How promote your blog and get subscribers for Telegram channel

How promote your blog and get subscribers for Telegram channel

Get subscribers for Telegram channel faster with these 6 tips

When you work on the promotion of your blog, you finally realize that there’s no magic pill that will make you popular overnight. And it’s not the matter of luck that one person manages to get subscribers for Telegram channel and you’re sitting with 500 followers on your channel. So how do you become the one with success, activity, and thousands of Telegram members?
First of all, you need to be adaptive to trends and changes. On social media, everything changes fast and you need to be among the pioneers of trends. We also recommend boosting your channel with cheap SMM services. This means you have to buy Telegram post views before you begin channel promotion. It will make your blog more attractive for real users. After the preparation stage is over, you can use these 6 tips to improve your statistics.

1. Create several non-urgent publication in advance

We have been talking about the necessity and significance of a content-plan for quite a while now, but let us explain why you really need to create several publications when you have enough material, even if some of them are never going to be published. It’s not the current trend of bloggers but a great way to be prepared for anything.
When you have a stock of publication, you can easily choose, which one to post, depending on what your audience wants. For example, you can create some relevant publications in advance (15 books to read on Valentine Day if you’re alone, 10 DIY ideas for New Year, etc). Such topics will always be popular but you don’t have to write them one day before the publication!

2. Use different types of publications to keep people interested

People have so many channels to choose between and they will hit the “unfollow” button as soon as they become bored. Don’t let them go away by becoming one of the monotonous blog in their feed! Use pictures, GIFs, videos, memes, audio messages, stickers, polls, and other tools to make your channel interesting.
Have troubles with choosing the right type of publication for your niche? Check our useful post – here we share 8 ideas for Telegram channel that will work for everyone! We also recommend you to visit our website and buy Telegram members, post views, and reactions. Apart from quality content, you also need to show real users that your blog is worth their attention. Sadly, without impressive number of followers and views, it’s not possible.

3. Choose the right time for posting to get subscribers for Telegram channel

Unless you don’t have a channel with breaking news, time is more or less irrelevant. The majority of people mute channels immediately after joining them and scroll through the feed when they have time. The only rule here is not to make several publications in a row. Give people time to get acquainted with your material before sharing new information. And don’t forget to buy Telegram post views if your publications don’t get enough attention.

4. Focus on these 3 promoting techniques

Promotion on Telegram is quite complicated because this social media doesn’t have any built-in tools (unlike Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube). So if you want your channel to be noticed, you can use one of the following techniques:
1.     Advertisement in another channel.
2.     Mutual PR.
3.     Giveaways.
Unfortunately, you can’t do it way too often, so you won’t likely get many followers due to them. However, you can order SMM followers for a quick boost. GlobalSMM offers you non-drop channel members that won’t disappear. We also have other quality services for Telegram and other social media.

5. Work with your audience

Since you make your blog for people, you need to constantly work with them: get feedback, ask and answer questions, make them vote, comment, and share your posts. Here are three ways to get subscribers for Telegram channel by working FOR your audience and not with them. The difference is crucial, and you’ll see why.

Make your blog attractive with cheap SMM services

The first advice is obvious: as soon as you create the channel and fill it posts, think about the beautiful presentation. Many subscribers, hundreds of post views, comments, and reactions – you can get via a cheap SMM provider like GlobalSMM.
And by the way, SMM followers and activity are not that expensive as getting an advertisement in another channel, which might not even bring the desired result.

Keep the audience interested

When you know your niche and publish useful and valuable information, people will be gladly joining your blog to learn from you. Consider the relevance of your content, write about trendy and viral topics, and be creative. Check what your competitors do and “borrow” their ideas. Check our blog, we have many articles about promotion on social media and frequently give useful recommendations.

Encourage people’s activity

When you get comments, reactions, and reposts, it means that your publication triggered certain emotions in your audience. And it also means that you’re doing a good job! And the best part is that you don’t need to do anything complicated. Simple tricks like questions in the end or at the beginning of your posts, calls-to-action (reminder to like your publication, etc), and relatable memes will do. Plus, you need to study your audience’s preferences and give them what they want.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you

Finding your “voice” is a tough task but you should be open to experiments! Because you won’t be able to find out what your followers like and what is irrelevant to them if you don’t try. Weekly and monthly analysis should become your routine – check what topics you covered, how people reacted to them, what event or thing caused the highest activity. And don’t forget to ask subscribers if they like what you’re doing and if they want to learn more.
As you see, promotion on Telegram is neither easy nor complicated. Because it’s a constant research and experimenting. Work hard on the quality of your information and buy Telegram members to become attractive to real users.