How to get more followers on Instagram with Stories

How to get more followers on Instagram with Stories

How to get more followers on Instagram: 7 secrets of engaging Stories

Instagram Stories were introduced in 2016 but it wasn’t until last year that bloggers started to use them for promotion. They are a powerful tool for communicating with the audience and improving the brand’s image. Let’s see how you can get more followers on Instagram by posting engaging Stories.
You’ve probably noticed the tremendous drop in engagement on Instagram – fewer likes, not that many comments, slow growth, etc. We’ve discussed this problem and the ways to deal with it in our article Drop of Instagram likes: the harsh reality of 2022. Naturally, the focus of bloggers has shifted from unpopular posts to Stories as the most optimal way to attract a new audience.
Since the first thing everyone does after opening the app is click on those colored rings, every SMM strategist will tell you that Stories are crucial for growth. But do you know how to use them smartly and increase followers on Instagram? Well, we are about to share this knowledge with you.

Four rules of Stories everyone should know

1.   Don’t go with a flow! Planning Stories in advance is as much important as planning posts.
2.   Users actually like to participate in other people’s life: give recommendations, share their opinions, and feel related to the brand of the blogger.
3.   Don’t post Stories in bulk. Spread them evenly through the day to always appear at the beginning of the line.
4.   Don’t burden the audience with your content. 4-6 Stories per day is the optimal quantity.
An average person follows 150-200 accounts. As you may understand, the competition for attention is quite high. That’s why you need to create outstanding and memorable Stories. If people stop watching your content, your reach drops.
A low number of views can be devastating: it decreases the value of your work for Instagram algorithms. If you notice something like this, improve the statistics with cheap SMM services.

Making Stories as a powerful tool for Instagram promotion

For ordinary users, Instagram Stories are about beautiful pics only. Everything that “isn’t worth” the feed, can be safely uploaded as a Story and disappear in 24 hours. This approach doesn’t work for people who plan to grow on Instagram.
Behind every publication (temporary or permanent), there should be an idea. If you know some tricks, you can easily get more followers on Instagram and attract new subscribers via quality Stories. Below, we share 8 strategies that will improve your storytelling skills.

7 things you may try right now to get more followers on Instagram

As you see from our further recommendations, engaging Stories don’t require hours of your labor. Once you embrace the right strategy and track the result, you’ll notice what works best for your blog. Try as many techniques as you can because you never know what will help increase followers on Instagram in the end.
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Below, are out top 7 picks for engaging Stories that you can start posting right now!

Interactive games

Clip-thinking society opens Instagram to relax and entertain themselves. So don’t try to offer them complicated information for racking their brains – use simple tricks to keep them interested. Poll stickers with “would you rather” questions, guess games, true or false, Google confession (when you ask your audience to share their last search), etc.
There are so many good ideas on the Internet and it’s easy to adapt such a game for any niche. Answering your questions and participating in these games, your current audience will boost your reach. As a result, there are more chances to be seen by non-followers.

User-generated content

This is one of the best tricks that help increase followers on Instagram. User-generated content is when your current followers promote your account in their feed and Stories. In return, you share their posts in your Stories.
It’s a win-win situation. Your users get a minute of fame (or rather 15 seconds, hence the average Story length) and you get the attention of their followers.


The main advantage of Instagram collage Story is that it makes your followers pause from mindless scrolling and devote some time to watching all images. You can use the layout of the app or simply add several photos to one Story. Experiment with frames, stickers, and other details to make your Story catchy.
While these tricks may increase the reach and activity in your Stories, it’s important to pay attention to other types of content as well. If your feed isn’t as impressive as you wish, use cheap SMM services to add likes and comments.

Add location and hashtag

Never miss the opportunity to get more views on your Stories. A simple thing like adding your current location or hashtag will do the job. In this case, your Story will be added to the pool of content related to this location / hashtag.

Always remember about subtitles

We all love talking heads in stories, don’t we? For users, it’s important to see who is standing behind the blog. So, even if your account is not centered around your persona, it’s still crucial to show your face (and other parts of the body) from time to time.
However, you won’t get more followers on Instagram if you don’t add subtitles to your video Stories. Respect your audience and provide the main ideas of your speech as a text.

Before/after Stories

They are the best for engagement! Users will be switching between two Stories to admire the difference again and again! That will skyrocket your engagement! The more shocking before / after photos you share, the more reactions you’ll get.
Despite being such a cool tool, it’s not enough to bring hundreds of followers to your blog. Growing without the cheap SMM services will takes years! Check out Why it’s almost impossible to grow without a panel for Instagram followers to understand the politics of social media better.

Offer A vs B game

The A vs B game is the easiest way to get your subscribers engaged. Again, like with any other game, don’t offer people tough choices. Sea vs mountain, Paris vs Rome, book vs movie, McDonald's vs Burger King – your question should be related to as many people as possible.
Check our blog for more useful tips on growing on social media. Learn how to increase followers on Instagram and order quality SMM services for your account.