Enable Stories with premium members Telegram

Enable Stories with premium members Telegram

Full guide to activate channel Stories with premium members Telegram

Telegram channels have got a big update, and it seems like it didn’t make many bloggers and channel owners happy. While the messenger creators announced the addition of new features (like the Story feature for channels), at the same time, they added a bit of headache to everyone who don’t have a bunch of premium members Telegram to ask for help.
The main problem is that premium accounts are playing a huge role in channels promotion in this messenger. Without help of such users, it has become hard to stand out and attract organic followers – the boosting algorithms prefer blogs with a massive amount of premium accounts. However, it doesn’t mean that a modest channel with 0 users like this will now be forgotten.
In this article, we will share how to activate the Stories feature even if you don’t have a single premium user in your blog.

What is Telegram Boost and how it works

The main notion for all channel owners this year is a boost. The idea behind this is simple: users give votes to the channel and they like. When a channel gets enough “boosts”, its owner ma start sharing Stories – one additional Story for each gained level. It may seem easy but there’s one tiny “but” – ordinary accounts without premium subscription cannot vote, and only premium accounts can activate the Stories feature.
Naturally, it created a certain dilemma among bloggers – in order to get boost for Telegram channel, many of them use SMM providers. It’s the quickest and easiest way to obtain the coveted feature and start posting Stories on behalf of a channel. In addition, it’s possible to buy premium members Telegram – their presence will improve the blog’s position on Telegram search. The channel with numerous premium users gets to the top of ranking.

Everything about activating channel Stories

The possibility to post Stories for channels was activated on September 22, 2023. But this feature remains “locked” for everyone by default. In order to enable Stories, you need to buy Telegram boosts – 0.1% of the total amount of subscribers you have.
Premium subscription allows every user to give one vote per day to any channel upon his choice. One user = one boost, that’s it. There’s of course a possibility to find many Premium members and ask them to give their votes to your channel, but here’s a cheaper and quicker option. Go to GlobalSMM and get all quality services from premium accounts: we now have channel Stories activation and other services – buy premium members, post views, and reactions to make your blog visually appealing.

What so special about Telegram Stories?

Stories are a tool that initially got its popularity on Instagram, and many other social media networks decided to adopt this feature. For a business or bloggers, it can be a great way to connect with the audience. However, before diving into the world of Telegram Stories, it’s important to know how this feature differs from Instagram Stories:
·       Stories on Telegram can be edited after publication.
·       You can edit photos and videos for your Stories, there are many tools in the messenger. Instagram has only effects and filters.
·       In Telegram stories, you can’t tag accounts and add a geo location.
·       Links on Telegram Stories are not allowed, but it’s possible to add them in the description.
·       Creation of collages and boomerangs is not supported on Telegram.
·       There are no interactive stickers for Telegram Stories.
·       Stories on Instagram disappear after 24 hours. On Telegram, a creator can choose how long the story will “live”: 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours.
Can’t wait to try this new feature of your blog? Go to GlobalSMM and buy premium members Telegram and boosts for your channel! We have special services that can help you unlock this feature within a day!

How to get boost for Telegram channel?

When you get a certain percentage of boosts from subscribers with Telegram premium subscription, you’ll reach the first level. It will allow you to post one Story. For each new level you will get the ability to publish one additional Story on behalf of the channel per day.
For example, if your channel has 800 thousand readers, you will need more than 800 premium members Telegram who vote for your blog via special link. As soon as the required number of boosts is collected, the channel will get to the first level with one Story per day. When transitioning to the second level (x2 votes, which in our example – 1,600), the channel gets to the second level, ans you can publish 2 Stories, and with the third — 3, etc. Of course, this number seems unattainable even for reputable and popular blogs, but with our SMM panel provider, every bloggers gets a chance to unlock the Stories feature and become closer to their readers.

How else premium members Telegram can help a channel

Search on Telegram has always been a nightmare – for both readers and content creators. However, the chaotic system based on the number of subscribers is replaced with a brand-new approach. And apparently, judging by how the messenger developers updated the mechanisms for ranking channels in search results, it’s now vital not only to get boost for Telegram channel but also to buy premium members. Now the channels that have the most subscribers with a paid subscription will be ranked first during the search.
These are not all innovations and modification that are related the search function. There is something else you need to know: this rule affects not only the status of channel members, but also the quantity of users with a subscription that follow too many channels. If a person is subscribed to a huge number of blogs, then his subscription will not improve the situation much. This means that such channel members will play a way lesser role when it comes the search results.

Final thoughts on how to use premium members Telegram

Whether you personally like or dislike new functions and rules on the popular messenger, they are unlikely to go anywhere. The app is always evolving, and now, its creators gave more power and a bigger role to those who paid for subscription. These users can significantly impact the channels’ promotion without basically doing anything or paying extra.
While not every blog has enough premium users to activate Stories or get a better search optimization, it’s all possible with a cheap SMM provider panel. For every problem, there’s a solution, and now, you can buy Telegram boosts and enable Stories feature in your blog before many other people do the same. It will give a competitive advantage and certainly make your channel stand out!