Get more Telegram post views with these ideas

Get more Telegram post views with these ideas

12 ideas for your content-plan to get more Telegram post views

Anyone who has a blog struggles with the same problem – what to publish to get people’s attention. Creating a content-plan may be a tough task because ideas vanish quite quickly. In this article, we will share 12 ideas, which can be adapted to any social media. Whether you’re looking to increase Telegram post views or need fresh material for any other platform, try one of our recommendations.
You can repeat these types of posts from time to time, make them traditional, adapt and change to the needs of your audience. One thing for sure – they will bring certain freshness to your channel and make stand out from the crowd.


People love publications where two or more things are compared. And the best part: it’s suitable for any niche. You can compare two makeup products or two movies, two restaurants or two cities, two air companies or two crypto coins and their potential in the market… the list is truly endless. At the end of your comparison, you may ask your subscribers to share their thoughts on this topic.


Backstage moments will make you closer to the audience. People will be happy to see what happens “behind the curtain”. The only downside of this type of publication us that you cannot use it often. After all, this content is more for building trust with followers, not for giving them something valuable.
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Short tips

It’s 2023, and people are overloaded with information. They don’t have time to read long posts full of unnecessary info. So, it’s time to be respectful and be as short as possible. If you know anything that can help your followers and can describe it in one or two phrases, don’t hesitate to share this tip on your channel.
You can even turn it into tradition, for example, greeting your channel members every Monday morning with a new short tip. It will create a certain pattern in their heads, and they will be waiting for your publications.

Honest post (revealing secrets)

Another type of content that people appreciate. When you share something that others are not talking about, you gain trust and respect of your audience. Such revelations gather more Telegram post views than the usual posts, and you’ll notice a spike in activity: comments and reactions.


Although many people tend to believe that FAQs can used only by shop owners, it’s not true. There are numerous ways to use this idea – for example, you can make FAQ about the upcoming movie (for a movie blog), book, fashion trends, and any event or thing. Use your imagination to create a FAQ post, even if no one is asking any questions.

Pros and cons

Another great type of posts that people enjoy and usually read until the very end. You can take any event, thing, item, idea, or concept, and describe its pros and cons to your followers. In the end, ask them to share their opinion. This will allow you to gather comments.
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Discuss the trends

When you know your audience and their preferences, it will be easier for you to connect with them on many levels. One of the ideas to become closer is to talk about the trends and most discussed events in your niche (or in general). There is always something trendy going on and you can express your opinion about it and ask your channel members to share theirs.

Related topics to your niche

Bloggers who complain that there are no ideas for content just don’t look around. There’s always something to write about. Try to initiate the discussion about something related to your niche, and if it doesn’t bring the desired results, just move to another idea.

User-generated content

This is the content that your users create instead of you. It can be a review, a comment, a photo – anything that your channel members or clients share with you. Of course, don’t forget to ask their permission to use their messages and photos before publishing.
If you didn’t get enough subscribers yet, don’t give up working on your blog. In the beginning, you may even buy Telegram members to get the strong base for further development.

Motivation quotes or pictures

Another great idea for the morning post or traditional publication. Quotes are the best and the easiest way to inspire people, make them think or laugh, cheep them up, and motivate to do something. And the best part that quotes are suitable for any type of blog – from educational to entertaining.

Help desk

This is the post when you encourage your followers to help each other: give them the topic and let the discussion begin. It can be anything – from simple things like choosing a movie for the evening or recommending the countries to visit during the upcoming vacation to sharing what they feed their pets with. You may not even stick to your niche. Any trendy topic will result in long and heated discussion.

Show your values

Sometimes, you can step aside from your niche and stop broadcasting only the useful information and reveal a bit more about your values and life choices. Showing the things that are important to you, you get closer to your followers and understand if you share the same values and life principles.
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