How hashtags can help you get more followers

How hashtags can help you get more followers

Add these hashtags to your Reels to get more followers on Instagram

You open Instagram and see them everywhere. They have captured the minds of users and flooded your feed. Yes, we are talking about Reels. Instagram users have finally realized that Reels aren’t going anywhere, and the best way to get more followers on Instagram is to forget about old-fashioned photos and create more short videos.
Instagram favors those account that use this function quite often. However, competition keeps growing and even Insta algorithms have become picky. That’s why you have to use every possible way to get more views and likes. That includes real work – looking for new scenario ideas and checking trendy audios – and the use of the cheapest SMM panel for Instagram followers. With new services from GlobalSMM, you can buy non-drop views and likes for Reels.

5 things that will make any Reel viral

One of the best things about Reels is that they are suitable for every type of blog. In the 21st century, it’s hard to surprise a person by showing him a video from a teacher or a fireman in action. Everyone wants a piece of fame and extra income from their blog.
Here’s the ABC of a trendy Reel. Use this plan when preparing your video:
1.     Start your video with a hook. Firmly grab people’s attention and don’t let it go. Instagram measures the amount of time people spend looking at your content.
2.     Add text to the video: captions, headlines, or subtitles.
3.     Use hashtags (everything about it below).
4.     Upload a quality cover.
5.     Use SMM panel for Instagram for boosting activity.
Among all these components of a viral Reel, the hashtags arise the majority of questions and doubts. But they are still working and helping to get more followers on Instagram! Luckily, we’ve done some research and are ready to share our secret knowledge with you.

Hashtags for Reels: rules and tips to get more followers on Instagram

Most people don’t have a single clue of how to effectively use hashtags for promotion. That’s why they don’t see big changes in engagement. With our tricks, you’ll learn how to improve reach:
·       Don’t use the same cloud of hashtags under all videos/posts. Change their sequence, add new tags.
·       Add up to 30 hashtags. This is the optimal number of tags you can use in every post.
·       Don’t use hashtags that violate the rules of Instagram (mostly it’s anything related to 18+ and encouraging violence). Sometimes, even innocent words can be banned. Google the list of forbidden hashtags to avoid shadowban.
·       Avoid adding only high-frequency hashtags (with 1 million of posts and more).
·       Use different types of hashtags.
Of course, hashtags alone won’t improve your statistics drastically. If you need a real boost for your Reels and other publications, visit our website with cheap SMM services and buy everything you need for promotion: likes, followers, views, and even impressions from hashtags!

Types of hashtags for Reels and their combinations

Mindlessly adding a bunch of tags in hope to get more followers on Instagram won’t result in anything good. You need to create a unique combination (cloud) of hashtags for each Reel and post. No copypaste! It kills the engagement and says Instagram that you are a spammer.
All tags you need for promotion can be roughly divided into 3 groups: tags that reflect the idea of your Reel, tags popular among your target audience, and several high-frequency hashtags. Let’s see how they can perfectly blend and promote your videos.

Tags that reflect the concept of the video

The first group of hashtags – about 50% - should describe what is on the video. Let’s suppose you posted a Reel with top-10 restaurants in Paris. In this case, your tags should include the following words “restaurants Paris”, “where to eat in Paris”, “best Paris food”, etc. Check the frequency of the chosen hashtags, i.e. the number of existing posts. If there are less than 100,000 publication for this tag, don’t hesitate to use it.
At this stage, avoid blatant and overhyped hashtags like “Paris”, “Louvre”, etc. They have been added too many times, and your content will be lost.

Niche tags popular among your target audience

This group of hashtags is the most important one. It would be better to create a note on your phone or computer, featuring a plethora of your niche tags. When you create a new Reel, you can easily find a few (about 30-40%) relevant hashtags. Let’s continue with the example about Paris. Your niche tags in this case would be “Paris guide”, “exploring France”, etc.
Don’t forget to make weekly analysis of your Reels and their performance. If there are not enough views or likes, you can change it with the help of the cheapest SMM panel for Instagram followers. With GlobalSMM, you get way more than just likes and followers! Visit our website and order as many services as you need for your promotion.

High-frequency tags not related to your niche

There are also universal hashtags that should be added to your Reels despite the niche and theme of the video. They will allow more people to see your content and you – get more followers on Instagram. However, don’t use too many of them, otherwise, your content will be  marked as spamming by algorithms.
The following tags are the best examples for Reels promotion in 2023: InstaDaily, ViralReels, trend, LikeMe, FollowAll, trending, ViralOne. By, the way, hashtags are not case sensitive, so you can use both lowercase and uppercase letters.

How to get more Reels views with cheap SMM services

It goes without saying that making your content outstanding requires time, effort, and many great ideas. We recommend to devote more time to making good Reels than to regular publications. Instagram still promotes them and reward the best creators with multiple views and likes.
Apart from following the trends in Reels creation and choosing the right tags for your posts, there’s another simple way to quickly get as many views and likes as you want. Benefit from an SMM panel for Instagram – your source of cheap likes, views, and other vital activity. Cheap SMM services can be a great idea if your Reels didn’t get the expected attention.