Get premium members Telegram from a cheap SMM panel

Get premium members Telegram from a cheap SMM panel

How to get premium members Telegram and activate Stories on a channel

Telegram celebrates its 10 years anniversary with introducing many big updates, and not everyone seems to like them. Although the changes in the messenger didn’t influence regular users much, they have a negative impact on content creators. Because of these novelties, there’s now literally a mass hysteria online with channel owners looking how to get premium members Telegram.
As the creators of the messaging app explained, premium accounts will now have a huge role in promoting a channel. It means that growing a blog may become more difficult, and if you want to attract new members, you have to get more readers with a paid subscription. In this article, we will delve into the current rules of promotion and explain where to get premium accounts for Telegram.

New features on Telegram in 2023: Stories, search optimization

The Stories function has been introduced for users this summer, and apparently, it was successful and popular that the messenger creators made a decision to allow channels to post Stories as well. However, don’t rush to check if you have this new feature. It’s not activated by default. And this is the first reason to buy premium members Telegram – they will help you to enable the new feature and publish Stories on behalf of your channel.
But even when you finally get the chance to post your first Story, there’s another important change that a channel owner cannot ignore. The growth of every public blog on Telegram is now solely depends on premium accounts. As the messenger CEO explained, premium search subscriptions and their presence in the blog will improve its positions and ranking in search. All these additions already resulted in numerous problems for thousands of bloggers.

Big problem for channel owners: new rules of promotion

As it turns out, premium accounts are hard to find and the most awful part, they are aware of their privileged position and don’t rush to help the channels. That’s normal that users become picky – when there’s a vast choice of blogs, they have the right to join and support any of them that they like. On the other hand, it looks like only big and influential channels will win after this update, while others have to wreck their brain thinking how to get premium members Telegram.
The position that many content creators and channel owners are in is not simple. They already have been struggling with Telegram channel promotion (creation of outstanding and unique publications, finding the right tone of voice, etc). Now, thanks to new updates, another problem has been added to their list. However, there’s already a solution and an answer to this issue, and a cheap SMM provider can help you in this hard task.

How to get premium members Telegram to boost your blog

It’s clear that new rules distract people from their main task – making great content for their loyal audiences, and all the effort and time are now devoted to looking for these subscribers with a paid account. Seems like the main point of having a blog is getting lost. If you don’t want the quality of your content to sink and worry about the premium subscriptions, you can get all the new services for your channel from our SMM panel low price.
GlobalSMM offers a wide range of quality services involving premium accounts:
·       premium search subscriptions for your blog (non-drop options only) to improve the channel’s position in search;
·       a selection of positive and negative reactions from premium users (all with profile pics);
·       post views from users with a paid subscription;
·       boosts (votes) to activate the Stories function.
Thanks to our services, you can forget about the new issues with growing blog, and keep focusing on your content and connecting with the audience instead. Leave us the hard task of promotion, and you’ll notice a quick improvement of your Telegram channel. Go to our website and create an account to start promotion.

How boosting on Telegram works

By default, every channel starts at a zero level. Even if you buy premium members Telegram in hundreds, you won’t be able to publish stories. In order to unlock the feature, a channel needs to gather Boosts (or votes). Each channel need to gain a unique number of votes to move to the next level. It depends on the total number of subscribers. 0.1% of Premium users can make this change.
However, not everything is that easy, and there are several pitfalls:
1.     Any vote may be reassigned to another channel on the following day. If you didn’t meet the necessary criteria before that, you would lose this vote.
2.     Every subscriber can vote only one time per day. For example, having voted for channel A, he will not be able to vote for any other channel in the next 24 hours.
3.     Each subscriber has only 1 vote. In order to get the necessary amount of Boosts, you need unique premium subscribers to vote for your blog via special link.
While it all may seem complicated and not many channel owners want to deal with a risky perspective of waiting for organic votes to bring him to a new level, it’s easier to buy Telegram boosts and activate the coveted Stories feature without fuss and wasting time.

Get cheap premium services for Telegram channel

Using SMM services for growth on social media proved to be successful in the past, and while the new options that involve premium accounts are more complex, they are also the same effective. Of course, you may need to allocate a slightly bigger budget for them, but in the end, it will pay off. Getting your channel to the top of search and buying Boosts will free a lot of time that you may spend on the creation of another engaging post. And our SMM panel low price will be working for you – bringing your channel to a new level.
As it was described by Telegram creators, in the future, Boosts will also help unlock other features for channels – custom reactions, emoji statuses, or custom backgrounds. Also, it will be possible to get these Boosts in other ways.

Conclusion: growing on Telegram with premium accounts

The tendency to fight for user with paid subscription will most likely to continue in the future. Many content creators are not happy to comply with the new rules because it basically means losing the progress they had made over months or even years and starting promoting a channel from scratch. While new features can be useful for small channels, owners of big blogs have their eyes set on cheap SMM services – it’s another way to quickly boost the channel.
Whether you need to get a better ranking in search or want to enable the Stories feature and see how your subscribers will react, GlobalSMM will help you achieve your goals. With us, you can be confident in the quality of services – get non-drop premium accounts for your blog, buy Telegram boosts to post Stories, post views, and reactions.