Getting premium members Telegram for promotion

Getting premium members Telegram for promotion

Promoting a channel with premium members Telegram: is it worth it?

With the recent changes in Telegram promotion, many channel owners ask a logical question: is it worth to devote your time and spend money on new SMM services? Before the new introductions, the rules were simple: blogs with a bigger audience gets it all! However, now, the channel’s success depends on the number of premium members Telegram and their activity. In this article, we are going to so you can make an informed choice.
As the messenger developers stated, the changes already got positive feedback. But apparently, there is also a crowd of unsatisfied content creators, especially those who spent a lot of time and hard work on growing a blog and see their effort goes down the drain because they don’t have premium accounts in the subscribers’ list.
Well, a cheap SMM panel can help you to improve a channel promotion and do it according to the new rules. Read on to find out what premium SMM services can do and whether it’s worth investing in them.

How to grow a Telegram channel with so much competition

Maintaining Telegram channels requires a lot of resources and experiments with content, writing style, and frequency of publications. There is a lot of information available in this messenger, and the number of new blogs is constantly growing. As a result, the promotion becomes difficult, and the position of “being +1 to standard information resources” doesn’t actually have any benefits. The only way to keep growing is to get more readers with paid subscription. You may:
1.     convince real users to join your channel;
2.     simply buy premium members from a reliable SMM provider.
At the same time, the role of premium accounts keeps growing, and they now have more possibilities compared to ordinary users when it comes to promoting the channel they like. For example, there’s now increasing demand to buy Telegram boosts to unlock the Stories feature. And it should be noted that ordinary users don’t decide such pivotal moments anymore.

How premium members Telegram influence the channel’s popularity

So, you have probably heard about the recent changes on Telegram and already try to figure out a way to improve your blog’s position. First of all, it’s important to notice that attracting premium users (organically or via SMM services) will be beneficial for the blog in general – the more active accounts with premium subscription you have the bigger your blog will be ranked in search. The easiest solution is to buy premium members from a cheap SMM panel: you will be relieved from the tedious task of attracting them.
However, if you want to get the so-called “full package”, having premium accounts will not be enough. Content creators who want to make their channels better and provide new features for their audience also look for how to get boost for Telegram channel – these “Boosts” (or votes) allows them to publish Stories. The feature doesn’t exist by default, and each channel have to earn the right to share Stories.

Buy premium members to rank first on Telegram search engine results

No matter how many members you have attracted for your blog over the past months or even years, it doesn’t matter anymore. All channels are now totally in the mercy of premium accounts because their presence only will impact the channels’ ranking in the messenger’s search results. In a nutshell, the more account with a paid subscription you get, the bigger your chances to rank first in search.
Of course, there’s now the hunt for premium search subscriptions, and while some bloggers naively suppose that they can attract them organically, others already buy them on the website of a cheap SMM provider and land on top. You can also benefit from the newest addition to the pool of SMM services – they are all aimed to improve the channel’s position and guarantee you non-drop followers, post views, or reactions for the chosen period of time (from 7 days to 6 months).

Buy Telegram boosts and unlock Stories for your channel

Another new feature that added to the bloggers headache recently is Telegram Stories. Although the app was initially against this addition (well, simply because every other social media has them), it seems like But it’s not that easy: to “unlock” the feature the blogger needs to get boost for Telegram channel.
The number of “Boosts” is unique and depends on the total number of channel subscribers. To get to each new level (and publish one additional Story per day), a channel needs to gather votes from 0.1% of its total audience. However, here’s one thing: only premium members Telegram can give their vote. And the task is getting even more complicated when you learn all the rules:
·       every account can vote only 1 time per day (24 hours);
·       votes can be reassigned;
·       votes have expiration date (and if you don’t get the necessary amount on time, you will have to start over).
Sounds like activating this Stories is the hardest quest! But GlobalSMM got you covered! We solved this tricky problem for everyone who wants to enjoy the full list of features – on our website, you can get up to 100 votes for your blog (enough for a channel with 1 million members).

Where to get premium SMM services for Telegram

As you can see, the new rules and ranking algorithms leave almost no time for creating quality content. This chase for premium accounts can be tiresome. Once you decide that you need quality services to boost your presence on Telegram, you can find them on our affordable SMM panel. We have already added a list of non-drop premium services:
·       get accounts with premium subscription (for 7, 15, 30, 60, 90 days, or even 6 months);
·       order a random selection of positive or negative reactions to your posts – all from premium accounts with profile pics;
·       buy Telegram boosts and activate as many Stories as you want;
·       obtain post views for the latest publications.
Even though the Telegram developers want to tighten rules and make sure that small and quality channels earn their place in the sun, the promotion is still possible with a top SMM provider.

Final thoughts on quality Telegram channel promotion

While these rules are quite new and they created a certain chaos among content creators and channel owners, it may be you chance to emerge on top – when you purchase premium services. It will allow you to have an upper hand in this chase for organic Telegram channel members, and focus on what really matters – the content and creating a bond with existing members.
When you buy new premium search subscriptions and get Boosts for a Telegram channel, you invest in the future success of your blog. Since there’s a tendency on all social media to change algorithms and alter the ranking system, adapting to the changes among the first will elevate your blog to a new level and get a competitive advantage for a relatively small price.