A new growth strategy on Instagram

A new growth strategy on Instagram

Is it really possible to increase reach with cheap SMM services?


The number of likes and followers still has a huge impact on the success of your Instagram account. While users pay attention to these visible metrics, the platform itself cares about other things. If you want your content to be seen by new people, use cheap SMM services to boost the reach of your posts.


Ever since the abrupt change in Instagram promotion, it has been hard to attract a new audience and make old users like your posts. Most bloggers still worry about a low number of likes and comments, but the thing is – you look in the wrong place.


You can certainly get more followers on Instagram from a cheap SMM provider but that will be just a facade for people. To hack the algorithms and make your posts appear on the Explore page, you need to focus on improving your reach and engagement.


Let’s see how you can do it!


Getting noticed: what is reach and how it works


Social media reach shows how many individuals see your content. Numerous factors influence this metric: hashtags, location, time of publication, quality of photo/video, and the number of likes, comments, saves, and shares.


In 2022, Instagram values interaction and tracks the amount of time people spend on your page. With each new view, like, comment, share, and save, your post becomes more valuable for algorithms. Thus, it is shown to a wider audience – people that don’t follow you yet but are interested in the same topics.


That’s why it’s better to stick to the strategy: quality over quantity. Polish every publication until it’s perfect and matches the above-mentioned criteria. Leave your burning desire to blindly increase followers on Instagram aside and track the reach of every publication, video, and Story you share. If what you see is not satisfying, use a panel for Instagram followers to improve these metrics.


How cheap SMM services become a game-changer


Organic reach and engagement are deep down in history. New Instagram is profit-oriented, greedy for money, and supportive of those who can pay for ads. However, you don’t have to pay Mark Z and Co for promotion. A panel for Instagram followers is a way cheaper option and it does more than add followers and likes!


Just like every other product, social media services improve and offer new options for bloggers. GlobalSMM currently has about 500 SMM services for all social networks, including Instagram. You can choose the most suitable option, depending on your needs and budget. No more worries about poor engagement – with a reliable Instagram panel, you can refine your account in seconds!


Here are 3 top services that everyone needs in 2022.


Views for Reels


Ever looked at some video and thought “how the heck did he get so many people to watch this?”. Well, apart from creating a really captivating scenario, maybe hiring an expert (so you don’t do all editing and research alone), and choosing trendy music, promote your Reel by buying views in bulk.


With GlobalSMM, the engagement of your Reels and other video content (IGTV) will skyrocket. This is crucial for promotion – today, most followers find your account through hashtags OR Reels. The results of such investment will quickly pay off, however, you need to consistently post useful and engaging videos to keep your audience interested.


Likes and reach for publications


A combo-offer from the GlobalSMM provider – get two services in one order! You can get up to 50,000 likes (but we remind you to be moderate at first). The drop rate is low (up to 10%). Try this service from GlobalSMM and watch how your publication gets viral.


This service will help you fill two needs with one deed: you nudge algorithms to promote your post because of its high reach and get more followers on Instagram because they see how popular your publication is.


This is one of the best-selling services currently. You can find it on the list of our offers under number 139. Use the search bar to quickly find this option.


Reach and impressions from hashtags


Not adding hashtags is a crucial mistake: it’s a great way to get more impressions for free and attract potential followers. We’ve talked a lot about the importance of this tool in our blog so make sure to check all previous articles.


Here are several convincing reasons to add hashtags to each publication:


·     useful for categorization (e.g. #mybookreview tells people what your blog is about);

·     irreplaceable for discovering new accounts (e.g. #booklover or #personalgrowth);

·     they help to expand reach if you use the correct tags;

·     they promote all types of content (Stories and Reels as well).


How can a panel for Instagram followers help you get more impressions? With the new service, of course! Open the GlobalSMM service list and type 90 in a search bar. This is the service that is aimed to increase your reach and impressions. Make sure to add at least one hashtag to your publication.


Safety issues: is it okay to use cheap SMM services?


Using a platform for adding followers and likes is totally safe and legal. Moreover, if you partner with reliable providers, like GlobalSMM, there won’t be any worries about privacy. We never ask for your passwords and other personal data. To use our cheap SMM services, you need to register on the website and provide us the link to the post you plan to boost.


Bonus: 3 simple ways to increase engagement on Instagram for free


We’ve already shared 9 tips to improve your performance on Instagram in our recent article but it’s never enough, right? Every week is like a new challenge (because God only knows what Insta developers will think of this time) and you have to be flexible and adapt to all changes.


It may be difficult to grow on Instagram without cheap SMM services: the competition is enormous! Go to the GlobalSMM website and start growing today. Also, check these 3 free strategies for improving your content:


1.   Engagement bait. Urge people to interact with your content through likes, reactions, comments, and votes.

2.   Keep it short. People don’t have time for your lyrics. Do your research and present facts briefly.

Feed the need. Before you hit “post”, ask yourself “What does my audience get?”. Satisfying the needs of followers should be your top priority.