How not to lose Telegram channel members

How not to lose Telegram channel members

SMM provider panel and 4 more secrets how not to lose Telegram members

Promoting Telegram channel can be quite tricky. Any post that we publish can potentially lead to massive unfollows. The problem with this social media that people are more picky when it comes to choosing content and blogger so you will have to work twice harder to get the results. One of the best ways to always have good statistics is to use SMM service provider.
However, it’s only a basis. If you want your channel members turn into loyal audience, you need to always attract new users and stop worrying about those who left your channel. Part of the audience eventually loses interest in the topic you write about. Someone simply stops using Telegram and deletes all his chats and leaves all blogs. And, of course, as in other social networks, people unsubscribe from blogs with uninteresting content.

Why people leave Telegram channels?

Uninteresting or not relevant publications appear in our news feeds every day. But thanks to smart algorithms, we don’t see them in our Instagram or Facebook feed. Even if someone has a whole series of unsuccessful posts, it is unlikely that you people won’t pay big attention to it. But the thing is: it doesn’t work with Telegram because when you post, a person receives a notification in his feed – where he has chats with friends and colleagues.
This is a person’s personal space in the digital world, and everyone wants to keep it clean. One unsuccessful post may be enough for the channel member to say goodbye to your blog and leave forever. As a result, your statistics drop and less people start views your posts and comment them. However, our cheapest SMM panel can give you enough activity to stay afloat – post views, reactions, comments, and even new members.
And since fake channel audience won’t bring you more activity, there’s something you should do to keep real users from unfollowing you.

Meet the expectations of your channel members

On Instagram, you have more liberty when choosing what to post. Even your followers don’t find the post relevant or interesting, it can be still promoted by algorithms and seen by a wider audience. And it doesn’t work on Telegram because there are no algorithms and a user joined your channel not to miss your publications. That’s why there’s a higher chance that he leave your channel if you stop posting something interesting and relevant.
Try to post different types of content: serious and humorous posts, long and short texts, photos, texts, and videos. Telegram users won’t be bored seeing so much diversity, and you will have more choice of what to post. Of course, if the activity is falling because of bad publications, use a wholesale SMM panel to gain more Telegram channel members, post views and reactions from GlobalSMM.

Don’t publish too lengthy materials often

It takes time to read large materials, so many people prefer not to open a message from a serious channel right away and save it for later. If people already have a lot of unread messages from your channel, at some point, it will start to bother them. Some feel guilty because they miss useful materials. And less loyal subscribers are simply annoyed by the growing mountain of unseen messages. And this is when they begin unfollowing you.
To prevent this from happening, you should not post long texts more than 2 times per week. Moreover, even one post with long text is enough for Telegram — the only downside is that the loyalty of the audience will grow a little slower than with frequent posting. But you already know that you can add more activity and channel members with an SMM service provider.

Get a boost with the cheapest SMM provider panel

Every blog, even a popular one, needs services from the cheapest SMM panel – and fortunately, they have improved and now, even the trained eye won’t be able to detect the difference being real and fake activity. Forget about all doubts and get the numbers of your dream right now with GlobalSMM – we have many quality services to make your blog more attractive and popular.
Our SMM panel provider has the lowest prices compared to other providers. In fact, you can find services for any budget: there are high-quality offers with non-drop followers and reactions if you need consistency, and there are cheap options for beginners who need to attract more people by beautiful numbers.

Moderate ads, mutual PR, and selling

No one like this but advertisement has become a part of our daily life, and whether we want it or not, we are surrounded by ads, PR campaigns, promos, and sales. Probably, you also sell something via social media. In this case, promotions and sales will be unavoidable but if you have a blog about movies, fitness, coding, or investment, try not to “ruin” your channel by posting too many ads and materials not related to your niche.
The value of every Telegram channel member is very high because they are actually here for your materials and information, so don’t disappoint them by posting too much commercial materials. Also, try to avoid mutual PR. If you need more activity and subscribers, use an SMM provider panel instead.

Publish on the right time

For the majority of social media, the time of posting doesn’t matter because the algorithm will decide when users see your material. Telegram is different: a post gets about 20% of its coverage within an hour after publication. You can also boost every upcoming post with the help of a wholesale SMM panel – GlobalSMM offers auto-views and auto-reactions for your future publications.
Also, follow a couple of simple rules:
1.     Do not post anything after 10 PM and before 9 AM.
2.     Large materials should be posted only when people have time to read them.  At 9-12 AM or at 5-8 PM on weekdays, for example. Weekends are better for video content and casual posts (memes, humorous publications).
3.     Consider the daily routine of your audience: freelancers, students, housewives, etc. Different categories of people can read your posts at different time.
Telegram channel members are very attentive to what you post. You won’t be able to avoid unsubscribes after each post because this is completely normal, and it happens to everyone. Just use our tips for improving your blog and don’t forget about an SMM panel provider!