How to get better on social media and increase followers on Instagram

How to get better on social media and increase followers on Instagram

Use these 8 secret tips to increase followers on Instagram in 2023

Every person who has a professional blog on Instagram wants to see constant growth and increasing engagement. Spending time and resources and don’t see any increase followers on Instagram is frustrating. You start doubt yourself, the value of your blog, and even may consider the quit. Well, stagnant profile is not something that cannot be repaired, and we are going to share a few tips how to boost your activity again.
Creating eye-catching, educational and entertaining content at the same time is quite challenging. The rules of game change quite often, and most people are simply lost in the amount of changes. Check our 8 secret tips that will help you grow on Instagram in 2023.

Refresh your profile

The first connection of any user with your blog is when he studies your account. So, maybe it’s a good thing to change several aspects and make it more attractive:
·       profile picture (choose a bright image that perfectly reflects your niche);
·       Instagram bio (tell the audience what they can expect if they follow you);
·       link to website (if you have blog or website outside your Instagram profile, it would be great to add it).
You can also make a better impression if you use cheap SMM services for boosting activity. Try GlobalSMM services and get more likes for your posts, more subscribers, and even comments and views for Reels.

Make even the simplest content exciting

Boring content without any sparkle will only make your audience bored. Different kinds of emotions – whether positive or negative – will make your blog alive. When describing even the simplest thing, like a new place you visit or a new book you read, make sure to convey your emotions and feelings.
Don’t be afraid to write about what you feel – it will bring you and your followers closer. Connection with subscribers is one of the most important things for growth and always increased statistics.

Gather new hashtags to increase followers on Instagram

Hashtags may bring many followers to your account for free! But the thing is the hashtags you’ve been using to grow your profile might become stagnant, especially if you’re adding the same ones in every post. However, you don’t need to change all tags you use. Evaluate your existing cloud of hashtags and choose which of them you can keep. Discover new hashtags for your niche and start adding them to your posts.
Hashtags have been one of the best ways to get attention of complete strangers, and actually, this is one of the best ways to attract new people. However, nothing can compare with a power of a cheap SMM provider – likes, Reels views, comments, and more subscribers can be purchased at a low price with GlobalSMM.

Improve engagement with a cheap SMM provider

This is one the fastest ways to get more activity on any stage of your promotion. If you feel like taking a pause from your blog because of you want to make changes, you can keep the engagement at the usual level with the help of Instagram followers panel. There are many options and services suitable for both beginners and already popular blogs.
Of course, fake followers won’t be active but they will serve as attraction for real users. As you may know, many people check how popular blog is before hitting the “subscribe” button. And if you add more activity with the help of GlobalSMM services, you can gain more trust.

Diversify your content and embrace new types

One of the reasons why people are not engaged in your blog is because your content has changed for a while. New and unusual always attract attention, and if you want something ground-breaking, you have to always alternate between many existing options. Upload Reels if you never did it before, and interactivity to your Stories, change color palette of your account, make a photoshoot – there are so many options if you make research.
Without introducing changes, you won’t be able to increase followers on Instagram. And if you want your blog to grow, it’s time that you grow with it – letting go of everything old that doesn’t work anymore and trying more ways to engage your audience.

Add more emotions to your posts and Stories

Even if your post is educational, it’s better to add more expressiveness and colors to your narrative. People will be drawn to the way you share information, and your unique way of reaching them will become a foundation of your personal brand. There are so many blogs in the same niche, so it’s definitely not the information that make people stay.
Sometimes, it may hard to turn your passive audience into active, even with emotional storytelling. Use cheap SMM services to add more engagement to your Stories and posts – for example, more likes under your publications will make people read your post and maybe it even like it as well.

Answer to comments and DMs within one hour

Another thing that basically kills all statistics and engagement is passive blogger. If you think that people will be sitting and waiting for your reply for many hours, well, you will lose people’s trust and interest quite fast. You don’t have to online 24/7 but make sure to enable notifications for DM and comments so you can react to new incoming messages timely.
Most people recommend answer to comments and DMs within one hour after you received them. This is not a rule but a general recommendation to follow. If you order comments from a cheap SMM provider, make sure to like them and answer as well. This will boost your statistics.

Get serious about your blog and post consistently

You won’t achieve good results if you keep taking long breaks from blogging. Imagine if you were skipping your regular job, what kind of salary would you get in the end of month? It’s the same approach for blogging. Make a schedule and stick to it, no excuses.
Keep working and improving your content and storytelling technique, and use Instagram followers panel for making your results truly impressive, and no changes on Instagram will stand in the way to your succes.