Buy fake members to grow a Telegram channel

Buy fake members to grow a Telegram channel

How To Buy Fake Telegram Members And Promote A Channel: Full Instruction


Telegram has proved its reputation in international market as a convenient, secure messenger, and another popular social network. With the new introductions and changes to the messenger, it suddenly got a new wave of hype, especially for channel administrators who want to promote their blogs. And the best part: it’s just enough to buy fake Telegram members with premium accounts to make that happen in 2024.


So, why use these paid tactics instead of growing organically (or as some people would say – honestly)? First of all, let’s be clear: it saves tons of precious time. Manual promotion also pays off, but it takes a lot of time and many nuances must be taken into account – sending out invitation links to a channel, buying advertising publications on other channels, inviting friends to a group, and so on. It is a long and monotonous job, which doesn’t guarantee the same results as our cheap SMM panel Telegram.


Why buy cheap Telegram members for your channel?


When you struggle to get to the top of search and feel like your blog doesn’t grow anymore, Telegram SMM services come to the rescue. Artificially increasing the number of subscribers, views, and, reactions, you can make a channel reach higher position in search and gain overall attractions among visitors. But how to buy Telegram members cheap and make sure they are safe for your blog? This is when you need to trust the professionals like GlobalSMM!


There are many similar services on the Internet, but few of them are reliable and give the expected results as our provider. We have been in this business for many years, and we know every aspect of the social media and its work. No matter what kind of boost you are looking for – more readers, long comments, post views, or reactions – we can deliver it fast and safely through our platform. Also, we are the first who introduced premium services to grow even a small channel.


Why you need premium services of a cheap SMM panel Telegram?


Some people believe that they only need SMM services at the initial stages of their blog promotion, for example, to gain an initial audience. However, recent changes on social media demonstrated us that the best strategy is to be adaptive: today, to stand out from the crowd of the similar blogs, you may want to buy Telegram votes (they can help you activate Stories for a channel) or get more premium members (to rise in ranks and reach the top of search).


The cost for the services is usually different. It mostly depends on the quality of services and the their duration. On the website of our cheap SMM panel Telegram, you will discover all necessary tools for a quick boost or long-time promotion.


How to buy cheap Telegram members safely?


The first (and main!) the rule is to NEVER boost an empty channel. If the admin has not taken care of the minimum units of content (at least 20 posts with some activity), then the Telegram creators will immediately realize that something is fishy here, and there is only one explanation for a large number of subscribers in the blog with no publication.


So, before you buy fake Telegram members, it is necessary to follow these steps:


  • create a channel/blog – with a name, description, and avatar;
  • publish content – at least 20 publications with pictures, videos, and external links;
  • simulate first activity – use SMM services to get small portions of subscribers, comments, reactions, and views;
  • invite at least a couple of real accounts (at least 10);
  • buy a promotion immediately after the posting new material.


If all the above steps are correctly executed, the Telegram channel or group will look authentic and will not be banned immediately for bulk purchase of cheap Telegram members in the future. The whole preparation process may take 1-2 weeks but it’s better to be cautious if you want prevent your channel from being blocked or shadow banned.


Premium services for Telegram promotion: accounts and boosts


When you decide to boost a blog with GlobalSMM, here’s what you need to understand. Despite their high quality, all new subscribers are still bots. Yes, they have premium accounts and avatars but they never create an activity on your channel. This is why when offering our clients premium members, we also automatically add post views from the same accounts – this looks even more authentic and real for the system.


Another premium service that may be potentially interesting for you is boosts for a channel. They are necessary to unlock Stories. As you know, only premium users can cast a vote, but there’s no problem – you can buy Telegram votes on our website.


Other services from our cheap SMM panel Telegram


When promoting a channel, we always recommend an integrated approach, which includes getting more than just must-haves for your blog:


  1. Telegram post views are one of the components of the channel’s popularity. It is impossible to react to any post without viewing a publication first. Meanwhile, the system takes into account not only the feedback from users, but also the views traffic. Buying this service is essential for a channel.


  1. Reactions are always in demand among the clients of SMM services. These emoticons, or emojis, added to the publications, allow bloggers to see feedback from users. With the help of reactions, people can vote and express their opinion on the publication. It’s also an indicator of channel’s success.


  1. Comments are one of the main aspect of the channel’s attractiveness to subscribers and newcomers. Everyone loves to read others’ opinions or add theirs. When you buy comments from GlobalSMM, this helps to improve the channel statistics and get real users interested in your publications and discussions they provoke.


As you can see, promotion is way wider and deeper than just cheap Telegram members. If you want to make your channel outstanding and gain real visibility, it’s worth investing in all the options. Luckily, our cheap SMM provider offers you reliable and affordable services.




Promotion a channel with fake members, post views, and reactions is a must-have in the competitive environment of social media. To speed up the process of your growth, frequently and consistently buy Telegram members cheap. A cheap panel will take of this, and the task of the channel admin will be just to keep the interests of real users. For this, it is necessary to write and publish high-quality content on relevant topics.