Effective growth strategy with Telegram premium members

Effective growth strategy with Telegram premium members

Buy Telegram premium members and Boosts for a quick channel promotion

The ranking of Telegram channels in search results is updated once a week, and every blog has a chance to get to the top position. These constant changes and updates are happening because of the rapid development of the messenger. The platform tries to adapt to users’ preferences, and now, it’s the number of Telegram premium members in a channel that matters for promotion and visibility.
Before the big update in 2023, all blogs were ranked based on the number of followers. It’s been several months since channel owners buy premium Telegram members to improve the position in search results and see the real effect of cheap SMM services. It also helps to make more real users join the blog: when people see that the channel is active and popular, they will be more willing to subscribe.

Why promotion with Telegram premium members is the most effective?

One thing that unties all social media platforms is that people are not interested in an empty blog. Without subscribers and impression of value, the “herd instinct” does not work. A person may not subscribe to a newly found channel, even if they like the content. In this case, you can use SMM services. This will help you gain the subscribers for the channel, attract new people to your community, and also promote your blog in search results. But you need to understand that these fake followers are not going to do the main job – create valuable content and interact with the audience. They mostly serve as an additional help for a struggling blog.
Buying premium members for a Telegram channel will be beneficial for both newly created channels and blogs with an impressive number of followers. A significant number under the channel name will make it clear to other users that this account is interesting and worth paying attention to.

Boosts for a channel – exclusive offer of a cheap premium Telegram panel

Premium users can cast their votes for their favorite channel every 24 hours. Initially, only 1 vote was given to every user, but since November 2023, the number of votes depends on the length of the premium subscription. In order for a channel to start receiving boosts, its owner must publish a special link inviting Telegram premium members to boost his blog. By clicking on it, subscribers can vote for the channel they want to boost.
When a channel gains a certain number of boosts (0.1% of the number of subscribers to reach level 1), it’s given new opportunities. The higher the level, the more privileges. The main privileges that boosts can give:
1.      Publishing Stories (temporary content that lasts 48 hours) on behalf of the channel. The number of the level equals to the number of Stories a channel owner can post per day.
2.      Increased limits. With leveling up, a channel owner gets more possibilities like bigger length of a post, more characters in description, increased number of links and pinned messages. If Stories aren’t something you need, these advantages may be helpful.
3.      Unique design: upon reaching level 10, a channel can surprise readers with updates, for example, it will be possible to change the background of a channel.

How Telegram boosts can help make a channel better

Channel owners buy Boosts mostly to unlock the Stories feature. They help attract attention and enhance the interaction of the channel’s author with the audience. It also becomes clear to other users (those who didn’t vote or can’t do it because they don’t have a paid membership in the messenger) that other subscribers appreciate the content in the blog. Again, it’s good for “herd instinct.”
Boosts also allows getting new tools to improve and promote the channel, especially because of Stories that increase engagement. As it was announced, in the future, Boosts can affect the visibility and recommendations of channels in Telegram. To collect more Boosts, channel owners use different strategies but none of them is that effective as buying this service from a cheap premium Telegram panel. You are not risking anything because Boosts are 100% real. In addition, there is no way to find out whether a certain user voted for your channel for a reward or it was just a voluntarily act to support your blog.

Where to buy premium Telegram members for a cheap price

Premium SMM services for Telegram is the most best-selling option for channel owners and bloggers who want to promote their blog. You can get the most quick and quality promotion of your channel if you buy premium Telegram members from Global-SMM, a reliable provider that already helped hundreds of channels to grow and increase visibility.
Our cheap premium Telegram panel offers affordable and time-tested SMM services to completely change your blog and make it better. We have the whole set of necessary options for full promotion strategy:
·         post views and automatic post views;
·         reactions for publications;
·         comments;
·         non-drop premium services we have described above.

Final thoughts of a channel promotion after you buy premium members

Telegram search arranges the channels depending on the number of people with premium subscription in them. The big ones are no longer at the top, and this helps new blogs and small channels attract people and grow several times without spending months on promotion and advertising. You don’t need to think twice before realizing that now is the best time to embrace a new promotion strategy and buy premium members for a channel. You will notice the first results in 7-10 days, and it will take you and your blog to a whole new level of success. Go to Global-SMM  website and order cheap SMM services today – make a tangible contribution to your future.