How to cheat Instagram algorithm

How to cheat Instagram algorithm

How can an SMM panel for Instagram cheat algorithms

Many bloggers shudder when they hear the word “algorithm”. To many, it seems like some kind of beast that destroys every attempt to grow on Instagram. There is, however, a way to tame this beast and improve the engagement of your posts, Stories, and Reels. Apart from truly quality content, you will need an SMM panel for Instagram.
SMM services have significantly improved since they were first introduced. Only 5 years ago, they only used to get an attractive number of followers. Nowadays, their functionality has expanded: you can buy comments in many languages, non-drop likes, and even views for your videos. Why not use these services to beat the capricious algorithms?
If you still think that such a way of promotion can ruin your account and lead to a permanent ban, read our recent article 7 Myths About Using SMM Panel For Instagram where we share a smart approach to using a cheap SMM provider.

How do algorithms work

Instagram has changed its approach to showing content in 2016, giving priority to the “moments that matter to you”. What did they actually mean by those words?
The smart system analyzes the behavior of every user (what posts he likes, what accounts he interacts with, what links he opens) and offers him the most relevant publications according to his own actions. Thus, two people who follow the same list of accounts will see different suggestions when they open the app.
Apart from personal preferences, Instagram takes into account 2 important factors:
1.   New information is prioritized (users are most active within the first hour after the publication, Reels, or Story has been published).
2.   Interaction is the key (make sure to always answer all the comments and DMs if you want people to keep seeing your content).
This is basically everything you can do for free. Other important stats (likes, reach, and views) can be improved with the Instagram followers panel! But the good news is that you can buy all these services from a cheap SMM provider.

Getting maximum reach with an SMM panel for Instagram

The app is highly interested in promoting quality and interesting content. Reach and engagement play important role in the ranking – algorithms automatically prioritize posts and Reels that are generously liked, commented on, and saved.
Hopefully, you have already worked on the exclusivity and value of your content. Now it’s time to give it a little boost. Cheap SMM services are the best way to increase the stats of your publications. No matter what aim you’re trying to reach (get more followers for Instagram, engage people in a conversation, or attract new users by popular content), GlobalSMM has the right service for you!
It will be a mistake to focus on one type of content only. If you are serious about growing on Instagram, pay attention to the following aspects:
·     engaging Stories;
·     valuable publications;
·     captivating Reels.
Every part of social media has its own secrets and ranking criteria. Let’s see how a cheap SMM provider can help you improve stats at each of these steps.

How to be seen in the Feed

All posts and Reels appear in the Feed. The most important moment here is to get as much reach and engagement as possible within the first hour – views, saves, comments, and likes. This is how Instagram will understand that your content is worth boosting a little more.
Use the Instagram followers panel to get the necessary activity when you publish a new post or Reels. At GlobalSMM, we understand how much speed matters. That’s why we offer instant services that can help you increase views on Instagram Reels quickly!
The same goes for posts. You can order likes and comments (available in several languages) to boost the activity under new publications. The algorithm will notice it and start promoting your publication further. As a result, more real users will be able to see your content. The only thing we want to warn you about is moderation. Don’t aim for millions of likes if your account has 3k followers.

Boosting Instagram Stories

Stories are a great tool for interacting with the audience but not many people know to use them correctly. There are so many controversial facts about them. Some say you should post Stories every day to stay in touch with your audience. Yet, the rules of the game have changed a little:
1.   Prioritize quality over quantity.
2.   Don’t upload Stories in bulk (one after another at the same time).
3.   Add relevant geotags and stickers. Clicking on them increases engagement.
4.   Let your audience communicate with you via questions, polls, and quick reactions.
5.   Don’t post every day! A little rest is crucial for getting new ideas and heating the interest of the audience.
6.   Don’t post more than 6 Stories per day.
What happens if you don’t follow these rules? In this case, expect the engagement to drop by 70%. With GlobalSMM, you can boost the stats of your unpopular or invisible Stories. Just give us the link and our cheap SMM panel for Instagram will do the rest.

Improving Reels’ stats

You may like them or you may hate them but Reels is the driving force of Instagram these days. No Reels = no organic growth. That’s the truth whether you accept it or not.
Thousands of videos are being uploaded every day but only a few of them gather millions of views and likes. We don’t know the secrets of engaging Reels but we know that a cheap SMM provider can instantly improve the engagement of your videos. Send us a link to your publication and we’ll promote it in no time!

Bonus tip: getting on the Explore page with a cheap SMM provider

Getting on the Explore page is a top dream of every blogger. This is where a user can find relevant publications from the account he doesn’t follow. For account owners, it’s completely free! That’s why you should double your efforts on creating quality content – you can get a chance to get recommended! But without cheap SMM services, it will almost be impossible.
As we already mentioned above, a reliable SMM panel for Instagram has everything you need to boost the activity and reach under every type of publication. Non-drop likes will tell users about the value you provide, huge reach rate will trick the capricious algorithms. But the main thing – it will make your account more popular and recognizable!