Growing blog from zero followers

Growing blog from zero followers

5 Useful Tips to Get More Instagram Likes and Followers

Working hard on your blog but still didn’t get the desired recognition? Not enough Instagram likes? New people are not following your account? You are not alone in this fight.

Instagram is a highly competitive social media. If you are not the best in your niche, then you’ll be unnoticed. However, with new algorithms of the platforms, even the most modest accounts (with less than 1,000 followers) can expect their content to go viral. A few simple steps are enough to improve your statistics and get more Instagram likes.
From the most evident recommendations to the use of SMM services for Instagram, check 5 useful tips and start following these rules.

Improve the quality of your content

Seems like the tips from Captain Obvious, right? But don’t rush to leave the page – there’s actually more to tell. Normally, we should have said something like “if you want to get more Instagram likes, buy iPhone 13 Pro”. But no. We know that quality content (photos and videos) can be done with the help of the old smartphones as well.
As you read this article, open your account and review the last 12-15 posts from your feed. Answer the following questions:
·     Are these photos aesthetically pleasant?
·     Is there a good light on your photos?
·     Do you like the general view of your feed?
·     Can you say that there’s an idea behind each photo?
Yes, all these factors are extremely important if you want to get hundreds and thousands of Instagram likes! If you don’t have time for thinking about the concept of each photo, looking for a favorable angle, creating compositions, or even editing your pictures with the help of side apps, maybe it’s just better for you to use SMM services for Instagram?

Stop posting the content that didn’t get Instagram likes before

This tip works for both business and personal accounts. Again, you need to review your profile and see what type of photos or videos got the least likes or interaction. Imagine, there are millions of posts uploaded every day by millions of users – there is no time to create the content that no one wants!
What to do with already existing photos? Delete? Oh no! Use the SMM provider and get more likes for each post with poor statistics. ClobalSMM offers a wide range of options – from 10 likes to several thousand.
You can use the same trick for any post that needs a little boosting – register on our website, choose the suitable SMM services for Instagram, provide a link to your post and keep watching how the numbers are growing.

Correct use of hashtags can increase the amount of Instagram likes

There is so much misinformation about hashtags… Hide them in comments, don’t use more than 4, 9, 30 – you name it – tags, they don’t work anymore, etc. But where is the truth?
The truth is that hashtags are still working in 2022. They have been useful throughout the whole history of social media. It’s a great and free technique to get more interactions, which may result in getting more Instagram likes. However, with the pressure of so-called Insta-experts, it’s hard to understand what to believe.

Here’s the full and truthful info about using hashtags:

1.   The optimal amount of hashtags per post is 30.
2.   There’s no difference where you put your tags – in comments or in your post. If there’s enough space – add them at the end of your text. Otherwise, “hide” your hashtags in comments.
3.   Use unique and low-density hashtags. This is how you make it to the top in your category.
Low-density hashtags mean less competition. Imagine that you’re selling sneakers and you create #sneakersforsale. Currently, there are more than 1.4 million publications with this tag. What are your chances to be noticed in this ocean of posts? Approximately zero! Instead of this highly popular tag, use something rare but popular – for example, #sneakersforsaleturkey.
Make an experience and use low-density and high-density hashtags in turns. See what works better for you. It’s absolutely safe as you can use SMM services for Instagram if you need more likes for your unnoticed posts.

Get inspiration from successful blogs (or even competitors)

Now when you know that Instagram likes are not coming themselves (except when you order them from an SMM provider), it’s time to transform your account into a more likable one.
Here’s how you do it.
Find big blogs in your niche and analyze their content. Watch their stories, scroll their feed to see what people like. Then, create similar things on your own page. Try to copy their style and patterns, borrow some ideas for photos and videos.
Although inspiration alone won’t help you grow your blog. Sooner or later (and we recommend sooner), you will have to buy SMM services for Instagram. Even bloggers with a huge audience have their bad days on social media. That’s why SMM providers are in high demand – they help keep the statistics afloat.

Buy Instagram likes from a reputable SMM provider

As you can see the successful growth of an Instagram account is impossible without buying likes. Start working with a reliable SMM provider right now to see quick results. GlobalSMM is the best place for this – we have more than 270 different options, including high-quality Instagram likes (non-drop).
Check the list of our services and select the most suitable one. We provide detailed info about every service – price per 100, speed, quality. Apart from likes, you can find other SMM services for Instagram and other social media platforms.
Want to see how we work before making an order? No problem! Create an account on the GlobalSMM website and enjoy our free trial.

Who can use SMM services for Instagram?

SMM provider works with all types of accounts – commercial and personal. In fact, there is no difference for the platform. The only thing that we need is a public account.
Follow these steps to benefit from our SMM services for Instagram:
1.   Register on GlobalSMM.
2.   Top up your balance – we offer multiple methods of payment.
3.   Open the list of services and select the suitable option. They differ in quality, speed and maximum amount of Instagram likes you can get.
4.   Choose the number of units you want to buy (normally, the minimum amount you can order is 10 units).
5.   Provide the link to your post.
6.   Wait until the order is confirmed and enjoy your Instagram likes.

Final thoughts on getting more Instagram likes and followers

Getting likes on Instagram is becoming more and more tricky. Some people just don’t see your posts, others don’t think that it’s necessary to leave likes or comments. Anyway, the battle for Instagram likes will continue in 2022 and later. Want to always be sure of the number of likes you get? Prefer to keep your statistics on the same level? Order likes and other SMM services for Instagram on the GlobalSMM website.