How to boost Instagram post

How to boost Instagram post

8 ways to boost any post and get more followers on Instagram

Imagine this: you worked hard on your post or Reel, gathered interesting information, created a video, and chose a trendy audio track. And then, you publish it but doesn’t get the desired recognition. Frustrating, isn’t it? In this article, we’ll share how you can boost any publication and get more followers on Instagram.
The next thing we are going to tell you may be a bit harsh, but this is the truth that will help you get more likes under posts and Reels. It’s not enough to just create a great and engaging post – you also have to work to promote it and make it visible to the audience. And here are 8 working ways to do it.

Repost a publication in your Stories

With the sneaky algorithms, it’s getting more and more complicated to make your publications visible. The feeds are created in a strange way. That’s why some of your followers may simply miss your new post or Reel. Remind them about your new publication by sharing your post in Stories. By the way, when the audience sees your Reel in Stories, every view counts as well! So, in this case, you kill two birds with one stone – get Story views, get Reel views, and show people your new publication.
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Find the period when your followers are the most active

The number of likes and organic reach under the publication depend on the time when you share your post. You need to determine the period when your target audience is the most active on Instagram. For example, usually, people scroll the feed and watch the Stories on their way to work, during lunchtime, and on their way home from work. Plus, don’t forget about different time zones. Use this knowledge to select the most appropriate time for publishing your content.
If you’d made everything right but your post went unnoticed and neglected by the audience, use SMM panel for Instagram to get the necessary activity. However, don’t give up and keep working on your content.

Announce your publication date and time

One of the crucial aspects on Instagram success is the dialogue with your followers (and everyone who opens your account). It shouldn’t be one-way channeling all the time. You make your content for people, that’s why make sure you tell them when to watch it.
Why announcing the publication date and time is important?
·       Your followers will know the exact time when your publication will be available. And if you think they pay little attention, this information will imprint in their memory.
·       They will be waiting for your post or Reel and allocate time to read or view it.
·       They will be anticipating valuable content, especially if you say how much you worked on it.
Bonus tip: you can ask your audience if the chosen time and date is convenient for them. Make a Story with yes/no question and see how many of them will be waiting. You’ll be surprised to see that more people that you expect will be paying attention to your content after such tricks.

Don’t publish anything during weekends and public holidays

Despite the huge popularity of social media, people don’t spend all their time there. They have families, kids, pets, hobbies, work, studies, and just live in general – so never-ending flow of content might be frustrating for them. And you need to take a pause from your blog as well. Rest will help you generate more ideas and create better content in the future.
Plus, you’ll hardly get more followers on Instagram if you will be sharing your content when no one is watching. That’s why avoid big and important publications on weekends and public holidays.

Buy activity from an SMM panel for Instagram

We couldn’t avoid this step because you won’t be able to gather a 100k-audience without SMM services. Especially if you only start. A reliable panel for Instagram followers can help you with the initial growth – you can get the first 1k followers or reach the desired number of subscribers. Plus, now you can order multiple additional services to attract people’s attention.
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Choose unusual timing for posting

If you know that your followers normally open Instagram on 5:30 PM, schedule your publication a few minutes later – for example, at 5:34 PM. It will give you a tremendous advantage. While everyone else will publish their content on time, you’ll be ahead of them by waiting these 4 minutes. Newer and fresher content will be promoted by algorithms better. Yes, even if it’s 4 minutes fresher! The trick works for every time – whether it’s 7:02 AM, 9:06 AM, and so on.

Publish new content regularly to get more followers on Instagram

Probably, you’ve already noticed that sharing photos in the moment and publishing posts as soon as you finish doesn’t work well anymore. That’s why you need to plan your publications in advance. We talk a lot about the importance of a content-plan, and if you didn’t get any, it’s time to take your job as a blogger seriously. Otherwise, other people will pick all the cherries from the pie.
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Use relevant hashtags

In 2023, hashtags are one the only ways to get organic reach. We’ve already posted a big article about hashtags for Reels here but you can use the recommendations for your posts as well.
Keep in mind that managing a blog is more than just posting photos and videos, it’s also a work with people, AI, and other aspects. If you keep creating unique content and buy Instagram likes for sale to create an illusion of a successful profile, real users will start following you in no time. Check our blog for more tricks and secrets and register on the GlobalSMM website to get quality SMM services.