Boost Telegram channel ranking with premium members

Boost Telegram channel ranking with premium members

Top way to boost Telegram channel ranking and become No.1 on search

If you opened this article, this means that you’re struggling with making your blog on Telegram more popular and visible. You’re not alone in this. Ever since the recent updates, channel owners have tried many options and methods, trying to boost Telegram channel ranking and get to the top position in search.
As we’ve learned from the creators of the messenger, the ranking in search is mainly based on the number of followers with premium accounts. But if you think that you can simply skyrocket to the first lines on search query if you buy Telegram channel subscribers, it’s not that simple. As it turned out, other factors such as view count or channel age matter too. While only the developers know the exact way their algorithm works, we can reveal some secrets of boosting a channel higher on search.

Criteria by which Telegram algorithm ranks channels on search

Purchasing channel members and activity will not be enough as there is actual work that you need to additionally do. Getting visibility in the messenger in 2024 is a complex process that consists of multiple steps:
1.      Number of followers with premium subscription
Total subscribers count stop being the main factor having an impact on search results. Whether a blog has 50k followers or only 5k, it has equal chances to reach the top position on search. Since the big update on September 2023, the messenger ranks those channels that have the most number of Telegram premium members.
2.      Keywords in the channel title
You need to review your channel title so it will contain the keyword you are trying to rank for. For example, if you’re trying to rank for “movies for free”, you need to have words “movies” and “free” in your title for the ranking algorithm.
3.      Keywords in the channel description
The same goes for the channel description. This part is probably the most important ranking factor for the messenger’s ranking algorithm. You need to add a detailed description that includes the keywords that you are intending to rank for.
4.      Channel age
It’s not mentioned anywhere but the messenger takes into account the date when a blog was created. Obviously, the older the channel, the more likely it is to appear in search results. However, it doesn’t mean that new blogs have no chances to become No.1 on search – you can still benefit from SMM services of cheap premium Telegram panel and improve your chances for success.
5.      The relevancy of publications
Your content (all types of posts – text, video, or photos) must contain the relevant keywords. Add captions to all videos and photos you upload as well because the algorithms detect only texts when ranking channels.
6.      Regular update of channel’s materials (frequent publications)
In order for the channel to become attractive to Telegram ranking algorithm, you must publish new material on a regular basis.

Why you need to buy Telegram channel subscribers with premium membership

With premium users on your channel, the possibility to be ranked among the first in your niche significantly increases. Even the creators of the messenger announced that attracting more users with a paid membership is the best way to promote a blog in 2024. However, the also mentioned that their influence on boosting the blog will decrease if such Telegram premium members have joined numerous others blogs.
If you’re seeking a possible solution to this obstacle, don’t hesitate to buy Telegram channel subscribers from Global-SMM: all accounts we add to your channel will look like real (with avatars) and be non-drop for the whole chosen period (from 7 days and more).

A few secret tricks to boost Telegram channel ranking

Texts and captions to photos and videos can affect search results. The keywords you use in posts and captions will help search engines understand what your content is about. This may increase the likelihood of your content to be shown when users are searching for relevant queries.
Add hashtags to posts to attract additional traffic from the search and start using thematic tags in new publications. Hashtag is a keyword with # before (make sure not add space between symbol and a word). There is no announced limit on the amount of added tags, but it is better not to misuse this feature. 3-5 keywords added as hashtags will be enough.
Add keywords and tags to some old posts you have on the channel. You don’t need to edit them all.  Work on the most popular publications that have a lot of views and reactions. Users who find your posts thanks to these tags may want to join your channel after they read one of your best posts.

Develop the right strategy to promote a Telegram channel

In the end, we want to give you a brief instruction on how to boost Telegram channel ranking. Pay attention to the following important aspects:
·         The name should be short, easy to remember, and reflect the theme you’re covering.
·         The profile picture should also match the niche and be memorable and attractive.
·         In the description of the channel, you need to clearly indicate its topic and keywords.
·         The regularity of publications is very important for real users and algorithms. Determine the publication frequency and try to stick to it. It is also important to monitor the quality of the content that you publish. It should be interesting, useful, and relevant.
·         Interaction with the audience plays a crucial role as well. Respond to comments, repost the best replies into your feed, make surveys, and encourage them to stay active.
In general, if you stick to this list of steps and be regularly buying premium subscribers, post views, and reactions from a cheap premium Telegram panel, you will quickly see the positive changes such a better ranking in your niche and new followers joining you every day.