Drop of Instagram likes

Drop of Instagram likes

Drop of Instagram likes: the harsh reality of 2022

It’s general knowledge that success on social media can be measured by the number of likes and followers. You’re working hard on promoting your account but does it feel like the amount of Instagram likes keeps only dropping? Yes, that’s right. In 2022, users of this platform noticed a significant drop in activity under posts.
What has happened?
Technically, if the number of Instagram followers didn’t change, you may blame one of the following reasons:
·     you have ghost followers
·     people lose interest in what you do
·     followers muted your account because you post too much
·     the main activity moved to stories and reels
In this article, we will share our thoughts on the ever-changing algorithms of social media networks and give you several useful tips on how to get more likes and views with the help of SMM services for Instagram.

What are some most important Instagram statistics right now?

Instagram is a dynamically evolving platform – it adapts to the current global trends, which creates plenty of inconveniences and obstacles for ordinary users.
In the beginning, it was just an app for sharing photos at the moment. Right now, it’s home to world-class brands (like Prada, Gucci, or Balenciaga) and small businesses, including personal blogs, services, and shops. And they all crave the audience's attention. Well, you have obviously tried to boost your account with free methods and cheap SMM services but see that habitual routine doesn’t lead to success anymore.
The main focus of Instagram algorithms (as well as its users) has shifted to Reels (short TikTok-like videos) and stories. With the introduction of the smart feed, fewer and fewer users keep scrolling it. So if your post doesn’t pop up somewhere at the top, it will get fewer Instagram likes.

4 tips on how to get users’ attention

There are so many general recommendations on how to get more likes and followers. However, more than 70% of them are outdated. GlobalSMM shares the most recent information on social media development.
Here are 4 tips that can help you see more likes under your posts.
1.   Add the right hashtags. We’ve already written a lot about it so let’s not waste time on retelling what has been said. If you need step-by-step instructions, check this article.
2.   Tag brands on your posts.
3.   Post a collab. It’s a recently added kind of partnership, which allows you to create a joint post or Reel with any other user. How is it beneficial for you? All comments and likes from 2 groups of users will be shared by you and your co-author.
4.   Use SMM services for Instagram. Nothing can boost your activity as a good old social media panel. It can be a source of likes, views, and followers. And as we know, the more likes you have the bigger attention you get.
Bonus tip: if you’re not afraid of little hype, use a viral topic or trend. People will surely notice your post and come to your page to give the coveted activity. Be prepared, though, you may not like or agree with everything they write.

Cheap SMM services for improving engagement

No matter how hard you try and how many free methods you use, the best way to improve statistics on Instagram is to buy likes and followers from the cheapest social media panel. It will give you the basics. The rest is up to you.
GlobalSMM is a reliable and affordable service that can quickly “fine-tune” your account. We have 299 services and the majority of them are designed for Instagram. We have already adjusted to all your needs and requirement so all you need to do is to select the desired service, pay for it and enjoy the result.
Here’s a range of Instagram services we offer:
·     Instagram likes
·     followers
·     saves
·     post reaches and impressions
·     profile visits
·     comments
·     story views
·     IGTV and Reel views
Why choose GlobalSMM among all SMM services for Instagram? Hang on a little longer, and we will tell you everything about the advantages of working with us.

GlobalSMM – your cheapest social media panel

With the trust of 1.9 million active users and 6.9 million total orders, GlobalSMM can be called the best service for promoting social media accounts. Our options are diverse and affordable. You can choose between quick growth (instant result and cheap cost) or quality services (non-drop).
Go to the page of services and choose what suits you the most. We provide general information about every option: rate per 1000, minimum and maximum order, average speed, and drop rate. Users from India, Iran, Turkey, the USA, and the Arabic countries can choose specific activities from the accounts registered in the above-mentioned countries.
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Our cheapest social media panel will add Instagram likes, followers, comments, and views. All you’ll need to do after is to keep promoting your account to attract real users. It’s possible with numerous free methods.

Getting Instagram likes without money

SMM services for Instagram can be quite useful if you also put in some effort and perform real actions. Uploading quality content and engaging your audience are two primary steps. Use plays in stories, keep a little drama, and ask questions.
On the Internet, you can find dozens of recommendations on Instagram promotions that don’t require you to pay a dime: hashtags, popular geotags, or tagging brands. However, they all will work only in combination with the SMM panel. Although, we have to admit that the drop rate of organic (real) likes on social media platforms will keep growing.

Final thoughts on the future of Instagram likes

There’s no need to worry if you see fewer likes under your posts than you’re used to. This is not actually your fault: Instagram algorithms change with time and we all need to adapt to them if we want to stay afloat. Good managing skills and cheap SMM services will be your best assistance on the way to success.