9 tactics to get more followers on Instagram

9 tactics to get more followers on Instagram

Use these tactics to get more followers on Instagram in 2022

Growing on Instagram is tricky because the rules of the game change quite fast. Social media wants to follow all current trends but it’s the bloggers who suffer from these innovations. If you feel lost in this promotion game, read this article to understand how to get more followers on Instagram.
We won’t reinvent the Universe but show simple and working tactics that will guarantee the stable growth of your account. From free methods of promotion to an SMM panel for Instagram – we gathered everything that might help you attract more people organically.
Make sure to try every single one of these tactics and you’ll notice the result!

Switch your account to a business profile

Let’s begin with the very basic rule. You can’t really think of promoting an account if it’s not switched to a business profile. Go to Settings and select the proper description that matches what you’re doing – Personal Blog, Shop, etc.
Why this step is important?
1.   It grants you access to the statistics – you’ll be able to do a better analysis of the users’ actions and see other important metrics.
2.   It tells the app that you aren’t just a private account created to share photos with family and friends.
3.   It increases your chances to get on the Explore page (since Instagram promotes only business accounts).
Once this step is complete, it’s time to create a profile that everyone would want to follow.

Show people the reason to follow you

One of the main ways to increase followers on Instagram is to tell people that they need you! How do you do it on social media? By smart self-presentation, of course.
In the case of Instagram, nothing works better as a bio of your profile. It’s the first thing people read when they land on your page – and you have a chance to make this first impression truly unforgettable.
What should you add to your bio? Anything that will tell people why they should choose you among thousands of the same blogs. Do you offer practical advice on how to gain financial security because you’ve done it yourself? Do you read books on self-development and make weekly reviews? People desperately need life advice and they look for it online.

Add popular locations to your Stories, Reels, and posts

It may be not much of a secret but people keep forgetting about it. Such a trick will help you increase the reach (since people check posts from specific locations). As a result, some of the viewers may get interested in your blog and you’ll eventually get more followers on Instagram.
Consider adding geotags to Stories and posts if you:
·     live in a beautiful and touristy place;
·     traveled to a popular destination and use photos in your blog;
·     want to target the audience living in a specific place.

Boost your posts with an SMM panel for Instagram

Believing in organic growth in 2022 is quite a naive attitude. It’s still possible in some ways: for example when you add hashtags to your posts and Reels. However, every truly successful blog made it to the top thanks to a cheap SMM provider. Don’t hesitate to benefit from them as well.
With GlobalSMM, you can get any kind of promotion you need: order non-drop likes and comments for your publications, improve the reach, or increase views on your Stories and Reels. Our services are cheaper than other ways of promotion.

Select the right timing for posting

By publishing your content at the right time, you make sure to get more views and likes on Instagram. As you may know, the priority is given to the newest publications – when the user opens the app he sees the most recently added content. Knowing the time your audience is the most active, you’ll be able to get more followers on Instagram.
Analyze the behavior of followers in Settings and post your Stories and publications right before go they online. Typically, it’s nighttime (before everyone wakes up), lunch breaks (while everyone is eating), and early evening (when people leave the office).
Make an experiment and see how people react. Make notes and mark the best time for posting, judging by the behavior of your audience. If something goes wrong, you can always improve the stats with the help of an SMM panel for Instagram.

Benefit from user-generated content

Not many people actually use this trick but you can drastically increase followers on Instagram by using the audience you already have. Encourage users to tag the name of your profile in their Stories or posts, and their followers will be checking your page!
Don’t forget to thank every user who shares your content (in comments, DM, or by simply sharing their Story where they tagged you).

Don’t be afraid to experiment with formats

Sticking to one type of content is dangerous – our mind easily gets bored by repetitive things. Use all possibilities of Instagram to make your blog better and more interesting: Stories, Lives, Reels, and posts. Play with the style and presentation – see how followers react.
If the audience doesn’t meet your experiments with great enthusiasm, use an SMM panel for Instagram to improve the reach and stats for unpopular publications. GlobalSMM has almost 500 services – get more likes, views, saves, and even reach with us! And of course, learn from your mistakes.

Frequent interaction will help get more followers on Instagram

Instagram likes when users are active. If they check your Stories, like your posts, and willingly communicate with you in DMs, you may consider your blog full of life. The app will promote any content that users like.
Sometimes, followers don’t leave reactions even if the content is objectively great. You can improve the situation by using a cheap SMM provider. GlobalSMM offers you to buy all types of activities, including comments in several languages. Check our services to find out what we can do for you!

Weekly analysis of the result

Promotion consists of multiple aspects, and regular analysis is one of them. As a blogger, you can’t exclude this part. Seeing how people react to your Stories, posts, and Reels is a part of that job as well. If you really want to know why people come and go, schedule a weekly analysis – with a business profile, it’s easy to find all necessary info in Settings.
If you take promotion on social media seriously, don’t think of it as an easy path where the loyal audience will be constantly increasing. Growing is a hard process, but with quality content and a little help from an SMM panel for Instagram, you’ll be able to reach impressive results.