the website of GlobalSMM, you can order:
1.     up to 4,500 premium users to your channel (for getting the first place in ranking);
2.     up to 11,000 members and views (random post views will be added to the recent publications, which will serve as the additional proof for algorithms);
3.     up to 4,500 positive or negative reactions for your recent publications;
4.     up to 100 Boosts (votes). Please, note that you only need 0.1% of votes to reach a new level and get an additional Story for your channel.
Depending on your current needs, you can order only one service or benefit from the full promotion package – members, post views, reactions, and votes for a channel.

Conclusion: growing on Telegram with premium accounts

The more active pool of subscribers you have, the more popular and famous your Telegram content and channel will be. With the recent changes, the chase for the bigger number of users became unnecessary, and it is very important for the search engine optimization to buy premium members Telegram. Also, it’s expected that the role of these accounts will be only growing in the nearest future, so if you want to be ahead of your competitors, it’s better not to delay your purchase for too long. Especially when you have affordable and reliable partners like GlobalSMM!