Earn real money with Hamster Kombat Telegram game

Earn real money with Hamster Kombat Telegram game

How to earn real money with Hamster Kombat Telegram game

Unless you’re living under a rock, you may have heard about the Hamster Kombat Telegram game and even tried to earn your first crypto coins. Whether it’s a reliable opportunity to become rich or another bubble – time will tell soon enough. The game runs on the TON blockchain platform developed by the creators of Telegram, and its credibility to the whole thing. The project was launched in April, but gained the peak of its popularity only recently when the chat about Hamster coin listing has begun.
By now, more than 150 million users of the messenger are mining coins with the hamster game, and this number continues to grow. Word of mouth and constant mentioning on social media helps in many ways because players need to share referral links to earn more Hamster Kombat coins. Even if you’re too late to the party, it’s not too late to start playing this game because Global-SMM has a secret recipe of how to get more coins and potentially earn a lot of money in the future.

How to play the Hamster clicker game?

The project acquired popularity thanks to simple rules. Basically, you don’t need to do much to see coins flowing onto your account – it’s a free clicker game. All you need to start is have an account on Telegram and use the bot named Hamster Kombat. It works only in the mobile app, and browser version is not supported.
In order to get more in-game currency (coins), users need to login daily and click on a hamster. There are additional options, which allow collecting even more earnings. For example, you can view ads or subscribe to other channels. But the best strategy to get as much currency as possible is to create referral links for other messenger users who are not playing the game yet. You can also increase your chances by buying Hamster Kombat referrals from our platform. It’s a safe and secure way to boost your earnings in the game without doing anything.

Main rules of Hamster Kombat game and earnings

When you only begin your journey as Hamster CEO, you will have to tap your fingers on the screen — for each tap, your hamster gives you coins. Gradually, especially when using bonuses, the cost of each tap will increase. There is also the energy indicator: when the energy is low, you need to wait a little until it recovers to continue tapping. You can also buy upgrade cards that automatically earn coins every hour. If you close the messenger, the game will automatically continue earn you coins for 3 hours. After that, you need to log in and continue tapping.
The game creators also offer additional rewards: every time you open the bot, view ads, and send referral links to friends. As you can see, there are many options to advance in the Hamster Kombat Telegram game and see a pleasant sum on your balance. The game coins have no use in real life as for now but you can spend them in the game to upgrade faster. Different bonuses allow you to move to other levels faster, and also give you greater efficiency – for example, 2 coins per tap instead of 1.

When Hamster Kombat coin listing is coming?

As we’ve mentioned above, the in-game currency has no value in real life. You can’t use it, for example, to pay for Telegram premium subscription or outside the bot with the game. However, the game developers assure that the Hamster Kombat coin will soon be listed on the stock exchange. Then it will be possible to transform all your earnings in real money.
The reason why so many people are attracted to this game is the chance of turning the in-game coins into real crypto very soon. It is necessary to wait for the Hamster Coin to hit the exchange, which is expected in June or July 2024. Of course, don’t expect to wake up a billionaire once you can swap the coins for real money – the audience of the game already exceeds 150 millions, and most of them will rush to digital platforms to sell the earned currency. So far, focus on getting more earnings via bot with the help of Hamster Kombat service and check the updates from the game’s official channel on Telegram.

Get your chances to earn more coins with Global-SMM

Players are attracted by the opportunity to get real money as a result of performing simple actions, and no wonder that some of them already made millions playing the game. Despite being seemingly simple, the game may drain a lot of your time and energy, especially with many available functions and options that help you to earn.
Global-SMM values your time and offers you to order Hamster Kombat referrals, our own in-game accounts that will perform all necessary actions and earn you a 25,000 bonus for each referral. The creators promise to list a cryptocurrency called on the exchange in June/July and you need to be fully ready to this opportunity to earn real cash by doing basically nothing. Use our Hamster Kombat service to increase your profit before it’s too late!

Conclusion: real and easy income with Hamster Kombat game

Hamster Kombat game is a great entertainment for those who are just getting to know the world of cryptocurrencies and want to make easy money. While the world is captivated by this project, the listing date is approaching, which means a real chance to earn some money. Improve your chances with Global-SMM! And if you need quality promotion of your social media, you can also check our cheap SMM services.