Effective strategy in a Hamster Kombat guide

Effective strategy in a Hamster Kombat guide

Full Hamster Kombat guide: how to play viral Telegram game

More than 150 million of Telegram users are captivated by a new online game uniquely directly in the messenger – Hamster Kombat. In just 3 months, this project has gathered a huge audience and now, the majority of these people are constantly glued to their phones to turn a hamster into a real crypto boss. The reason for this madness is simple — the creators of this game promise players a free distribution of cryptocurrency! Want to join the party and earn easy money? Check our Hamster Kombat guide to learn all the secrets behind this game!
The game begins in a quite simple manner: there’s a hamster in the center of your screen and you have to press on its belly to earn coins. These coins can be used to buy upgrades: special cards that tap on the screen for you, which allows users to generate even more in-game currency. Later, as Hamster Kombat listing date is announced, lucky players who earned their millions will be able to exchange these coins for real money.

Basic rules of earning crypto in the game

At the first level, your task is to tap on a hamster. That’s how you earn coins. When you only start, there’s much Hamster Kombat strategy – it’s mostly tapping. One tap earns you one coin. It is also necessary to monitor the energy because it is drained with each tapping.
The level of the energy can be restored but there are certain limitations:
·         free restoration is possible only 6 times a day;
·         you can’t do it more often than once in an hour;
·         you need to buy boosts to restore energy faster.
The main task of the game is to reach level 10. To reach a new level, you need to collect a specific number of in-game coins, but don’t think it’ll be like a walk in the park. The number of currency you need to unlock the next stage of the game is getting significantly bigger with each level.
There are 10 levels. To find yourself at the second level, it is enough to earn 5,000 coins. But for the final level, you will have to collect 100 million coins. The level also has an impact on the number of coins you get per tap.
You can level up faster is you use numerous tricks and possibilities. For example, Global-SMM can help you get 25,000 bonus for each referral. Buy our Hamster Kombat referrals service and become the most powerful hamster in the game.

Selling the earnings: when is Hamster Kombat listing date?

One of the reasons why so many people are obsessed with the game is the chance to earn real crypto. The project creators talk a lot about listing a Hamster Kombat coin (new cryptocurrency), which you can buy with what you earn in the game. Later, this crypto can be used like any other coin – to make purchase or exchange it into fiat money or other coins.
While millions of people are using all the strategies to reach  the final level as fast as possible, the talk about the possible Hamster Kombat listing date is not dying down. The release of this hamster cryptocurrency on the crypto exchange should be announced any time soon. Among potential dates, the creators of the project name June or July, meaning the “miners” have the final opportunity to get their in-game income and if you want to be one of them, it’s time to hurry up.

Secret strategy from our Hamster Kombat guide: increase your winnings

As you progress in the game, you won’t have to constantly tap on the screen to boost your hamster.  Gradually, you begin to receive passive income. In order to boost your chances of getting passive income, you need to buy cards. Moreover, the game creators encourage players not to use the currency on different in-game options. However, even with passive income, your presence in the bot is needed. It is also important to log into the game every 2 hours (if you do not do this, then coins stop coming to your balance).
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How to earn more coins?

Players have to develop their own exchange and upgrade it to get more profit, and of course, as in real life, a question about earning more Hamster Kombat coins arises. Coins are accumulated through active mining (clicking on a hamster’s belly) and with the help of in-game boosting options (it requires you to log into the game every 3 hours).
One of the main secrets that people don’t know because they worry about their crypto balance is that players should increase their profit per hour instead of accumulating coins. Why not many players know about this? Because Hamster Kombat includes elements of competition with other players for leadership and receiving virtual rewards. Luckily, you got this useful Hamster Kombat guide and now can take your performance in the game to a new level.

Finals remarks on the most viral Telegram game

From the first look, the game looks simple: click on a hamster and get cryptocurrency for it. In any case, this game does not involve the purchase of any items or paid subscriptions. So the worst thing that can be lost so far is your time, especially if the listing is not happening and the players won’t be getting their money. Since no one is able to give a clear answer, no need to lose hope. Adopt the most effective Hamster Kombat strategy with Global-SMM and the tips we share and get real for the coin big launch.