8 tricks to increase Telegram followers

8 tricks to increase Telegram followers

Use these 8 tricks and see how your Telegram followers increase

Telegram has gained popularity among bloggers in 2022. Due to frequent problems and constant crashes of Instagram and Facebook, blog owners massively moved to explore this platform. And since the basics are already familiar to the many, the only questions that is left is “how to get Telegram subscribers join your channel?”.
The problem is that Telegram is not a social network but a messenger for communication. Every person chooses what channel to join, there are no algorithms and ads sponsored posts that show your content to the potential audience. Together with a bunch of channel, Telegram users have chats with their friends or clients, so they are picky.
Grabbing and holding the attention is tremendously difficult. And here are 8 smart tricks to improve your blogging skills and see Telegram followers increase.

Always start posts with a strong hook

The feed on Telegram looks exactly like any other messenger – with previews of the first lines of messages. So your task is to come up with a strong first line to grab the attention of your audience. Plus, shocking or gripping beginnings make them open and read your post immediately, which will increase the number of views.
Of course, we aren’t talking about clickbait headlines that result in nothing. You don’t want to scare your subscribers away. If you have any doubts about your intro, answer the following questions:
1.     Is it intriguing enough? Do I want to learn the rest?
2.     Will the intro be explained in the post?
3.     Does the intro match the main text?

Keep the balance of personal and professional

Although Telegram is not for lifestyle content it wouldn’t hurt to share personal things in a professional manner. People tend to stay with bloggers who they related to (even if all that a blogger and Telegram members have in common is having a pet at home). Such things are not small, they allow you to build strong relationships with audience.
In general, 95% of your content should be useful and valuable. Leave the remaining 5% for personal content and don’t share it way too often. By the way, personal content in Telegram is not sharing the moments of your life but telling about your errors, mistakes, achievements, decisions, and actions as a professional. A part of your blog will consist of practical information and another part will be filled with your expectations, hopes, and conclusions.

Focus on texts

Despite offering multiple ways of presenting your content, Telegram is mainly used for texts. And users prefer to read than to watch videos or photos. Keep that in mind before starting a blog here – if you’re not into creating texts, maybe you should give an idea of growing your blog on this platform.
Even the most eloquent writer will face the inevitable complications in the beginning. Low number of subscribers in blog never looks attractive for real users and won’t make them join your channel. But nothing to worry about! You just need to know where to buy Telegram members, post views, and comments for your initial promotion. And GlobalSMM is the right website to give all that for cheap!

Pin the post with navigation

When you’ve got Telegram paid subscribers and filled your channel with several useful publications, it’s time to make your blog convenient for real people. There’s no better way guide your audience in your space than creating and pinning a navigation post. It’s a publication with hashtags and short description that will allow newcomers easily jump to the information they came here for and learn more about your blog.
More ideas about the pinned post you can find in our article here. Visit our blog to get more tips about promotion in social media.

Be consistent in posting

Hopefully, you’re motivated enough because regular posting is necessary to staying afloat. Blogging isn’t a hobby to do from time to time, it’s like a job. Consistency and clear goals will lead you to success and allow you to witness a real Telegram followers increase.
But there is good news: you don’t have to constantly produce content on a daily basis. After all, can you imagine your friends texting you every day with news? Well, since Telegram channels are within the messenger, which people open quite frequently, daily updates will only frustrate them.

Prioritize the making of a viral content

Since the best promotion technique for Telegram is word-of-mouth, make sure every post of yours hits an avalanche of reposts and shares. When you create truly valuable content, you don’t have to worry where to buy Telegram members and how to attract more people to your channel.
Check this article to learn what type of content triggers users and makes them leave comments and participate in the discussion (hence, promotion) of your channel. And the main rule of all: don’t ever try to promote an empty channel! First, publish several quality posts, invite your friends to leave comments, get Telegram paid subscribers and post views. A channel that looks vivid and full of activity will be more valuable in the eyes of potential followers.

Create a space for communication

Although Telegram is mainly for showing your expertise and knowledge, creating a space where your Telegram members could chat will be great as well. People hate to be silenced! Think about enabling comments under your posts – and the more messages people (or SMM services by GlobalSMM) leave the better are your chances to get more subscribers.
If enabling comments is out of questions, you may create a publication with open comments once a week where your followers can discuss anything they want. Again, if there aren’t enough activity under your posts, let our SMM services change the situation.

Increase the loyalty via voice and video messages

Videos and audio messages will add a touch of personality to your blog. No matter how great your content is, people will wonder at some point: who is standing behind this blog? Getting them to know you via short voice messages and videos is the best way to build strong relationships. If you follow these step and read more articles from our blog, you’ll never be wondering how to get Telegram subscribers. And don’t forget to buy post views, reactions, and comments if the current statistics are not satisfactory. GlobalSMM has everything you need at a pleasant cost.