Get more members with one post

Get more members with one post

How to get more Telegram members with only one post

The recent statistics (2022) show that about 55.2 million people open Telegram daily. There is definitely your audience among this insane amount of visitors! So if you aren’t there yet, it’s time to create a channel and write your first post! And we’re going to share how you can get more Telegram members with it.
Depending on your niche and popularity in other social networks, you can choose the most appropriate way to write your introductory post. We are just going to tell you a few tips of squeezing the most out of it and attracting new members for the channel right away.
Without further ado, let’s find out what you begin with!

4 top ways to write your first post

The fear of unknown is familiar to anyone who started getting serious with blogging. Especially, on a new social media platform. Telegram is fairly unfamiliar app that most people use for messaging purposes only. However, it can be a great replacement of Instagram.
If you, like thousands, of others don’t know where to begin, choose among one of the following post ideas to introduce yourself:
·       Introductory post – you explain what you’re going to post in your channel.
·       Navigation menu – great idea for easing search for your members
·       The ending of the post you published on another social media
·       Valuable tips
And now, let’s discuss these ideas in detail.

How to introduce yourself as an expert

A classic way to begin is to tell about yourself and why you created the channel. Are you aspiring web developer who strives to share knowledge with the others? Or maybe you’re an experienced trader with hundreds of ways to raise money. Don’t be shy: convince people that you’re the best in what you do. Telling the audience about your background or even sharing a story of your success is a top idea for the introductory post.
Such a publication will definitely get a lot of views because people are always interested in a person behind the screen. However, reactions and comments may be lower than expected. Use a reliable Telegram panel to boost activity under this post. GlobalSMM has everything you need for promotion: we can increase the number of views for any publication, add more reactions, and even random comments in the chosen language.

Creating a navigation menu

This is a wonderful option for those who is ready to post a handful of publications. Navigation allows you to introduce the topics and hashtags you plan to use. By the way, such a post can also be a good nudge: you will have to post at least one publication for every hashtag. Otherwise, half of the members will leave the channel when finding nothing.
If some of your publications receive less attention than expected, buy Telegram post views for better leveling. Don’t forget about weekly analysis – when your audience is not interested in what you do, choose another topic.

Intriguing post will help you get more Telegram members

This is one of the best ways to get attention to your channel since the very beginning. The more people comment, repost, and read your publication – the better!
There are two types of intrigue you can create:
1.     Hype. When choosing this as your first post, be careful. It’s impossible to predict the reaction of people who will be seeing and commenting your publication. But at least, you’ll get all attention you needed for promotion.
2.     Ending of your post in another social media. This kind of posts is suitable for bloggers who want to lure their current audience to a new platform. The technique is simple as ABC: you write a post on Instagram, share  a video on YouTube, etc, and invite people to find the ending of this story on Telegram.
Sometimes, such publication may not bring the desired effect. In this case, think of changing strategy. You can either delete the failed post or use Telegram promotion services to make it look popular.

Is it reasonable to give away value right away?

One of the obvious methods to get more Telegram members is to share valuable information. Yes, that’s it. Helpful or educational content is highly appreciated by Telegram users. Unlike mindlessly scrolling Instagram Stories, Telegram positions itself as a serious platform for self-development, education, and learning more.
When your channel is helpful since its creation day, people will be naturally joining your community and sharing your posts with their friends. Thus, you’ll get more recognition and grow faster. Of course, easier said than done. There are multiple accounts full of priceless information but they are not popular at all.
The key to writing valuable posts is to understand the problems and habits of your target audience. Whether it’s hobby, craft, or business, make list of topics you can cover and introduce them to your followers one by one. Check how they react and buy Telegram post views if your publications receive less attention than expected.

4 tips to make your first publication on Telegram stronger

Even if you’ve prepared an ideal publication, there will always be ways to refine it. While your channel is relatively new, users will have you under their microscope. Don’t give them any chance to hit the “leave this channel” button. Otherwise, you might need to use services of a Telegram panel a bit more often.
Here’s what you can do to improve your posts:
1.     Format the text and make easier to read: passages, links, emojis, bold and italic texts. Telegram offers plenty of options for creating a visually pleasant publication.
2.     Use the hook in the first sentence. Strong beginning will make people read your information until the end.
3.     Enable comments. This will make communication more intimate and boost your statistics. Users will be happy to give their feedback, and you’ll get the necessary info to improve your channel.
4.     Check grammar and spelling. To maintain professional image, you have to write without obvious mistakes. Luckily, there are many resources and websites that can help with checking grammar and spelling errors.
Now, you know how to begin your career on Telegram and make better publications that attract people. With these tips, you can launch your channel like a pro from the very first post! Keep up the good work! And don’t forger to use Telegram promotion services if you feel like losing the interest of your followers.