Get the best promotion of your Telegram channel

Get the best promotion of your Telegram channel

How to get quality channel promotion with Premium members Telegram

Like any other social media that wants to become on top. Telegram is constantly introducing new features and perks for its users. However, the recent changes brought a lot of issues to channel owners. While the promotion on Telegram was way more complicated than on any other similar app, now, it’s getting almost impossible if you don’t have active Premium members Telegram.
The quest for attracting premium accounts may be challenging and tiresome, especially when you also need to focus on the quality of your content. The easiest solution is to buy premium members from a reputable SMM provider. In this article, we are going to share how these services will shape the future of Telegram promotion and why it’s important to be the first to get them.

What changes from Telegram channels in 2023

While Telegram introduces new features as something groundbreaking and useful, in fact, all these novelties are advantageous only for the app creators. Later, you will see why.
Here is what changes for all Telegram channel since this September:
·       the number of premium members plays a crucial role in search optimization;
·       premium users are able to “unlock” certain features for channels;
·       channels may post Stories.
Stories is a very popular content format in social networks, and it’s been already adopted by all major apps – YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The main aim of the Stories is to increase the amount of time people spend on social media because users have a chance to see them only for 24 hours. For channels, it can be a great way of communication with its members. For example, a bloggers doesn’t need to fill his feed with numerous daily posts if he can remind about his blog via Stories.
But not everything is so great as it looks, and in the next part, we are going to explain why these new features actually turned into a huge problem for numerous channel creators.

Problems that channels owners may face and how to solve them

However, if you think that Telegram updates magically work for everyone, we have some bad news. To activate the feature of posting Stories, a channel needs to get boosts from its members. Boost or vote in Telegram is a kind of bonus that a subscriber can give to a channel he likes. Thanks to this option, the channel owners gets access to additional features. To reach the first level and open access to Stories publishing on behalf of the channel, it is necessary to collect 0.1% of votes from the total number of subscribers.
And here where the main problem comes: not every channel can boast a huge amount of premium members. Sometimes, it’s just the channel that’s aimed at the audience who cannot afford paying several bucks per month for premium account. So, what should you do if you are one of such channel owners? The answer is simple: don’t waste your time attracting real premium users and get all necessary activity on a website of our SMM panel low price!

Get a real boost with affordable Premium members Telegram

Social media promotion is not a pleasant ride, and that’s why many people attempt to grow their channel with the help of SMM services: even before the updates, it was possible to buy votes, reactions, and post views. The new rules have brought several complications for channel owners: for example, to active the coveted Stories function, a channel must collect votes (boosts) from their Premium subscribers. It creates another obstacle: in order to start posting Stories, bloggers need to buy premium members and also pay for the service to activate the publishing feature. Luckily, it’s just 0.1% of all members, but only they have the option to vote (boost) for a channel.
With the cheap services offered by GlobalSMM, you can easily reach your goal and add a new feature to your channel. First of all, you can improve search optimization – buy premium members Telegram and their presence in your blog will automatically elevate its position in the ranking.

How premium SMM services for Telegram impact the channel’s growth

Judging by the recent changes, channels are now totally dependent not only on their content but also their audience. Regular users (without premium subscription) become some sort of useless when it comes to the channel’s growth. Of course, having thousands of subscribers is still important for the overall image and reputation of the blog, but non-premium user basically have no power anymore.
On the other hand, Premium members Telegram are becoming sought-after by thousands of existing channels. Only they have the opportunity to give their vote but there’s a limit. One user can boost only one channel per day, so you can easily imagine the competition.

Order quality premium SMM services for Telegrams

Only users who have paid for a Premium subscription will be able to support the channel – those who received it as a gift + ordinary users will not be able to use the boost feature. This novelty basically makes the organic promotion complicated. However, if you check our cheap SMM services and buy Telegram subscribers with Premium accounts, you can stand out among competitors without wasting your precious time.
GlobalSMM have designed numerous new services to make the promotion on Telegram quick and easy:
·       Premium non-drop subscribers + views (all accounts comes with profile pictures). The service can be purchased for different duration – from 7 days to 6 months.
·       Reactions from Premium accounts. You can choose between a mix of positive reactions or a random set of negative reactions.
·       Story activation service. We will make 0.1% of your Premium subscribers vote for your blog so you can start using new feature.

Final thoughts: possible ways of promotion on Telegram in 2023

When it comes to Telegram promotion, a lot of new additions and rules can be tricky and unclear. Our reliable SMM panel with low price services already made it possible to keep the steady growth speed going – with new options available, you can focus on the quality of your content to attract real users, while our services will add you new features and promote your blog in search.
When you buy premium members Telegram from our quality SMM provider, you get ahead of your competitors and gain brand-new features before anyone else. We recommend pay your attention to premium services as they are now the quickest way to make your blog more popular and recognizable among more than 700 millions of users of the messenger.